TECHNOLOGY: Big Tech needs to be broken up to preserve “free speech”

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Facebook heads lobby group to push “Big Tech” as essential to free speech narrative
Silicon Valley is gearing up for a fight with regulators and Facebook is taking a leading role in the formation of a new lobbying effort to spin the narrative in Big Tech’s favour. Called “American Edge”, the group which hasn’t launched yet 
“argues that Silicon Valley is essential for the U.S. economy and the future of free speech…The group’s splash page, which went live on Tuesday night, defines the project as: “…a newly formed bipartisan coalition dedicated to the proposition that American innovators are an essential part of the U.S. economic health, national security and individual freedoms.”
Hold that thought….
Youtube deplatforms anti-lockdown epidemiologist and Bitcoin halving ceremony
Over the course of the Coronavirus pandemic the Big Tech platforms have been particularly aggressive in deplatforming any content that does not conform to the “official” narrative.  Youtube defines this in particular as anything that does not reflect WHO or CDC directives. 
So it was no surprise to learn that  Youtube’s latest hit was on controversial epidemiologist Knut Wittkowski, who had a video on Youtube, with over 1.3 million views, criticizing the lockdown and advocating for a herd immunity approach.
But the Bitcoin halving ceremony?  Yes.  YouTube deplatformed Cointelegraph’s live-streaming of the Bitcoin halving ceremony while it was in progress.
“Cointelegraph had a full day of programming lined up for a livestream that covered Bitcoin’s third block halving on May 11. The agenda mostly went off without a hitch — fintech luminaries like Tim Draper, Roger Ver, Meltem Demirors and many more shared their time and opinions with Cointelegraph editorial staff over the course of a livestream that lasted just under seven hours.
But the stream was blocked and deleted six hours and 42 minutes into a nearly finished program, locking more than 2,000 viewers out of our coverage.”
(Yeah, Big Tech is essential to free speech my ass. I can’t believe I’m actually pulling for the DoJ to break all these parasitic quasi-monopolies into a thousand little pieces.)

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Given the hard Left spin of Big Tech, it’s unlikely that anything will happen.

That being said, it’s time to use the corporate tax code to keep all Corporations “small”.

A long time ago, I said that the corporate balance sheets should be limited to 999,999,999.99.

Apply a flat tax on everything over that amount!


TECHNOLOGY: Bought a new EUFY P1 scale

Since I moved from New Hampshire I never unpacked a lot of stuff. One of which was my Aria scale. Since I shifted from FITBIT to an APPLE WATCH 4, it’s obsolete for my purposes.

The EUFY scale has it’s own app. The install and start up procedure was somewhat easy. Only had to do it twice. It didn’t connect via bluetooth the first time.

Now it’s working. We’ll see if it helps.


TECHNOLOGY: Can this germ-zapping robot really kill the coronavirus?

Whereas similar companies use pulsed mercury UV devices, Xenex touts their unique pulsed xenon UV technology, which is more efficient and environmentally friendly than the former method, the company’s CEO Morris Miller told Crunchbase News last month.

Source: Can this germ-zapping robot really kill the coronavirus?

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Interesting in that could this be the silver bullet for disinfecting anything?

Price has to come down before regular individuals can buy one.

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TECHNOLOGY: Blur’s “Masked Cards”

What are Masked Cards?

Masked Cards are unique, disposable, private credit cards created in the amount you specify. They are real MasterCards that function like a pre-paid gift card that you create on the fly as you shop. Use Masked Cards whenever you’re uncomfortable giving out your real card information.

Source: Blur

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​I’m trialing this as a way to keep autorenewals from autorenewing.  For a 100+$ per year, it MIGHT be an effective solution.
So for stuff I am keeping forever, I’ll just give them my permanent card.  For stuff that I am not (i.e., websites; domain names; software subscriptions), I’ll use a masked card.  Since there is a small handling charge due to card processing fees, I’ll have to run two distinct lists (i.e., stuff on the permanent card and one for the masked cards).
SO I’ll report back how it worked out.
Of course, I’m interested in any feedback you have abut this.
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TECHNOLOGY: Italian engineers help coronavirus patients by harnessing snorkel masks for CPAP machines | Fox News

Speaking with Fox News, Romaioli said that Favero proposed an idea: making an “emergency ventilator mask” by modifying a snorkeling mask that was available to the public. The teams contacted Decathlon, the French sporting goods retailer, about the Easy Breath Surface Snorkeling Mask. Isinnova said that Decathlon immediately provided the 3D computer-aided design for the mask, so the engineers could easily evaluate what modification could be made.

Source: Italian engineers help coronavirus patients by harnessing snorkel masks for CPAP machines | Fox News

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Some smart engineers make every CPAP machine a ventilator.

Great work!

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SERVICE: Exchanging for private info like passwords, account numbers, proof of identity, and such!


If someone clicks that link, they’ll be invited to join an encrypted chat with you. Even if they haven’t installed Keybase yet, it will work. So post it anywhere.


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SOFTWARE: Boeing skipped a software test on Starliner before its aborted launch in December | Daily Mail Online

According to NASA, the aerospace company didn’t perform a full ‘end-to-end’ integration test of the software designed to automate maneuvers after the craft is launched into space.

Source: Boeing skipped a software test on Starliner before its aborted launch in December | Daily Mail Online

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Boeing is not having a good 12 months.

Someone cut one corner too many … again.

Wonder how many heads will roll?

Will this be like an auditor having Enron on their resume?

Could be career equivalent of the “kiss of death”.

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