SERVICE: GIST goes bye bye; don’t depend on anything in the cloud?

We started Gist in 2008 to make connecting with your key contacts faster and easier to help you create stronger business relationships. In February of 2011, we become part of Research In Motion (RIM) to bring the Gist vision to millions of BlackBerry customers. Since our acquisition we built the BlackBerry Playbook Contacts app and more recently, our team has been tasked with creating the native address book/contact manager for the next generation platform, BlackBerry 10.

In addition to our core focus on the Contacts app, we have been given expanded responsibility for everything social at RIM including BlackBerry Messenger, Facebook and Twitter apps and instant messaging as well as much of the identity platform, location services and user analytics features.

With all this responsibility, we feel even more empowered to deliver a truly unique and amazing experience for aggregating, enhancing and connecting you deeply with your key contacts. All of this feels pretty exciting, but you may have noticed limited innovation on the core Gist product offering over the last year. In an effort to make the most of our new focus, we have, with heavy hearts, decided to shutdown the stand-alone Gist service. Sigh.

As of today, we are no longer accepting new users and will officially be closing on September 15, 2012. Click here to read the blog post and learn how to get your data out of Gist so you can transition to another service.

The Gist Team

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SERVICE: GOOOGLE READER changes silently

Lots of techie problems this week and it shows. Took almost 5 hours to do what normally takes 45 minutes.

Biggest problem is that GOOGLE READER changed. Silently, no notice. Now I can NOT cut ‘n’ paste an expanded series of stories.

No way; no how.

Chrome, Firefox, and Opera — all act the same.

Why I don’t like “the cloud”!!!

<Expletive Deleted>

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TECHNOLOGY: “Human Resouce” problems on both sides of the fence

10 hard truths IT must learn to accept
Unsanctioned devices, compromised networks, downtime — today’s IT is all about embracing imperfections
By Dan Tynan, InfoWorld
July 18, 2011 06:08 AM ET

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IT concession No. 6: You will never have enough hands on deck. IT departments often want a fairer shake when it comes to outsourcing and head count reductions, but they’re not likely to get it, says Meikle.

Because the tech outsourcing industry is much more mature than, say, legal services or HR outsourcing, IT is often the first to suffer when corporate bloodletting occurs. That’s not likely to change.

The solution to IT manpower problems, says Meikle, is to take advantage of third-party outsourcers and integrate with them as much as possible. The bodies are still available; they’re just not under your own roof anymore.

Also, says Meikle, be sure look out for No. 1. Keep your tech chops current with an eye on the next job before the current one evaporates.

“IT pros need to understand they work for themselves first, the organization second,” he says. “They need to continue developing their network and contacts, marketing themselves, and developing a personal brand even when they are employed. Like it or not, IT pros may have to pony up some dough personally to pay for their education and marketability, but that will pay dividends when the chips are down.”

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I see several facets in this item. None good for folks stuck in the old memes!

1. Corporations are going to need help. Regardless of their plans for HR.

2. Employees must recognize that they are “consultants”. Very expensive and very expendable.

3. Technology obsolescence will quickly and silently hit corporations and individuals.

Make plans accordingly.

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HARDWARE: POGOPLUG becomes much more valuable


For a C Note and an external USB hard drive, you have your own “cloud”. This is an amazing solution. And, the fact, that it has no monthly charge, is stunning.

Put one in a friend’s house and you have off-site backup. And, it doesn’t preclude him putting his own along side it. I can see a lot of mutual back scenarios being created.

Hurry before they raise the price.

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TECHNOLOGY: The “iCosystem”? WTH it’s about creating “dead end” that are rich for Apple

Andrew McAfee is a principal research scientist at the MIT Center for Digital Business.

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I hope the vitriol and alarmism around the iCosystem dies down, because it’s not doing much good. Maybe Barry Goldwater was right that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. But crying wolf surely is.

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I could care less about the “iCosystem”. If Apple can con folks into paying a health markup for some dumbed down hardware / software platform, more power to them. (Happened to be at the Apple store yesterday, saw a lot of playing but not a lot of buying. Saw quite a few monitors being exchanged. Saw a lot of bitching about hardwre problems. Including me, with a defective Time Capsule. Saw two purchases. One cash and one credit card. Have to do a lot better to pay the rent, I suspect.) While if given one, I certainly would refuse, put it in the trash, or put it in the corner. But, why should I buy an expensive dead end on the Information Super Highway. It has just enough “features” to fool the technological illiterate into buying it. First, which model do you buy. Cheap “small” wifi or expensive “big” talker? You don’t get the ubiquity of the cloud without getting the talker. With only wifi, then the device is shown to be an “island” as one struggles to find free wifi. Not very “ubiquitous”. And, like a coffin, the “closed” nature of the beast starts to give you claustrophobia. Buy the WSJ, buy more apps, buy games, buy, buy, buy. Bye bye wallet. And, what do you have after all these “purchases” (Oh, I should say “licenses”!) when you can “lose” your access to what you think you bought. We haven’t heard that screaming yet. But sooner or later it’ll come. Nope, it’s a dead end. Designed to allow the old media to pretend to have adapted. imho

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SERVICE: Surprise GMAIL CONTACTS has quotas? Who knew!

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Over contacts quota

Because problems can occur when you have an extremely large number of contacts in your Google Account (note that this number includes the people you’re following on Google Buzz), we’ve implemented some quota restrictions. If you take an action that would put you beyond this limit, we’ll show you an error message.

One common reason for having a large number of contacts is having many duplicate entries. We recommend using the merge tools in your Contact Manager to consolidate your duplicates and make room for new additions.

You can also back up your existing contacts by exporting to a CSV file.

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Another reason “cloud computing” won’t work. Surprises!

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