QUOTE: Ignorance


“Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge.”
— Charles Darwin “The Descent of Man”

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How to Get Inspiring Ideas for Starting a Part-time Business

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But before getting started, any part-time business venture should work within the following parameters:

It should not conflict with your full-time job (i.e., it won’t cause you to be fired)

It shouldn’t require a lot of capital to get started

It should be within the realm of your skills, abilities and interests

You should have at least some knowledge of the profession or industry (if not, get some before you start)

It needs to be doable on a part-time basis — not all businesses are

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Jason Alba of JibberJobber has the idea that the future belongs to those who can have ten part-time jobs.

Each consisting of 4 hours each on average and that generate 10% of your desired income.

He’s not ruthless about any of the numbers; just the concept.

I’ve tried that when I was consulting and it was pretty effective as long as you could keep the sales funnel full.

The hard part was doing just that.

Still, I think he is correct. Especially as I see the may employers treat employees.

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GUNS: “There are no dangerous weapons; there are only dangerous men.”


Santa Monica Shooter Built Illegal Weapon After Gov’t Denied Him Firearm
New details were released Thursday about the deadly rampage and the 23-year-old gunman who carried it out
By Samantha Tata | Friday, Jun 14, 2013 | Updated 12:03 PM PDT

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John Zawahri, 23, was denied a firearm by the Justice Department in 2011. But he was able to obtain the right components to build a semiautomatic rifle that he then used in a deadly shooting spread that left five victims killed. An apologetic goodbye note was found on his body after he was gunned down by police. Beverly White reports for the NBC4 News at 11 p.m. on June 13, 2013.

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The gunman in a fatal shooting spree in Santa Monica tried to legally buy a firearm in 2011 but was denied by the Justice Department, the city’s police chief announced Thursday evening at a news conference that revealed more details about the events that led up to the deadly rampage.

Investigators believe John Zawahri, who suffered from mental illness, built a semi-automatic rifle capable of firing .223-caliber ammunition using parts he bought from various sources around the country, Santa Monica Police Sgt. Richard Lewis said.

Officials would not say why Zawahri’s quest to obtain a firearm two years ago was halted. Despite the rejection, Zawahri was able to obtain “an array” of high-capacity magazines that he used in a homemade weapon.

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“There are no dangerous weapons; there are only dangerous men.” Robert A. Heinlein – Starship Troopers

Tell me again how gun bans are going to keep us all safe?

And there are no drugs, no weapons, or no cell phones in prisons!

Don’t make me laugh more at your stupidity.

The ONLY thing that stops a bad man with a gun is a good person with one … and the training and will to use it.


Sheeple and Clovers are just lambs for the slaughter.

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QUOTE: The most sensitive “nerve” in the human body is the one attached to the wallet

“In my business arena, Tax Preparation, Audit Representation and Bookkeeping, the customer is SELDOM right. They are in fact not Customers but Clients (in the same sense that Doctors of Medicine have Patients and not Customers). Everybody is a tax or accounting expert (your bartender, your barber, neighbor, co-worker, etc.), and they firmly believe the half truths they hear about on the TV News or read in the Tabloids (such as the NY Times). Why? Because what their other sources tell them is less painful than what I tell them. It is human nature. The most sensitive “nerve” in the human body is the one attached to the wallet and that is where I often have to do surgery. So I have to take control of the relationship with my Clients and educate them so they ask me first before they make a move. If they could be ALWAYS right then Turbotax would put me out of business instead of bringing me so many more Clients.”

By Roger Garay, CEO at On Line Bookkeeping & Tax Service Inc

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Interesting, I’ll have to reflect upon the difference between Customer / Patient, Customer / Client, and Payer / Client.

Interesting about “The most sensitive “nerve” in the human body is the one attached to the wallet”. I disagree. It may be surpassed by the one attached to their perception of what is theirs (e.g., failing to let some one over in traffic; cutting in the queue ahead of others; (or the one that I do all the time) failure to merge early to get ahead. (Yeah, if I do pass the “final judgement”, vel non, then I’ll be doing a lot of time in Purgatory for my venial sins. I got a lot of them to atone for. Sigh!) And, another nerve is the one attached to their self-image.


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