LIBERTY: Have we lost the republic?

Libertarians are always alert for “everything but the one thing”. It’s those “one things” that kill liberty. Cause everyone has their own one pet thing. Libertarians say “liberty for everyone, everytime, everywhere, no exceptions”. ;-) The big L libertarian political party has only one criteria. Everyone agrees “Never to initiate force to achieve political or social goals”. A pretty powerful principle.

The dead old white guys gave were Classical Liberals. Individual Freedom over the Conservative supporting King and Country. The DofI, Constitution, and BoR are all right out of the Classical Liberal playbook. We drift or “improve” at our peril.

We have lost the republic!

(A Republic is a representative system of government where there are strict limits on the government and everyone has their rights recognized.)

There have been failings. The DOWG themselves failed to “solve” slavery. The Civil War was a “tariff” war in disguise in which we lost the United STATES of America, and became the USA. The Socialists of the 20’s brought us “gubamint skools”, to import the German “cannon fodder and willing workers” philosophy to America, and made us stupid. FDR brought us socialism as a relief to the Great Depression which was cause by the Congress’ Smoot Hawley tariff. We lost the gold standard under FDR when he uncoupled government spending from taxes (i.e., unleashed the printing press fiat currency). We have an series of “presidents”, that have acted more like idiot kings: committing troops to stupid undeclared wars; meddled in the affairs of other sovereign countries, and pushed forth the democratic “advance auction of stolen goods” and “two wolves and a lamb” deciding what’s for dinner. Recently, the Military Commissions Act (The end of Habeas Corpus) and the Warner 2006 Defense Budget Act (President designates enemy combatants) have fundamentally changed the USA into AMRIKA. The next step is the North America Union of Canada, Mexico, and everything in between.

Remember Ben Franklin!

“Well, Doctor, what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?”

“A Republic, if you can keep it.”

JOBSEARCH: Unemployment “insurance” makes no sense.

Carnival Entry from Peter Clayton –
November 7th, 2006

Peter is the man with the microphone. Peter Clayton doesn’t have a “blog” – he has a podcast site.

***Begin Quote***

Sixth. File for unemployment benefits immediately!

***End Quote***

With all due respect, I list this as a waste of time. For other than the factory hands, it’s just not a good use of time.

For example, in one of my transitions, filing for the unemployment benefits in NY by a NJ resident required FOUR in-person visits and repeated under oath certifications that no activity was engaged in that MIGHT be considered “consulting, contracting, or collecting other economic benefit EVEN IF NO TAXABLE INCOME is earned or money is exchanged”. Sheesh! Who writes this stuff?

On another transition (I’ve been “out” seven times in XXXX years! Let’s call it several decades. I’m planning to be “earning” until I FINALLY land … in my grave. That’s the only time you can stop preparing, worrying, and networking!), I took thirteen hours to collect two checks for a total of $800! (I followed the outplacement counselor’s advice and did it. By the time, I collected my second check, I had a new and better job. I TOLD the counselor what I thought of his advice. He said I was “lucky”. I’d call it “focused”. Your Mileage May Vary!)

I think you just have to write this money off as “government theft”. To chase it, takes your eyes off the prize to begin again generating value, and retaining some of that value for yourself.



I personally think that, like extended warranties, if someone came to you with the Government’s Unemployment Insurance, you’d laugh them out of town. First of all, ask any insurance underwriter, they will tell you that it is not an “insurable risk”. It’s unavoidable (i.e., happens to everyone) and avoidable (i.e., your personal conduct can influence the outcome). It’s not beyond your control. It’s not random. And, insurance spreads out risk across a pool and levels the cost, so why would someone be in that pool with you.

This is a government scam. It creates a tax that can masquerade as “insurance”. They get a pot of money to employ and reward themselves, their relatives, their friends, and most importantly their campaign contributors. All at the expense of the people who can afford it least. We don’t get a chance to look under the covers at income and out go, but if we use gut feeling then 75% of the “premiums” extracted are wasted. Also, it makes everyone a “welfare queen”.

It is especially despicable to force the working poor to pay such a tax. They’d be better off getting ALL their money. They can make their own decisions as to what is best for them.

If it was an insurable risk, needed, and demanded, why don’t we see insurance companies, banks, brokerages, and credit unions offer such insurance?


