TECHNOLOGY: Give a smartphone too young and you can hurt the youngster?

FT Magazine Mental health

A decade on, I still wonder if I was wrong to give my daughters a smartphone

  • New research links young people’s worsening mental health to the age they received their first phone

Gillian Tett 

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Either way, Haidt thinks there is “a classic collective action problem” making it difficult for parents or schools to impose controls or limits on phone use without “centralised norms”. He thinks, say, that schools should ask kids to leave phones in lockers while in class, but knows that parents might object since they worry they cannot “reach their child if something happens, like a school shooting”.  There are small signs of hope. In Texas, a “Wait Until 8th” grade movement has emerged, with more than 45,000 families signing up. And norms do shift, though as the history of tobacco shows, it took decades even with hard evidence of the damage done by cigarettes.  If you have young children, brace yourself for the battle ahead. If only some genius entrepreneur would invent a dumb cell phone that would appeal to kids but without the addictive lure of the internet. That would be real tech innovation. 

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This reinforces some concerns that my significant other has for her grandson.  It is addictive.  And, she does limit “screen time”.   I wonder how this all works out in the end.  Seeing other children in restaurants locked into tablets, I can understand her concerns.  I used to think “what harm can it do”; I watched a lot of TV when I was a kid.  Maybe it warped me?


Very provoking article.



TECHNOLOGY: TL;DR Parking machine gives me the wrong change — in its favor of course


Visit a patient in Saint Peter’s University Hospital. Their parking machine cheated me out of 5$ in my change. 

Had to wait for parking supervisor. 20 minutes.  Argh!   (Seems like it happens a lot from what the fellow said.)

My fault for not giving it eight quarters. Argh!

Just infuriates me. Technology is just supposed to work and make our lives easier. Instead it gave me a 15 minute child-like style time out. Argh! Argh!

The Universe was telling me to relax?

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P.S.: Hey Hospital, have you heard that masks don’t work? They actually can give you some problems!



TECHNOLOGY: Sometimes too much technology is just wasteful overkill

Tineco Toasty One Smart Toaster with Touchscreen
Appliances | March 28, 2023

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This cool new Tineco Toasty One Smart Toaster is a futuristic smart toaster with a touchscreen that allows you to customize the toasting process of two different slices of bread at the same time for personalized perfection. It features a large four inch touchscreen on the side for choosing shade, crispiness, and toasting modes (smart, fresh, reheat, and frozen) for each slot in the toaster, automatically lowers and raises the bread, has an IntelliHeat algorithm that detects the state of the toast and automatically adjusts heating performance, displays a fun visual progress indicator, alerts you when it’s time to empty the crumb tray (when’s the last time you remembered to do that?), has 8 custom preference save options, and has sturdy stainless steel constructed wrapped in an elegant ivory-white porcelain finish that just looks super cool on the countertop. Best of all, after engaging with all of this modern, state-of-the-art toasting technology, in the end you get toast that is golden and crispy on the outside, light and airy on the inside, and toasted just the way you like it, every single time. 

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What no app to allow you to easily program your toast?

I admire that technology has to try stuff but how a 250$ toaster ever got green lighted is quite beyond me.


TECHNOLOGY: Important New Year’s breakthru in important foodstuff by Iran

Some day soon we might be making popcorn with infrared poppers (3 minute read)

Scientists from Iran have figured out how to make popcorn with infrared cooking. Popcorn pops when it is heated above 180 degrees Celsius due to trapped water within the kernel’s endosperm. When it is heated, the pressure from the superheated steam ruptures the kernel, and the starch within is released in a foam. The Iranian team found that heating up kernels using 700 W IR power at a distance of 10 cm produced the highest yield and highest rated popcorn.

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Hey I’d prefer they work on this rather than atomic bombs!



TECHNOLOGY: Micropayments using bitcoin might solve the problem of revenue sharing

Left murder scene because my manager complained about overtime
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In a past work life I worked at a small newspaper where corporate insisted on paying me hourly, despite the job not being capable of being done in 40 hours.

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4 hr. ago

This was several years ago, that newspaper no longer exists.

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4 hr. ago

Less funny when you consider how many newspapers have disappeared.

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Funny what happens when you keep decreasing the value of your product.

