RANT: Tesla and other EV’s should be considered a national disgrace


The shaming images that show where our iPhones, laptops and Tesla cars REALLY come from: The truth about the Congolese mines where kids are paid $2-a-day to dig for cobalt

  •     Images from the Shabara mine and others in the Democratic Republic of Congo show young children mining  
  •     They dig for cobalt, the chemical element that is used in almost every tech product on the market today 
  •     Apple, Tesla, Samsung and Microsoft are the other end of the complex supply chain  

By Jennifer Smith, Chief Reporter For Dailymail.Com
Published: 08:24 EST, 30 January 2023 | Updated: 09:14 EST, 30 January 2023

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For years, big tech companies like Apple and Tesla have assured the customers of their glossy stores and showrooms that all their goods are ethically sourced and sold. 

But a new series of images taken from inside mines in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where 90 percent of the world’s cobalt is mined and used to make the batteries that power our tech-led lives, raise uncomfortable questions. 

Cobalt is the chemical element found in almost every tech gadget that uses a lithium-powered battery on the market today – a smartphone, tablet or laptop requires a few grams of it, while an electric vehicle requires 10kg.

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Sorry, but this is a national disgrace.  And, all EV’s should be scorned.

I’m speechless.


VETERANS: A hero silenced; whet else don’t we know?


Hero pilot who shot down at least FOUR Russian Migs in classified dogfight in 1952 to receive the Navy Cross: Captain took on seven jets alone and was shot 263 times – but was ordered not to tell anyone for fear of sparking war

  •     Capt. Royce Williams was sworn to secrecy for more than 50 years over fears that his battle against seven Soviet fighters could spark war with Russia
  •     Now the 97-year-old is free to tell his tale and is due to receive the Navy’s second highest award for combat valor on Friday at the San Diego Air & Space Museum
  •     In a ferocious dogfight, Williams downed at least four Migs despite his jet being so badly wounded he considered bailing out into almost certain death

By Ross Ibbetson For Dailymail.com

Published: 11:10 EST, 18 January 2023 | Updated: 13:36 EST, 18 January 2023

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A hero pilot who shot down at least four Russian Migs in a classified dogfight at the height of the Cold War which saw his jet shot 263 times is to receive the Navy Cross.

Retired Navy Captain Royce Williams was sworn to secrecy for more than 50 years over fears that his battle against seven Soviet fighters could spark war with Russia.

Now the 97-year-old is free to tell his tale and is due to receive the Navy’s second highest award for combat valor on Friday at the San Diego Air & Space Museum.

*** and ***

The national security peril soon dawned on Navy command who discovered Williams had engaged the Soviet Air Force.

Migs flying in the Chinese and Korean air forces were known to be flown by Soviet volunteers but this was an escalation with potential to turn the Cold War hot.

*** end quote ***

Yes, Heaven forbid, the American people would be told the “truth”.

Better to allow a hero to be silenced.


At what point will “We, The Sheeple” ever get the whole truth.

I think of all the MIAs, KIAs, and other veterans who are denied their due.

And don’t get me started on “homeless vets” while illegal criminal aliens live comfortably in hotels.


GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Do prostitution laws make vulnerable women easy targets?


Iowa cops probing woman’s claim her dead dad is America’s most prolific serial killer start digging under well and on mushroom trail at house she insists he dumped 70 women’s bodies

  • Officials from the FBI as well as state and local police swooped on the farmland
  • They are planning to bore a well and take dirt samples to test for human remains 
  • Lucy Studey McKiddy claims that her father Donald Dean Studey is a serial killer 
  • He is accused of killing 70 women over a three-decade period undetected 
  • Officials are now probing the allegations after he died in March 2013 
  • His daughter revealed that Studey liked to kill women by kicking in their heads

By Emma James For Dailymail.Com

Published: 16:42 EST, 7 December 2022 | Updated: 17:02 EST, 7 December 2022

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Police investigating allegations a farmer in Iowa murdered up to 70 women and dumped their bodies in a well are testing soil at the property in Iowa.

Lucy Studey McKiddy, 53, claims that her father, Donald Dean Studey, was a serial killer who forced her and her siblings to dump the bodies of women he killed into a 100ft well.

She said that Studey, who died in March 2013 aged 75, was ‘routinely drunk’ and liked to kill women by smashing or kicking in their heads inside a trailer.

*** end quote ***

My first thought was didn’t someone in Iowa notice that 70 women disappeared.

My second thought was why didn’t Lucy Studey McKiddy come forward sooner — 2013 might have been a good time if she was afraid of the 75 year old man.  Sometime between now and the last 40! Years would have been better.

