INTERESTING: Stop the presses on history books; time just got pushed back by a few thousand years

7,000-year-old Road Uncovered in Croatia is Paved in Stone–A ‘Sensational Find’
By Andy Corbley – May 12, 2023 

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But Korcula road, featuring sophisticated stone-stacking and some sort of material to encase the stones in their positions, was made around 1,000 years before Ur and Eridu, to an epoch where agriculture and animal domestication were still developing or state-of-the-art technologies.

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It really is amazing how little we “know” about “history”.  It is almost like routinely “we” find new evidence that proves just how wrong we were. 

What can you trust as “facts”?

The answer is “not much”.


INSPIRATIONAL: The law of Karma?

5-Year-old Who Emptied Piggybank for Earthquake Relief Now Wins $48Mil Lottery Jackpot at 18
By Andy Corbley – Feb 8, 2023 

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A delightful story from northern Ontario saw a 5-year-old girl’s good Karma wait 13 years to reward her.

Juliette Lamour won the state’s second-largest lottery jackpot in history, CAD$48 million, on her first-ever try. Local news from her home city of Sault Saint Marie revealed a touching side of the story—that at 5 years old Lamour made a very big act of charity, and the suggestion that her generosity has been rewarded is impossible to resist making.

It was 2010 and the island nation of Haiti had just been ravaged by an earthquake. Aid organizations from across the world rushed to help the people of the obliterated country stabilize and recover.

At the Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds hockey team ice rink a branch of the Canadian Red Cross had set up a table to help raise money for Haiti, and Juliette and her sister Sophie were determined to help.

They upturned their big pink sharing piggy bank that day, out of which came $61.38.

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We deal with a lotta “laws” in our lifetimes.  I differentiate between man-made “laws” that I call diktats and the natural “laws” of the universe like gravity.

Here we have an example of a “weak” natural law, the Law of Karma.  The wheel goes around and what you send out come around.  Sometimes if you send out “bad”, it comes around to bite you in the butt.  But, like this example, it comes back around a bestows a 782013.685239 * 61.38 reward.  

“Cast Your Bread Upon the Waters “meaningtto do something kind or good without expecting anything in return.  If you cast your bread upon the waters, you do good deeds for others without expecting anything in return.

Here is a reminder.


INSPIRATIONAL: Man Finally Meets Family That Hid Him During Nazi Holocaust

Man Finally Meets Family That Hid Him During Nazi Holocaust 80 Years Ago–And Visits the House
By Andy Corbley – Feb 7, 202

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An elderly Belgian man was able to meet the descendants of a neighbor who saved him from the Holocaust after his perseverant son and a helpful geneticist managed to track down his grandchildren.

The meeting was organized in the same house where a 5-year-old David Rossler was hidden along with his mother. Now 85, Rossler had a chance to thank the grandchildren for what their grandfather, Georges Bourlet, had done.

Mr. Bourlet lived in Auderghem, Brussels with his four adolescent children, Paul, Jacques, Anne-Marie, and Christiane. Together they gave shelter to Rossler and his mother towards the end of the war in 1944 after Rossler’s uncle and grandfather had already been seized and sent to Auschwitz.

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“In Jewish tradition, there is a saying that ‘he who saves one life saves all of humanity’ – Georges Bourlet saved humanity nine times over We are submitting our testimony to Yad Vashem in hopes that he will be recognized for his heroism and granted the title of ‘Righteous Among the Nations,’” said Lionel, referencing the Israeli civilian honor for those who risked their lives to save Jews during the Holocaust.

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I’m not sure I’d have the courage to hide Jews from the Nazis.  Not only did Georges Bourlet risk his own life but also that of his family to do a brave thing.  He knew the risks and did it.  That’s “stones”.  

We don’t know how many took the same gamble and were killed for it.

As I said, I’m not sure I could handle a big challenge like that.  May all my temptations be small enough for my limited abilities. 