I used to get the paper and I truly enjoyed reading it every morning. But, it kept getting smaller and smaller, and eventually it was bought out by Gannett, the people behind USA Today. That was pretty much it for me, it just became another version of the USA Today with a thin veneer of local news.

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I’m a retired IT guy. I personally have always been surprised that “newspapers” didn’t figure out and implement a micropayment system.

Imagine if you were asked for 0.0001 of something (i.e., a dollar; a bitcoin; a ruble; a yen) for an article. Not some number of dollars for a year, or month, or such.

When you get on internet scale, it’s not hard to imagine getting 50k readers each paying say a penny for an article. That translates to 500$ for that one article.

The current payment technology doesn’t pay to scale that price point.

But now, a paper could collect a fraction of a bitcoin from someone’s public key and encrypt the article so that only the person’s private key could decrypt it. At that level, it wouldn’t be worth pirating it or sharing you private key to deprive the sender of the revenue.

I think that would be the way to save the “local” paper with digital distribution of content.



TECHNOLOGY: Wyze or Eufy Cameras should be disconnected NOW!

Why Review Geek Can’t Recommend Wyze or eufy Cameras Anymore
Josh Hendrickson @canterrain
Dec 2, 2022, 1:24 pm EST | 8 min read

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But that’s not the same thing as recommending them to anyone else. No recommendation should start with, “this is a good option, but first, you should know some things.” And that would be a requirement. The only safe bet you can take is to not place security cameras in your home at all.

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Wyze or Eufy Cameras should be disconnected NOW!

After you review the article, you may decide it’s worth the risk.

But I wouldn’t advise it, UNLESS you’re very confident in your risk / reward decision.

IMHO neither company has earned any trust.

In full disclosure, I don’t have ANY cameras operational or otherwise.


TECHNOLOGY: You Don’t Own Digital Content! — That’s not fair

You Should Still Buy Blu-Rays and DVDs, Here’s Why
Danny Chadwick @jdannychadwick
Nov 23, 2022, 10:18 am EST

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You Don’t Own Digital Content, Even if You “Buy” It

The digital movies you buy on VUDU, iTunes, or Amazon are subject to the same nonsense as streaming media. When you buy a digital copy of a movie, you don’t really own it. You’ve simply purchased a license to play a movie or show through a platform, whether it be Amazon, Apple, Google, or whoever. And if those platforms ever lose the right to provide the titles you’ve bought, they’ll disappear from your library. Maybe you’ll be notified, maybe not.

It may seem unbelievable for such prominent companies to lose distribution rights, but it happens. And in the coming years, it could happen more. Amazon can’t come into your home and snatch your copy of The Dark Knight from your shelf because they had a licensing dispute with Warner Brothers.

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Much like “not your key; not your coin, so to you don’t own “digital content”.

I have a ton of self-help cassette tapes (I still need a lot of help), that the publisher would be happy to sell me another copy on a CD.  But I already paid for a copy.  But it’s NOT “mine”. Argh!

My SO feels the same way about “her” music on iTunes.  (I still haven’t figured out how to recover her account.)

Seems like NFTs could be a “solution” to this problem.  I buy an NFT of a book and I get to treat it as mine … FOREVER.




TECHNOLOGY: Building a community ISP — Comcast and AT&T should be concerned

Building a community ISP —
Comcast wanted $210,000 for Internet—so this man helped expand a co-op fiber ISP
Fed up with Comcast and AT&T, Silicon Valley residents started their own network.
Jon Brodkin – 10/17/2022, 8:48 AM

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Sasha Zbrozek lives in Los Altos Hills, California, which he describes as “a wealthy Silicon Valley town,” in a house about five miles from Google’s headquarters. But after moving in December 2019, Zbrozek says he learned that Comcast never wired his house—despite previously telling him it could offer Internet service at the address.

Today, Zbrozek is on the board of a co-op ISP called Los Altos Hills Community Fiber (LAHCF), which provides multi-gigabit fiber Internet to dozens of homes and has a plan to serve hundreds more. Town residents were able to form the ISP with the help of Next Level Networks, which isn’t a traditional consumer broadband provider but a company that builds and manages networks for local groups.

Zbrozek’s experience with Comcast led to him getting involved with LAHCF and organizing an expansion that brought 10Gbps symmetrical fiber to his house and others on nearby roads. Zbrozek described his experience to Ars in a phone interview and in emails.