Of course, it’s the Gooferment’s fault for not discovering this sooner or allow women to defend themselves with a handgun.  If I had a daughter, then I’d be sure that she knew how to defend herself. Argh!

Of course, if prostitution was legal, then it would not be so easy for men to pickup and kill women. 

End victimless crimes like drugs and prostitution.  We’d all be safer.


BIGOTRY: Time “Top Chef” was “Chopped” for Religious Bigortry


Conservative Christian group whose reservation was cancelled by TV chef Brittanny Anderson’s restaurant hits back at ‘stunning’ display of ‘religious discrimination’

  • Family Foundation of Virginia booked a table at Metzger Bar & Butchery, a German-themed restaurant in Richmond, Virginia, for November 30
  • The restaurant is co-owned by TV chef Brittanny Anderson, known for her shows Top Chef and Chopped
  • An hour and a half before their reservation time, they received a call saying they were no longer welcome
  • They said that staff would be made ‘uncomfortable’ and ‘unsafe’ by the presence of the pro-life group, which rejects gay marriage
  • On Wednesday the CEO of Family Foundation of Virginia condemned the Metzger owners and management for ‘religious discrimination’ 

By Harriet Alexander For Dailymail.com

Published: 19:03 EST, 7 December 2022 | Updated: 00:36 EST, 8 December 2022

*** begin quote ***

The head of a conservative Christian group whose reservation was cancelled at the last minute by a Virginia restaurant, citing their views on abortion and LGBTQ issues, has accused the owners of ‘religious discrimination.’

Virginia Cobb’s group, Family Foundation of Virginia, intended to dine on November 30 at Metzger Bar and Butchery in Richmond, Virginia – a German-themed restaurant co-owned by TV chef Brittanny Anderson of Top Chef and Chopped.

Yet 90 minutes before their reservation, a staff member called someone on Cobb’s team to say they were no longer welcome – forcing them to scramble to find an alternative venue for the 15-20 people to gather.

*** end quote ***

How come when a baker won’t make a gay cake or a web designer won’t make a gay website, they wind up in the “legal system”?

Now, as gun owning pro-life pro-choice little L libertarian, I have no problem with people discriminating.  Folks do it all the time.  It’s “heuristics” aka “rule of thumb”.  

I do have a problem when the Gooferment gets involved.  Hence some discrimination it politically incorrect and gets punished.  Other peolitically correct discrimination goes under the radar.

Perhaps, “We, The Sheeple” might want to use the “invisible hand” of the marketplace to weigh in on the decision.

Wasn’t this a “breach of contract”?


POLITICAL: Mandatory retirement age for politicians and bureaucrats? How about 70!


Three quarters of Americans are tired of the GERONTOCRACY and want age limits on elected officials, says a grim new poll for Biden, 79, Trump, 76, Pelosi, 82, McConnell, 80, and much of the Senate

  • 73 percent of adults want to set maximum age limits for elected officials
  • The most popular age limit is 70, poll shows
  • By this standard, President Joe Biden, 79, and Donald Trump, 76, are over the hill
  • The average age of senators at the start of the current Congress was 64.3 years 
  • The presidency is ‘monstrously taxing job’ for octogenarians, says strategist 
  • Round-the-clock news cycle makes politics a tough gig for the elderly

By James Reinl, Social Affairs Correspondent, For Dailymail.Com
Published: 11:57 EDT, 9 September 2022 | Updated: 19:23 EDT, 9 September 2022

*** begin quote ***

Nearly three quarters of Americans say they want a maximum age limit for elected officials, with roughly equal numbers of Republicans and Democrats agreeing to nudge elderly politicians into retirement, a new poll shows.

Overall, 73 percent of more than 2,000 adults surveyed by YouGov called for age limits. Among them, the most popular age to pension off officials was 70, favored by 40 percent of respondents.

The survey comes at a particularly elderly period in U.S. political life, led by such Democrats as 79-year-old President Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, 82, and the top Senate Republican Mitch McConnell, 80.

*** end quote ***

Sounds like a good idea to me!


HEROIC: Donald Ray Surrett Jr. defines a hero; a vet who knew the risks


Hero Oregon Safeway worker, 66, had time to flee but took on store shooter, 20, with a PRODUCE KNIFE: Police hail Army veteran for ‘saving lives’ after he and shopper, 84, were gunned down

  • The attack saw the lives of two army vets taken after a 20-year-old gunman armed with an AR-15 stormed the Oregon store 
  • A 66-year-old Safeway employee and decorated army vet took on the wannabe mass shooter with a produce knife
  • Donald Ray Surrett Jr. could have escaped, but remained in the store. His actions likely saved the lives of several others, according to police
  • Another army vet, aged 84, also lost his life in the shooting

By Associated Press and Alex Hammer For Dailymail.Com
Published: 00:22 EDT, 30 August 2022 | Updated: 02:28 EDT, 1 September 2022

*** begin quote ***

A 66-year-old Safeway employee who took on a mass shooter with a produce knife could have escaped with his life, police said Tuesday, but instead hid and attempted to disarm the assailant – an action they said likely saved several others.

