GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Marginal Rates Could Top 100% for Some?

Saturday, December 16, 2017


The Taxman Cometh: Senate Bill’s Marginal Rates Could Top 100% for Some
Certain high-income business owners would face backwards incentives; lawmakers work to bridge gap
By Richard RubinUpdated Dec. 10, 2017 6:46 p.m. ET

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WASHINGTON—Some high-income business owners could face marginal tax rates exceeding 100% under the Senate’s tax bill, far beyond the listed rates in the Republican plan.

That means a business owner’s next $100 in earnings, under certain circumstances, would require paying more than $100 in additional federal and state taxes.

As lawmakers rush to write the final tax bill over the next week, they already are looking at changes to prevent this from happening. Broadly, House and Senate Republicans are trying to reconcile their bills, looking for ways to pay for eliminating the most contentious proposals. The formal House-Senate conference committee will meet on Wednesday, and GOP lawmakers may unveil an agreement by week’s end.

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Would anyone like them to be required to READ what they are voting on?

DNF Democrat Nancy Pelosi’s “Have to pass the bill so you can see what’s in it”?


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If ignorance of the law is no excuse for me, neither can it be permitted to you.

Congress keeps voting on healthcare bills that no member has even seen, let alone read. This must end. But I can’t expect Congressional leaders to end the practice because they benefit from it. That means I have to rely on YOU, my supposed representative.

I can see no good reason why you would NOT introduce RTBA. I want you to immediately contact Downsize DC and work with them to introduce this bill.

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Seems simple enough!


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POLITICAL: Charles Barkley doesn’t understand the impact of Gooferment “help”

Friday, December 15, 2017

Charles Barkley Says Doug Jones Win Proves Democrats to ‘Get Off Their Asses and Help Black People
by WARNER TODD HUSTON13 Dec 201771

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NBA Hall of Famer and TNT analyst Charles Barkley, says that Tuesday’s Democrat victory in Alabama proves that if Democrats started doing more for Black Americans, they could win more elections.After Democrat Doug Jones won a shocking victory in deep red Alabama, Barkley, an Alabama native, said how thrilled he was with the victory.

“I’m so proud of my state. I love my state. We got some amazing people here. Yeah, we got a bunch of rednecks and a bunch of ignorant people, but we got some amazing people here and they rose up today,” Barkley said on CNN according to The Hill.

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Make no mistake I like Charles Barkley even though I never met him. 

On TV over the years, he always came across as an honest fellow.

Unfortunately, here I think he’s made a bad mistake. The D’s, like the R’s, are only interested in —  remember the three “laws” of political motivation —  (1) rewarding your friends; (2) punishing your enemies; and (3) feathering your own nest. 

Ever election cycle, the D’s count on the “black vote” (their terminology; not mine). Just as the R’s count on their “base” to show up. Sprinkle in a few Greens and Libertarians to subtract from the appropriate totals and that the “election calculus”.

I’d prefer that Charles talk to Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams. who attribute most, if not all of, the problems that “blacks” have to Gooferment “help”.

Best thing that could happen is if the Gooferment left us all alone. Second best, if the Gooferment can’t stop meddling, would be repeal the minimum wage laws. They hurt everyone!



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POLITICAL: Thinking about the Moore election

Thursday, December 14, 2017



FJohn: Doug Jones Defeats Roy Moore in U.S. Senate Race according to the AP


Reinke FJohn: Be careful what you wish for. I think that he was “smeared”. And, it shifts the balance in the 2018 back to the R’s as it puts the “sexual harassment” issue back on the D’s. (Note I think both parties suck. Just that the D’s are slightly worse fiscally.)

XXXXXXXXXXX: Can’t argue. Just thought he was a “dolt”. 

Reinke FJohn:Not sure of that after all he was an Alabama State Supreme Court Chief Judge and at least one of the accuser admitted forged “evidence”. So, I just don’t know. He may be or not.

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God is watching over us 


Once a Long Shot, Democrat Doug Jones Wins Alabama Senate RaceDoug Jones, a former prosecutor, defeated scandal-scarred Roy S. Moore for the Senate seat once held by Attorney General Jeff Sessions.NYTIMES.COM

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I’d say the media, politicians, and bureaucrats manipulated “We, The Sheeple” with fake news. Where were all the accusers before the final weeks of the election? And DNF gloria alderedge and the altered yearbook. You know I don’t like EITHER “Party” but this all sounds just too convenient to me. If he was innocent, then he has been irreparably slandered. Who knows what the truth is?

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The D’s, and their lapdog media, made “predator” Moore an issue. Of course, they threw some of their own under the bus to highlight the issue. Unfortunately, they are clearly transparent since they never criticize Bill Clinton. 


“We, The Sheeple” are so easily manipulated.

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VETERANS: I wonder how much “Agent Orange” damaged vets

Wednesday, December 13, 2017


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What profession did you follow after your military service and what are you doing now? 
After obtaining my private pilot’s license, I enrolled in Advanced Flying Training using my GI bill benefits. By the time I up for my third reenlistment, I had my commercial pilot’s licenses with instrument and multi-engine ratings and my flight instructor certificate. I was unhappy with the way the military was changing after we withdrew from Vietnam so I decided not to reenlist even though I had 12 years in service.