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Remember that cable tv started as a community effort to get better TV reception.  Perhaps this is a way to escape cable companies and their contracts and high prices.  

Now with these folks it wasn’t about money.  For us poor folks, that’s too much of a capital expense. 

I wonder about the possibilities.


TECHNOLOGY: Virtual Influencers — why would anyone be a fan?

Technology sector
Ageless and scandal-proof: Chinese tech groups bank on virtual influencers


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Ageless and scandal-proof: Chinese tech groups bank on virtual influencers (3 minute read)

Virtual celebrities are becoming more attractive to companies in China as the Chinese government cracks down on human celebrities deemed to be politically outspoken or morally questionable. China’s virtual idol industry is predicted to increase to 48 billion RMB by 2025. Companies like Tencent and ByteDance have spent hundreds of millions of dollars developing digital influencers. While virtual celebrities are more controllable, they aren’t completely immune to scandal and they are currently earning far less than what human influencers used to earn.

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How does a virtual influencer get involved in a scandal?


TECHNOLOGY: “your GPS is wrong!”

The Deeper Dig: How to get a truck unstuck from Smugglers Notch
By Riley Robinson
Aug 19 2022

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The Vermont Agency of Transportation has an internal word for when a tractor-trailer wedges itself on the windy mountain road between Stowe and Jeffersonville: a “stuckage.”

And while they’re working on a handful of ways to prevent stuck trucks, it remains a persistent, vaguely goofy, problem. Earlier this summer, not too long after the Notch road reopened from its annual winter hibernation, two trucks got stuck in the Notch in less than two weeks.

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Interesting that GPS is a technology that not only “captures” trucks but kills people who follow it into snowy forest roads or dry dessert washes.


As a “techie”, I know you can’t always trust the “computer answers”.  Having worked on Wall Street, I have seen traders lose obscene amounts of money because of their spreadsheet error. Say what they want about the old mainframe COBOL programs, there was not way to “inadvertently fat finger a formula”.

We don’t know what we don’t know.  And, that is our downfall.


TECHNOLOGY: A great human skill found that leads to possible future important testing tool

Woman Who Can Smell Parkinson’s’ Helps Scientists Develop Test
By Andy Corbley – Sep 12, 2022

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In Scotland there’s a woman who can smell changes in body odor corresponding to the presence or onset of Parkinson’s disease.

Keeping with Scotland’s decorated history of medical discoveries, this “curse and a benefit” is now being used to develop a fast test for Parkinson’s that involves simply scraping a cotton ball over the back of the neck for examination.

More than 40 years ago, Joy Milne noticed an abrupt change in the natural odor of her husband, Les, when he was 33-years-old.

She knew herself to have a supersensitive nose, someone who couldn’t go into the cleaning section of a supermarket, but 12 years later, Les was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in an already progressive state, and it got her thinking it was the cause.

In 2012, Les, a former-doctor, went to find someone who could investigate further the connection between scent and Parkinson’s alongside Joy.

That initial inquiry led them to a professor at the University of Edinburgh who formed a team to put Joy’s sense of smell to the test.

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What a great human adaption!  This could lead to a life changing test.


TECHNOLOGY: AT&T reneges on its 5G commitment to older phones while still continuing to sell the older phones

No, AT&T Won’t Let Older Phones Tap Into Its Full 5G Network After All

  • Here’s why you shouldn’t buy an iPhone 12, iPhone 13 or any non-2022 5G phone on an AT&T installment plan.

Eli Blumenthal — Sept. 8, 2022 12:43 p.m. PT

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This seems to be a consumer fraud issue.


TECHNOLOGY: Jabra65t seems to be unable to bluetooth to my Mac Book Air


I have the 65 and want to pair it to my mac. How do I do that?

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Hello, thank you for the info. The Jabra Elite 65t is optimized for use with a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. Some users may have success pairing a Jabra Bluetooth device with a computer and then connecting to a softphone client such as Microsoft Teams. However, the full functionality of the Jabra device may not be available. For example, you may be able to send and receive audio, but the buttons may not work for call controls the way they would with a mobile device.