Police are now hailing Donald Ray Surrett Jr. as a hero – as it was revealed the staffer at the Bend, Oregon, store was a decorated Army veteran with more than two decades of service.

The attack saw the lives of Surrett and another army vet, aged 84, snuffed out, after a 20-year-old gunman armed with an AR-15 stormed the Central Oregon store Sunday night, before ultimately taking his own life.

*** end quote ***

Greater love hath no man then … …

In this specific case, the vet KNEW the odds were against him, but took the chance.

All I can do is just silently pray for this good man and his self-sacrifice.


GUNS: 70-year-old Asian woman beaten by young thugs needs justice


Police confirm gang made up of an 11-YEAR-OLD boy as well as teens aged 13, 14, and 18 brutally beat and robbed Asian woman, 70, in San Francisco

  • Horrifying video shows a 70-year-old Asian woman being beaten and kicked in the head at her apartment complex in broad daylight by group of teen thugs
  • It has been revealed an 11-year-old was involved in the assault together with a group of teenagers aged 13, 14 and 18-years-old 
  • Surveillance footage shows the San Francisco woman being attacked by four juveniles at her apartment complex earlier this month 
  • Mrs. Ren was approached by the teenagers and asked what time it was when she was attacked
  • The juveniles began to punch and stomp on the elderly woman when she attempted to flee and refused to give up her iPhone

By Vanessa Serna and James Gordon For Dailymail.com
Published: 20:52 EDT, 21 August 2022 | Updated: 23:56 EDT, 21 August 2022

*** begin quote ***

Police have confirmed an 11-year-old was involved in the brutal beating and robbery of a 70-year-old woman in San Francisco earlier this month.

Horrific video footage shows a 70-year-old Asian woman being attacked by a group of juveniles in broad daylight.

It has now been revealed how together with the 11-year-old, a group of teenagers aged 13, 14 and 18-years-old also participated in the attack.

*** end quote ***

“God made men and women; Sam colt made them equal.” — Unknown

If this woman was armed and trained, then she should have been able to resist the muggers.

Despite most of their ages, she should have ended the attack by giving them “their shots” that they so richly deserve.

They may be young, but they are “feral animals” that should be put down.

Sad to say, but they deserve no mercy.


RANT: Finally somebody is DOING something and it’s not taking forever and costing billions


‘We can’t wait any longer!’: Arizona Governor Doug Ducey starts building $6m makeshift border wall using barb-wire topped shipping containers that will be completed by NEXT WEEK

  • Arizona spans more than 370 miles of the U.S.-Mexico border, and has seen 430,342 migrants detained so far this year in their two sectors
  • The Yuma sector of the border is the third-busiest for migrant crossings: only Rio Grande Valley and Del Rio, both in Texas, have seen more arrivals 
  • On Friday, the Republican governor of Arizona, Doug Ducey, who is running for re-election in November, announced he was building a makeshift border wall
  • Ducey said that his state had run out of patience with Washington DC and was taking matters into their own hands, with a wall of 60 shipping containers

By Harriet Alexander For Dailymail.com and Associated Press
Published: 01:10 EDT, 13 August 2022 | Updated: 06:49 EDT, 13 August 2022

*** begin quote ***

Arizona began moving in shipping containers to close a 1,000-foot gap in the border wall near the southern Arizona farming community of Yuma on Friday, with officials saying they were acting to stop migrants after repeated, unfulfilled promises from the Biden administration to block off the area.

‘Arizona has had enough,’ tweeted Doug Ducey, the Republican governor of the state, who is up for re-election in November.

‘We can’t wait any longer. The Biden administration’s lack of urgency on border security is a dereliction of duty.’

*** end quote ***

I feel for two groups of people.  OK maybe three.  First, the poor people of the USA who are competing for job with illegal aliens and suffering from the crime wave that comes with them Second, the poor people of the world trying to come to the USA illegally and are risking their live and paying the Cartels a small fortune to be smuggled in.  Third, and finally, “We, The Sheeple” who are paying for the politicians and bureaucrats to grandstand and all the social costs of illegal aliens.



GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Just delete everything is sight. No penalty!


