TECHNOLOGY: Have you considered what “End Of Life” means to your hardware

Thursday, July 7, 2016

June 30, 2016

To Our Eye-Fi X2 and Earlier Generation Product Customers:


This message is for customers that purchased an Eye-Fi Pro X2 or earlier generation products prior to March 2015.  Effective today, June 30th 2016, we will no longer be offering support for our legacy product lines, a complete list of which appears below.  This notice formally begins the final stage of the “end-of-life” (EOL) process started in mid-2015 for the affected products.  It’s very important that customers cease using these products no later than September 16, 2016 as some key services these products rely on will be shut down at that time.    All customers who have a Mobi or Mobi Pro products purchased since 2013 are not affected by this announcement.

We began EOL on these product lines in 2015 largely driven by technological obsolescence of some of the key technologies included in these products.  The primary technologies relate to Internet security and authentication mechanisms that were state-of-the-art in 2007 when we built them into our products but have since proven to be vulnerable.  Since mid-2015 we have been offering migration services free of charge for Customers who have paid Eyefi Premium accounts.  We will continue to offer this service migrating your Eyefi View data to Eyefi Cloud. You can request a migration here. For those customers that wish to use an Eyefi Mobi Pro card in place of their earlier generation products, we have also made a limited quantity available at a deep discount, see details here if you wish to take advantage of this offer.

Please note that we will maintain our customer service Web site and content for all customers.  The support site includes detailed explanations for how to accomplish migration to Eyefi Mobi/Mobi Pro and Eyefi Cloud services.  We are grateful to all the customers around the world that used Eye-Fi products in the past as well as for our newest customers.  The EOL of a product line is always difficult and we have made every effort to minimize the impact of this change on our customers.  Thanks for your loyalty and understanding.


Customers with Eye-Fi 1.0  product line and Eye-Fi Premium subscriptions will be impacted by this EOL process.  Effective September 16, 2016 the following products may no longer operate:  

Eye-Fi 1.0 Products:

  • All original pre-X2 products (Original, Home, Share, Explore, Video Share, Video Explore, Pro)
  • 4GB Geo X2
  • 4GB Connect X2
  • 8GB Explore X2
  • 8GB Mobile X2
  • 8GB Pro X2
  • 16GB Pro X2
  • Visioneer X2
  • Sandisk X2
  • Eye-Fi Windows desktop software (Eye-Fi Center)
  • Eye-Fi Mac desktop software (Eye-Fi Center)
  • Eye-Fi app for iOS
  • Eye-Fi app for Android
  • Eye-Fi Center web app (

The Mobi, Mobi Pro and Eyefi Cloud products and applications are unaffected and will remain operational with continued future developments.

Frequently Asked Questions

I just purchased an X2 card, why isn’t it supported?

Eye-Fi began phasing out sales of the X2 product line in 2012.  The last version produced by the company were sold through authorized channels in the United States in March, 2015.  Although Eye-Fi stopped shipments of these products via authorized channels, some units were still available from third party sellers and after-market resellers.  Eye-Fi’s warranty period for the affected products purchased through our authorized channels has expired.

Will I still be able to create an Eye-Fi Center account after September 16th?

No, you will not be able to create an Eye-Fi Center account or log in to an existing Eye-Fi Center account.

Can I still download and install Eye-Fi Center applications after September 16th?

The Eye-Fi Center applications can be installed, but since account creation and logging in will no longer work, these applications will not be functional.

Will I be able to use my Eye-Fi 1.0 card after September 16, 2016?

Certain functions, such as Direct Mode, may not be directly impacted by our end of life process. If you wish to try Direct Mode you will need to set it up  prior to the end of life date. You can find instructions on how to set up direct mode here for Android and here for iOS. Please note that while Direct Mode may not be directly affected, Eye-Fi applications will no longer be updated for operating system updates, and their functionality is not guaranteed – additionally, no support will be provided either for the setup or functionality of Direct Mode. THERE IS NO GUARANTEE THAT DIRECT MODE CONFIGURATIONS WILL CONTINUE FUNCTIONING AFTER THE SEPTEMBER 16, 2016 SHUT DOWN.

For an extended FAQ, please see here.

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You can’t even count on hardware working in the future. 

Have to remember this whenever you buy a “technology” product in the future.

“He chose poorly.” A mammoth understatement by the Grail Knight in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989)

Me too. All too often.

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TECHNOLOGY: Thinking about car technology?

Saturday, June 25, 2016

The other day, we were stopped behind a fairly new truck and my passenger noted that their right rear brake light was out. Because she was with me, and the conditions were fortuitous, we were able to pull up alongside and tell the woman driver her light was out.

That got me to thinking.