If you do pair with a computer or unsupported device, note that it must support the following:

The Hands Free (HFP) or Headset (HSP) Bluetooth profile.
The Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) Bluetooth profile.
In addition, ensure that all devices, including your Jabra device, are up to date with the latest firmware/software. When pairing your Jabra Bluetooth device, follow the same steps that you would for pairing with a mobile device. To troubleshoot challenges when connected to a computer or softphone client, try the following steps:

Check that the Bluetooth connection is active on the computer.
Remove the previous pairing and re-pair.
Reset your Jabra Bluetooth device.
Ensure that you have the latest version of the softphone client installed.
Ensure that your Jabra device is selected as the audio device on your computer and the softphone client.

# – # – # – # – #


Wish had known that BEFORE I bought them!

# – # – # – # – #


Hello Ferdinand, I apologize for any inconvenience. You can certainly try pairing it to the Mac like you would your smartphone, we just cannot guarantee the full performance of the headset to be available. – Jeff

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Argh!  And all the time I wasted trying. Argh!


HARDWARE: Put EPSON on my “never purchase” list

Bricked Epson Printers Make a Strong Case For User Repairability

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Epson has gained some scrutiny in recent weeks after the company disabled a printer that was otherwise working fine, leading to accusations of planned obsolescence. Epson knows its printers will stop working without simple maintenance at a predictable point in the future, and it knows that it won’t be cost-effective for many owners to send their home printers in for service. So why not build them to be user serviceable in the first place? The Verge:

The inciting post from @marktavern mentions that his wife was unable to use her “very expensive Epson printer” after an end-of-service error message appeared. This isn’t anything new for Epson printers, sadly. Reports going back several years mention an infamous error message that reads “parts inside the printer have reached the end of their service life.” Epson confirmed to The Verge that the error is related to the printer’s ink pads, which had likely become saturated through extended use and were now at risk of spilling into the rest of the printer mechanism.

*** end quote ***

Sounds like consumer fraud to me.  I never heard of such nonsense.



Got a new roomba


  1. Have to use their app.
  2. Have to verify email that times out by the time you get the pin
  3. Have to have a specific footprint for it to reside in
  4. App doesn’t use the system specific keyboards — so no short text expansions

I didn’t pick it, I’m just tech support.



TECHNOLOGY: Car windows in a flood; a new Gooferment diktat

Australia Wants to Make Your Car Easier to Escape in a Flood
Steven Ewing

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What’s happening

The Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) will implement new safety regulations making cars easier to escape in a flood.
Why it matters

The rules would require a car’s power windows to remain operational for 10 minutes after going under water, making it easier for occupants to escape or rescue workers to get in.

What’s next

ANCAP’s new rules go into effect in 2023.

There’s a pretty simple rule of thumb to follow when it comes to driving in floods: If the water looks too deep, it is too deep.

*** end quote ***

The Australian Gooferment want to make cars escapable. Doesn’t everyone have one of those windshield breakers on their car key reing? I give them to all new drivers and have them on my ring!

Depending upon the Gooferment for anything is foolish.

# – # – # – # – #

Five bucks!

# – # – # – # – #

Technology: Publishers seek a new form of monopoly; time to revisit IP and Copyrights

Internet Archive’s Controlled Digital Lending Program Is Lawful Fair Use That Preserves Traditional Library Lending in the Digital World
Press Release
July 8, 2022

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SAN FRANCISCO—The Internet Archive has asked a federal judge to rule in its favor and end a radical lawsuit, filed by four major publishing companies, that aims to criminalize library lending.

The Internet Archive, headquartered in San Francisco, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit library which preserves and provides access to cultural artifacts of all kinds in electronic form. The motion for summary judgment, filed Thursday in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and Durie Tangri LLP, explains that the Archive’s Controlled Digital Lending (CDL) program is a lawful fair use that preserves traditional library lending in the digital world.

The brief explains how the Internet Archive is advancing the purposes of copyright law by furthering public access to knowledge and facilitating the creation of new creative and scholarly works. The Internet Archive’s digital lending hasn’t cost the publishers one penny in revenues; in fact, concrete evidence shows that the Archive’s digital lending does not and will not harm the market for books.

“Should we stop libraries from owning and lending books? No,” said Brewster Kahle, the Internet Archive’s founder and digital librarian. “We need libraries to be independent and strong, now more than ever, in a time of misinformation and challenges to democracy. That’s why we are defending the rights of libraries to serve our patrons where they are, online.”