I went into aviation, first as a flight instructor and charter pilot then was hired as a corporate pilot by a major corporation (Ashland Oil.) I flew corporate from 1984 to 2000 then flew as contract pilot until 2010 when I was placed on medication for nerve pain caused by Type II diabetes that the FAA does not approve.

Since I quit flying, I have spent my time writing. I’ve authored several books, some of which are Air Force related. They can be seen at I had intended to finish out my 20 years in the Reserves or guard but when I went for my physical, I learned I was just over the enlistment weight. I never joined either the Reserves or Guard.

I am currently rated 60% disabled due to Type II diabetes and complications caused by exposure to Agent Orange.

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Special place in hell for the person who decided to use that “weapon”.

As well as for all the politicians and bureaucrats that sent us to an unwinable war.

Dona Nobis Pacem

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POLITICAL: Did Trump blunder on the Jerusalem decision?

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

December 9, 2017

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Mark Perry returns to the show to discuss his latest article for the American Conservative, “Tillerson, Mattis Warned Trump Against Embassy Move.” Perry doubts that Trump understands the true effect of his decision and explains why Jerusalem is integral to the Arab world and to Palestine in particular. Scott asks if, now that the two-state solution is clearly over, peace can be found in a single state—assuming apartheid conditions are lifted. Perry believes that the silver lining is that the Jerusalem decision creates division in what has become an ever-cozier relationship between Israel and Saudi Arabia. Scott then turns to Perry’s new book, “The Pentagon’s Wars: The Military’s Undeclared Wars Against America’s Presidents.” Mark Perry is the author of Talking to Terrorists: Why America Must Engage with its Enemies and The Most Dangerous Man in America: The Making of Douglas MacArthur. His most recent book, The Pentagon’s Wars was released in October. 

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(1) It may have been or not. We’ll probably never know. Did Trump see the Israel and Saudi Arabia “alignment” as a threat to the American dominated world?

(2) The best point of the show imho is the recognition that the warfare state is killing our military with constant deployments. At some point, the troops are going to say “no”. We’ll have to watch reenlistment rate to see it. Remember the fall of Rome after the Legions were no longer composed of Roman citizens. 

(3) Interesting that the guest and host seem to feel that the foreign policy of the USA is controlled by zionists. And the influence of their lobbyists and donors is waning because of an awakening by voters, politicians, and bureaucrats that this is not in the USA’s best interest.

I personally think there will be no peace in the Middle East until Israel’s right to exist is accepted. Until them it’s just a ongoing war. Considering that Israel has / will defend itself and done it very well everytime tested, I don’t this is going to be settled at a conference table. 

Dona Nobis Pacem

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INNOVATION: Evaluating generals! How about CEOs?

Monday, December 11, 2017

Ethan Arsht @ethanarsht. ethanarsht [at]
Dec 4

Napoleon was the Best General Ever, and the Math Proves it.

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Inspired by baseball sabermetrics, I opted to use a system of Wins Above Replacement (WAR). WAR is often used as an estimate of a baseball player’s contributions to his team. It calculates the total wins added (or subtracted) by the player compared to a replacement-level player. For example, a baseball player with 5 WAR contributed 5 additional wins to his team, compared to the average contributions of a high-level minor league player. WAR is far from perfect, but provides a way to compare players based on one statistic.

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Wonder if you could use this in CEOs, Managers, or even Individual Contributors in an enterprise?

Might make the process fairer and better.

Closest I’ve ever seen and been part of was “ratings and rankings” tried at AT&T and CSFB.

That broke down when you as a supervisor had a really good team. You’d be forced to pick winners and losers. Argh!

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LIBERTARIAN: Decentralization and secession as a perfectly little L libertarian strategy

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Decentralization: An Essentially Libertarian VisionBy Bionic MosquitoNovember 30, 2017

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I almost skipped this edition when I saw the title, “Mailer for Mayor.”  I am not terribly interested in reading about a failed mayoral candidacy from almost 50 years ago.  I changed my mind within the first three lines (I should have known better than to shortchange Rothbard).

The candidate is Norman Mailer, announcing his candidacy in the Democratic primary.  Rothbard described this as “the most refreshing libertarian political campaign in decades.”  What about Mailer’s campaign brought on this glowing comment from Rothbard?

The Mailer platform stems from one brilliantly penetrating overriding plank: the absolute decentralization of the swollen New York City bureaucracy into dozens of constituent neighborhood villages.

Rothbard is not waiting for the big bang – seven billion people simultaneously seeing the light:
Each neighborhood will then be running its own affairs, on all matters, taxation, education, police, welfare, etc.

As opposed to the idea that there is something un-libertarian about people living next to each other and sharing some desires in common for the neighborhood.  In any case, the smaller and more local the political unit, the more control each constituent has and the more that those in government will be known individually – in person, face-to-face.

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I too almost breezed over this summary. It has the essence of a great strategy. Should have expected this gem from Rothfarb.

If us little L libertarians can just agitate for smaller and smaller political units (i.e., break up big Gooferment into lots of little ones), then maybe we can eliminate the politicians and bureaucrats from our daily lives.

Now it may cost a little more in efficiency (i.e., more bureaucrats initially), but it’ll be more than made up in effectiveness (i.e., fewer politicians and bureaucrats deciding stuff they shouldn’t be involved in) in the long run.

We should keep Gooferment small, barefoot, and penniless.


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