INTERESTING: Svingerudsteinen rune pushes known history backby hundreds of years

‘Sensational’ Runestone Discovered in Norway With Mysterious Inscription–May Be World’s Oldest
By Andy Corbley – Jan 31, 2023 

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A runestone was discovered in Norway recently that jumps back the origin date of runic writing by hundreds of years to a time before the fall of Rome.

Based on carbon-dated organic remains, the reddish-brown sandstone block may have been carved as far back as 250 to 1 CE—making it the oldest ever found.

Most runestones are named based on the location they were discovered, and this one is called the “Svingerudsteinen,” or “the Svingerud Stone.”

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Runologists like Zilmer don’t have a large body of reference, as only 30 or so stones have been found with inscriptions dating from the 6th century or earlier.

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Amazing about how little we know about human history.  Here’s some messages from the past (obits) that are cryptic bits.

What all did these people know that is lost in “history”.


POLITICAL: Yet another case for no death penalty and punishing police misconduct

New Evidence Unearthed by Podcasters Frees 2 Men Wrongfully Imprisoned for 25 Years
By Andy Corbley – Dec 29, 2022 

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Two men wrongfully-imprisoned for more than two decades were able to spend Christmas with their families after a podcast and non-profit advanced evidence of their innocence.

Darrell Lee Clark and Cain Joshua Storey were just teenagers when they stood trial for a murder of their 15-year-old friend he died of gunshot wounds at a party in 1996.

Clack had all the charges against him dropped after a motion for a new trial was field on his behalf by attorneys from the Georgia Innocence Project. He was released Thursday along with Storey.

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The details go like this. At a party, 15-year-old Brian Bowling shot himself in a game of Russian Roulette with a gun allegedly provided by Storey. Manslaughter was to be the original charge, but Bowling’s distraught family urged for the charge to be stiffened to murder, and charged Clark who had a corroborating alibi of his absence from the whole situation, in a conspiracy to murder.

The Proof podcast hosts interviewed the party hostess, who admitted that the police had coerced her into making false statements regarding Clark and Storey’s testimony. The second witness was a hearing-impaired man, and Simpson and Davis got him on record as not being able to separate the Bowling murder details with a very similar case from ten years later in 1976.

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The “death penalty” eliminates any chance of rectifying an injustice.

The police coerced a false statement; they should be punished severely.

Qualified immunity is a joke.  I’m sure all involved are enjoying their pensions. 



INSPIRATIONAL: Amazing how the ecology adapts to change; it’s not all doom ‘n’ gloom

Once Devastated Pacific Reefs See Amazing Rebirth, Recovering With ‘Shocking Speed’
By Andy Corbley – Dec 7, 2022

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“The corals that were resistant to the phenomenal 2015-16 El Niño provided the reefs’ resilience,” wrote Sala. “The Southern Line Islands lie in one of the hottest hot spots of warming in the Pacific Ocean, so the corals apparently have adapted to heat.”

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Remember when “everyone” was in “the sky is falling” mode about the reefs and oceans.

It’s like the Creator put in a a feedback loop called “adaption” into “his/her” “Creation”.

Guess that the Earth will survive for another bullion years regardless of what us puny humans do!


TECHNOLOGY: A great human skill found that leads to possible future important testing tool

Woman Who Can Smell Parkinson’s’ Helps Scientists Develop Test
By Andy Corbley – Sep 12, 2022

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In Scotland there’s a woman who can smell changes in body odor corresponding to the presence or onset of Parkinson’s disease.

Keeping with Scotland’s decorated history of medical discoveries, this “curse and a benefit” is now being used to develop a fast test for Parkinson’s that involves simply scraping a cotton ball over the back of the neck for examination.

More than 40 years ago, Joy Milne noticed an abrupt change in the natural odor of her husband, Les, when he was 33-years-old.

She knew herself to have a supersensitive nose, someone who couldn’t go into the cleaning section of a supermarket, but 12 years later, Les was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in an already progressive state, and it got her thinking it was the cause.

In 2012, Les, a former-doctor, went to find someone who could investigate further the connection between scent and Parkinson’s alongside Joy.