*** end quote ***

When do we put a stop to BIG X (Pharma, Auto, Government, Medicine, etc.), in this case Big Publishing, from trying to monopolize everything?


TECHNOLOGY: Banks should have a better security system on checks

A friend got a check “washed” that had been mailed in a drop box, altered, and cashed.

Needless to say, they didn’t even conceive of such happening.

I suggested a few follow ups on what to do. 

First and foremost, immediately file a police report.

He’d notified bank and changed accounts Updated on the credit reporting agencies (transunion, experian, equifax, etc).

Then, he’s going to notify all the places he hold accounts.


I think IMHO the banks should have the ability for account holders to “pre post” the checks they write with the check number and amount.  In effect, “write” it twice — once on paper and once on line.  Then if the check gets altered, the bank will no to reject it.  Seems simple enough to me and would be a great “value added service”.  I’d think it would be real popular with business.  After all the bank’s bill pay is almost that already.


TECHNOLOGY: Old fashioned keys are “better” than fobs

Folly of the fob: Skyrocketing car thefts more proof that old metal keys were better
Apr 08, 2022, 6:32pmUpdated 10h ago
By: Brian Donohue

# – # – # – # – #

I agree.

It’s funny when I switch cars and look for the start button to press in the truck.

Force of habit and a lack of mindfulness.

How many people still walk around their vehicle and look underneath before driving?  I was taught to look at each of the tires reporting the .  Yes, I’m older than dirt!  Was driving long before tires reported they were flat.

It’s like the habit of opening the (left) driver’s side door with your right hand.  And visa versa.  (With distracted pedestrians on the sidewalk, one has to look out for those fools as well. Argh!)



TECHNOLOGY: Automating a beehive?

Company’s Innovative Smart Beehive Gets $80 Million in Funding to Save Bees From Any Hazard

*** begin quote ***

The traditional hive most commonly used in the world today (the Langstroth box) was designed by humans about 150 years ago. Most people are so used to them they mistakenly confuse them with bees’ natural habitat.

By completely redesigning the beehive, a company called Beewise was able to address many of the inefficiencies of the box and significantly improve bees’ well-being and life longevity.

*** end quote ***

I found this fascinating.

And, an example of replacing a 150 year old solution with an improved one.

400$/month? Too rich for my backyard.

Maybe a GoFundMe could put one in a park as a way of “helping”?


TECHNOLOGY: Twitter, LinkedIn, and Medium deplatforming — are they declaring they are NOT a “common carrier”?

The final word from Twitter on my account (after 13 years): we’re deleting you and everything you ever wrote

  • After 13 years on Twitter, I was suspended for life a second time on Feb 6, 2022 and I was just notified today that there is no appeal. It took them 6 weeks to review my appeal.

Steve Kirsch

*** begin quote ***


Twitter, LinkedIn, and Medium all believe deplatforming me (and others who share my beliefs that early treatments work and the vaccines are dangerous) is a service to their community.

The message these companies want to send to everyone is that if you stick to the popular narrative, you will not be punished.

This is a new America where you need to conform or you will be deplatformed.

*** end quote ***

I guess it’s time for me to leave ANY platform that “deplatforms” ANY ONE for anything other than a “free speech violation”.


TECHNOLOGY: Old hardware gets a new life?

Google turns old Macs, PCs into Chromebooks with Chrome OS Flex
Google acquisition results in free, downloadable Chrome OS.
SCHARON HARDING – 2/15/2022, 12:00 PM

*** begin quote ***

Google is positioning Chrome OS Flex as an answer to old Mac and Windows PCs that might not be able to handle the latest version of their native OS and/or that might not be owned by folks with budgets to replace the devices. Rather than buying new hardware, consumers or IT departments could install the latest version of Chrome OS Flex.

*** end quote ***

Sounds like something I want to try and maybe better than trying to run some version of Linux on old junk?


TECHNOLOGY: The cost of EVs are much higher than our current gas vehicles.


*** begin quote ***

I have been talking a lot with friends about the push for EVs, and am hoping that you would consider doing a segment that investigates the practicality of electric vehicles.  Here are the questions I have that I believe have not been addressed:

1.  The cost of EVs are much higher than our current gas vehicles, that will exclude many from being able to afford one. 

2.  I have also heard that the cost of replacing the batteries in 4-5 years is in the thousands of dollars.  Add that to the high cost of a new vehicle, and it makes it even more prohibitive.