(1) If it was just the woman alone, would I have talked to her. (Not very likely. I don’t like people.)

(2) How can one check one’s own break lights? (It’s not a one person job. Well maybe one person and large mirror hung on your back garage wall.)

(3) The current trend is automating the car (i.e., parks itself; stops itself; blind spots itself). What about the lights. (We need an idiot light for the lights?)

(4) I’m not sure I like the idea of the car stopping automagically. (I envision a bad guy stopping a woman alone on a dark road and the car won’t the bastard over!)

Guess I won’t be buying a new car soon. (But I do like my Prius’ adaptive cruise control; sweet!)

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TECHNOLOGY: Drone near passenger jet

Thursday, June 2, 2016

100ft from disaster: Drone flown ‘intentionally’ at passenger jet taking off nearly causes mid-air smash
Plane was in ‘critical stage’ of flight when drone came extremely close, report says
By DEAN WILKINS19:01, 27 May 2016

Passenger airliner was taking off when incident happened  PA:Press Association

*** begin quote ***

A MANIAC risked a deadly mid-air smash by flying a drone within feet of a packed holiday jet.

The captain of the Boeing 757 spotted it as he took off from Manchester Airport.

He was at 1,500ft during a “critical phase of flight” — and officials said there was a high risk of a potentially fatal collision.

*** end quote ***

I’ve read that the modern passenger jet gets froze turkeys at engines.

I’ve read that the light weight consumer drones would be less damaging than a drone strike.

So what’s the truth?

I’ve seen that the Japanese using anti-drones to capture consumer drones.

So what can be done?

It would seem that FAA exclusion zones could be detected by a consumer drone. Or registered by the maker.

So what’s the “truth”!

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TECHNOLOGY: United Wifi “aint”

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Have to buy it as 4$/hour.

We’re currently  out of coverage

We are outside of the coverage area or are experiencing difficulties with our connection. You can continue to access the United Wi-Fi home page, including our personal device entertainment options, and watch for notification when the system reconnects. Internet service is available over the continental U.S.

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SOFTWARE: “rm -rf”

Friday, April 15, 2016

Man accidentally ‘deletes his entire company’ with one line of bad code‘
I feel sorry to say that your company is now essentially dead,’ one person on a coding forum advised Marco Marsala
Andrew Griffin @_andrew_griffin 15 minutes  ago

*** begin quote ***

A man appears to have deleted his entire company with one mistaken piece of code.

By accidentally telling his computer to delete everything in his servers, hosting provider Marco Marsala has seemingly removed all trace of his company and the websites that he looks after for his customers.

Mr Marsala wrote on a forum for server experts that he was now stuck after having accidentally run destructive code on his own computers. But far from advising them how to fix it, most experts informed him that he had just accidentally deleted the data of his company and its clients, and in so doing had probably destroyed his entire company with just one line of code.

*** end quote ***

So where are your backups?

I don’t care what type of User you are. I don’t care if you are a “corporate drone”. I don’t care if you just “play games”. I don’t care if you just use your computer or your phone for notes. 

Where are your backups?

When the computer flames, the service provider goes bust, or the Gooferment shuts you down … …

… … … what will you do?

“Corporate drones” think they are protected by a corporate system. What happens if it just loses YOUR specific work? How’s your annual appraisal going to look?

“Gamers” can just rebut all their games and replay for hours to get where they are today.

“Note takers” can just “forget” every note they’ve taken.


Wake up people.

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SOFTWARE: Add emergency-contact info to your iPhone lock screen

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Add emergency-contact info to your iPhone lock screen
A simple tweak to your existing wallpaper might just save your life — or at least help recover a lost phone.
by Rick Broida  @cheapskateblog / December 17, 20149:07 AM PST

*** begin quote ***

The reason we password-protect our phones is simple: If it gets stolen, the thief can’t access all our data. But there’s a flipside: If your phone is lost, or you’ve been injured and someone is trying to call your family, there’s no way to access your ICE (In Case of Emergency) info.

*** end quote ***

Thumb IMG 1915 1024

I did it to mine. What about you?

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LINKEDIN: “Save to Contacts” feature removed silently

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

*** begin quote ***

Note: As part of our ongoing efforts to invest our resources in building a better LinkedIn, we’re retiring the Save to Contacts feature on February 25, 2016. You’ll still access all of the Contacts you’ve previously saved by going to your Connections list, choosing the Filter By Tag option, and selecting the Saved_Contacts tag.

*** end quote ***

I used this feature a lot.

It just disappeared. 

Hence I’m dropping the premium feature of LinkedIn.

Sad, when these “services” go rogue.

Guess they don’t need my money!

Too bad. Argh!

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