That initial inquiry led them to a professor at the University of Edinburgh who formed a team to put Joy’s sense of smell to the test.

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What a great human adaption!  This could lead to a life changing test.


INNOVATION: Putting “nature” to use instead of chemicals

Duck alla Pest Control—This Horde of Ducks Have Been Protecting 140 Acres of Vineyards for a Half Century (WATCH)
By Andy Corbley – Jul 21, 2022

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An antique vineyard in South Africa has ditched toxic pesticides for a horde of hungry ducks, as they attempt to make their wines more sustainable.

In reality, Vergenoegd Löw, the wine estate outside Cape Town, South Africa, has been running ducks through their grape vines since the 1970s, but recently they’re trying to introduce this method of pest control to their industry allies.

The idea first came from east Asia where ducks are used to clear harmful invertebrates out of rice paddies, and it’s become so successful on the estate, that a quacking 1,600 ducks are used.

“I call our ducks the soldiers of our vineyards,” managing director Corius Visser told CNN. “They will eat aphids, they will eat snails, they will eat small worms; they keep (it) completely pest-free.”

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Now this is an idea that needs more publicity.  Like using goats in Riverside Park to trim brush and poison ivy.  Ot train crows to recycle aluminum cans.  I love when someone comes up with a way to harness “nature”.

I’d buy a bottle of their wine just to support the ducks.  

(Whom, by the way, are pretty funny in the video.  Who knew about flightless ducks?)


HEROIC: No one knew what a hero this man was and how he helped to change the world

A Stranger’s Kindness Helped Boy Escape the Nazis Who Would Go On to Win Nobel Prize–And He Never Knew it
By Andy Corbley – Jun 15, 2022

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What would you do if in the middle of the night, a stranger asked you to legally declare your financial support for an immigrant family that you would never meet—and hadn’t even arrived in your country yet?

That was essentially the proposition that Barnet Yudin, a Russian-American Jew, faced one night in 1938 when a stranger, who was going door-to-door, appealed to the man asking if he could help a Jewish family from Germany flee to North America.

While Yudin hadn’t gone on to be the doctor he dreamed of being, he and his family lived comfortably in Belleville, New Jersey—and his job as a paint salesmen brought in a healthy $120 a month.

*** and ***

“None of these people would exist today without Barnet Yudin,” David said, emphasizing the difference that Yudin’s choice made.

Joe Yudin, a great-grandson, told Nat Geo that his grandfather didn’t say, “Is this kid going to win the Nobel someday, or play shortstop for the Yankees? He did what he did because it was right and didn’t mention it to anybody. He definitely had this big picture of what humanity should be like.”

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I heard stories about the “affidavit of support” and how difficult it was to get through the bureaucrats in the USA.

What a difference from today when criminals work across the southern border with impunity.

Here a fellow that did the right thing.  Even though no one knew about it for generations later.

(Ever heard that old Irish adage about “good works only count if done in secret”. Funny, I learned that from my maternal English Protestant grandmother who wanted to teach me about my maternal grandfather’s “heathen Irish culture that has a few good points”. ROFL!)

Here’s an example!


INSPIRATIONAL: Strollers at the border

Strangers are Leaving Strollers, Diapers, and Toys at the Border for Ukrainian Refugee Moms (LOOK)
By  Andy Corbley – Mar 18, 2022

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An image recently shared around social media of empty strollers on a Polish rail border crossing has inspired a mountain of donations for Ukrainian refugees.

Now at Przemyśl Station, women, children, and infants fleeing the war are being greeted by mountains of clothes, stuffed animals, strollers, diapers, and more after they step off the train.

ABC reports that the number of spare carriers and strollers from Polish mothers have been particularly inspiring, with many donators leaving handwritten notes behind, with words of support.

“We see on the television and hear on the radio what happened, and we say ‘okay we can help,’” one Polish mother and volunteer told ABC.

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The beauty of the charitable spirit brings one to tears.