3.  Each home or business that needs to charge their vehicles will require a new electrical circuit installed.

4.  Charging an EV requires anywhere from 25 minutes to 1.5 hours, depending on whether the charging station has a fast super-charger or not.  What will the impact be on people waiting to get their EV charged?  First, assume that every current gas station will have to convert to have both gas and electric fill pumps, making them available for older gas vehicles and new EVs, more additional costs and additional space required.  With an EV the average time to “charge up” will be at least 4 times longer (5 minutes for gas versus 20 min for EVs).  Without the “fast” chargers, it could be 12 times longer (5 min vs 60 min) or even longer to charge up.  Think of the impacts, time itself on the traveler, at “least” twice as many charging stations as current gas pumps, waiting locations for travelers while they charge up?

5.  What about apartment/condo dwellers that park outside, or city street dwellers that have to park in the street?  Will chargers be installed in all apartment parking lot locations or street parking spaces? At whose cost?

6.  Where is all the additional electrical power to come from?  Can you imagine the peaks during nighttime charging?

7.  Hazard/space component to storing so many dead batteries after they are no longer useful?

I’m sure there are several more questions that I have not thought of, and many more issues that would need to be addressed.  But it does seem as if the government has “environmental blinders” on, and are not able to foresee the damage that moving to EVs will cause. If they are concerned about “climate change” they shouldn’t be, that’s what our climate does, change.  It’s been very cold and very hot off and on since it’s creation, it’s what the earth does, and we are just along for the ride!

*** end quote ***

EV’s seem to be a dead end technology.


TECHNOLOGY: Add your COVID vaccination … but should you? (IMHO NO!)

You can add your COVID vaccination certificate to the Apple Wallet… but should you?
TNW ^ | 2/2 | Callum Booth
Posted on 2/2/2022, 5:01:47 PM by nickcarraway

*** begin quote ***

Spoiler: Yeah, why not?

The modern world hurts my brain. Let’s take the news that Apple enables users to store their COVID vaccination certificates in the Wallet and Health apps as an example.

When I first heard about it, I was pumped. Flashing my QR code to enter a restaurant or grab a coffee would be far simpler if it sat in my Apple Wallet. Friends, the time I’d save!

But, of course, the world had something to say about that.

We talked to 4 successful entrepreneurs This is what they wish they knew before getting started

While putting my digital certificate of vaccination in an easy-to-access place is cool… is it safe? And because I can do it, does that mean I should?

Something that seemed simple on the surface is actually a minefield. I wanted some clarity on this issue.

*** and ***

COVID vaccine certificates in the Apple Wallet app: not a huge concern To put it bluntly: there are no obvious dangers of moving your vaccine certificate to the Apple Wallet. This does come with a large caveat though, as this is only true if you tightly control what apps can access your data.

In this way, vaccination certificates differ from digital IDs. The majority of the former are digital by nature, while the most common forms of identification (driver’s licenses and passports) are paper-based. Digitizing them opens a huge and wriggling can of worms — while the vaccine pass system could actually benefit from being incorporated into the Apple Wallet.

So, there you have it! A little bit of respite before the modern world messes with our heads again.

*** end quote ***

It’s just too easy for the Gooferment make this the digital version of “show me your papers”!

It’s a BIG “NO” for me.


TECHNOLOGY: Wish I could create a manifest of applications Android
 Android Phones & Tablets
Why You Should Get Rid of Unused Android Apps
JAN 17, 2022, 8:00 AM EST | 3 MIN READ

*** begin quote ***

Clean Phone, Clear Head

Lastly, cleaning up your phone is a good way to eliminate distractions. A more focused phone experience can make it much more pleasant to use.

We tend to treat email spam and unwanted phone notifications the same way. Rather than spend an extra minute or two unsubscribing, we waste even more time being distracted and deleting them. Don’t let apps you’re not using make your phone more annoying.

Take a few minutes to scroll through your app list and evaluate which apps you’re actually using. Don’t hesitate to delete unused apps. After all, you can just install them once more if you end up needing them again. Your phone will thank you.

*** end quote ***

Now if there was some easy way to create a “manifest” so that apps could be easily tracked.

Same problem exists on IOS!