TECHNOLOGY: IE doesn’t rend the blog correctly

I use the FOX as part of my get ready for LINUX. I was shown the blog to someone today and was stunned to find it didn’t rend correctly. Argh! FOX, OPERA, and NETSCAPE all work. But IE doesn’t!

I pinged WORDPRESS feedback and they came back lickty split. (See below)

I fixed that one. And several others. And, IE still doesn’t like it.

I’ll keep looking for the long links. Any idea what the right number of characters in a link is?

It displays correctly in FOX and OPERA! Darn MSFT.

—–Reply Message—–
From: M @
Sent: Wednesday, November 08, 2006 1:12 PM
Subject: Re: Feedback –

reinkefj wrote:
> I was showing my blog … our blog … after all I appreciate that you
> host it for free … to someone and he uses ie6. There was nothing on
> the side column. No seach. No most active. No nothing. Help?

It was this post:

There is a link it it:

It sticks out the side in IE6

If you shorten that link the sidebar will zoom back up.
IE7 would behave normally ;)

JOBSEARCH: JIBBERJOBBER may not have the right metaphor for all situations

I saw an ad on Dice the piqued my interest.

So I went to my Job Seeker’s PIM and said hmmm, let me plug in my ad.

But I really couldn’t do it.

So I said to self, “Self, perhaps the metaphor is wrong?” I was aghast. Such disloyalty. Oh wait, I’m just an unpaid volunteer, trying to help. I can’t be disloyal or wrong. I’m the USER!

Perhaps, the seeker’s model is that there is a think called “ADs”. It has a key of date first seen. And, the seeker may want to capture it for awhile. Maybe forever. And, can’t link it to anything. But yet when the call comes out of the blue from a hunter or HRer, then the seeker would really like to know what set of lies … errr, legends that were told to get some interest.

So, associated with an ad, might be a resume, a cover letter, a recruiter, a company. Or none.

My favorite Jobseeker’s PIM doesn’t accommodate that.

A lot of room for improvement here.

PRODUCTIVITY: A bloger triggers a rant about backing up

[This poor person just wants to copy some stuff from one blog to another and has no copies other than what is on he blog]

>Copy over some posts from one blog to another

My observation is that you have all your “eggs” in the WordPress basket. No insult intended to WordPress I use them to … BUT …

… being a belt and suspenders kindda guy …

… and having “lost” more data than I’d care to admit over my career …

… two instances of which occurred at WordPress …

I’d suggest you need a backup.

WordPress now facilitates an XML output from your blog to local file.

Anally, OCD-like, I have:

(1) BLOGDESK client that I write almost all of my stuff on. It has a copy. If I don’t write it on BLOGDESK, then I still cutnpaste it to BLOGDESK and let it do the heavy lifting to my blog. SO BLOGDESK has a copy of EVERYTHING.

(2) FEEDBLITZ sends a daily summary copy (one message of all posts) to a dedicated email account where it is retained forever on my local desktop in Outlook and in that dedicated GMAIL account. SQUEET sends each individual post to that same account.

(3) I use RSSBANDIT which also makes a copy locally for a week.

(4) Often I use EDITPADPRO fro complex articles, that I can’t dash off in one sitting, those are stored locally in a BLOG directory forever.

Since I have been doing this, I haven’t lost a thing.

If you did this, you’d have more choices how to move stuff.

AND, you’d have a recovery strategy.

IMHO you’re taking an unnecessary risk.

Back in my younger days, I had a data drive that the corporate IT types were backing up for me. (Yeah, you see it coming!) So fat dumb and happy, I created content. Emails, white papers, spreadsheets. One day my hard disk died. NBD! Call pc support, they come slide a new one and press the big red easy button to restore it. Oooops, no data found. Turns out that NO ONE in the enterprise was backed up. I was just the first fool to find it. I lost several years worth of data. I was able to pull bits and pieces for all over but no comprehensive store existed. Not only that, but I didn’t know all that I had lost. To this day, I can still remember from time to time, tuff I have to recreate. (Luckily, I violated company policy and certain CYA things I cced to my home email. Now I do it as a matter of course. Encrypted of course.) I will NEVER make that mistake again!

So, no one needs to pay tuition for that particular lesson. You can learn from my mistake. (Trusting others to back up for you!) You must have a backup strategy that INCLUDES testing. How do you know that the data can be recovered. In this example, I can go to gmail and SEE my blog posts.

imho fwiw ymmv.