Secret Service DELETED texts from Jan 5 and Jan 6, Homeland Security’s Inspector General reveals amid its internal probe

  • The DHS watchdog sent a letter to the Homeland Security committees in the House and the Senate on Wednesday
  • ‘Many’ text messages between the US Secret Service were deleted after the watchdog made a request for electronic communications, the letter states
  • The Homeland Security Inspector General requested them as part of his office’s investigation into the January 6 attack on the US Capitol 
  • DHS employees refused to hand over documents until they were reviewed by the department’s lawyers, the inspector general’s office said 
  • House Homeland Security Chair Rep. Bennie Thompson confirmed to DailyMail.com that his committee would be briefed on the matter 
  • DailyMail.com has reached out to the Secret Service for comment

By Elizabeth Elkind, Politics Reporter For Dailymail.Com

Published: 16:52 EDT, 14 July 2022 | Updated: 20:09 EDT, 14 July 2022

*** begin quote ***

‘Many’ US Secret Service text messages written between January 5 and January 6 last year have been deleted, the Homeland Security Inspector General said in a stunning letter on Thursday. The messages were allegedly erased after the inspector general’s office asked the law enforcement office for electronic communications as part of its probe into the US Capitol attack. The letter, first obtained by CNN, is addressed to the top members of the House and Senate Homeland Security Committees. It states that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) told its watchdog the messages were deleted ‘as part of a device-replacement program.’ The inspector general also accuses DHS employees of stonewalling requests for information until they were reviewed by the department’s lawyers. ‘This review led to weeks-long delays in [the inspector general’s office] obtaining records and created confusion over whether all records had been produced,’ the letter states.

*** end quote ***

Isn’t that convenient?

Who is getting charged or fire over the failure to retain Gooferment records?

I’d fire everyone in charge.

But then that’s how it’s done on Wall Street!


RANT: Wonder why the victim is in jail?


Manhattan bodega worker, 51, knifes gangster, 37, to death after he jumped counter and attacked him over cost of bag of chips: Locals demand he’s released from Rikers Island where he is held on $250,000 bond

  • Surveillance footage caught the moment a New York City bodega worker allegedly stabbed a customer to death after the man pushed him
  • Jose Alba, 51, was seen sitting behind a counter at the Blue Moon Convenient Store when 37-year-old Austin Simon confronted him
  • Simon then pushed the man into a shelf before yelling at another customer trying to purchase something from the store
  • He then pulls Alba out of the chair, at which point Alba allegedly pulls out a large knife, which he plunges into Simon’s neck and chest at least five times
  • Simon was later pronounced dead at a local hospital

By Melissa Koenig For Dailymail.Com
Published: 17:19 EDT, 6 July 2022 | Updated: 20:21 EDT, 6 July 2022

*** begin quote ***

Surveillance footage caught the shocking moment a New York City bodega worker allegedly stabbed a customer to death after the man confronted him about the price of some snacks.

Video shows the employee – 51-year-old Jose Alba – sitting behind a counter at the Hamilton Heights grocery store, tending to custom

*** end quote ***

I don’t understand!  But it is New York after all.


HEROIC: Chicago commuter leaps onto subway tracks to rescue man


Moment Chicago commuter, 20, leaps onto subway tracks to rescue man who had fallen onto electrified third rail after a brawl and pulled him to safety: ‘I could feel the shocks through my body but it didn’t stop me’

  • Anthony Perry, 20, was stepping off of a train when he saw the man lying with his head against the third rail and 600 volts of electricity coursing through his body
  • Perry acted immediately, and despite being shocked himself, managed to pull the man to safety
  • With the help of a witness, Perry was able to administer CPR and keep the man alive until emergency services arrived
  • The man who was electrocuted is in serious condition at the University of Chicago Hospital
  • Police are investigating what led to the man falling on to the tracks with witnesses alleging he spat on another commuter and instigated the fight
  • A local Chicago community leader honored Perry at a ceremony on Wednesday and even gifted him a car 

PUBLISHED: 19:24 EDT, 9 June 2022 | UPDATED: 08:32 EDT, 10 June 2022

*** begin quote ***

A 20-year-old Chicago man is being celebrated as a hero after he leaped into action to save the life of a man who fell on the subway’s potentially deadly third electrified rail.

Anthony Perry, 20, was honored in a ceremony on Wednesday by a local community leader who awarded him a new car for his heroism.

Perry told WGN TV about the moment he saved the man’s life: ‘I don’t think I was thinking about what could happen to me at the moment. It was more of what do I have to do to make the situation peaceful. I felt a little shock. I felt it all over my body actually, and then I just didn’t let that stop me.’

*** end quote ***

Great love hath no man …

Call it “courage” (the ability to do something that frightens one), “bravery” (showing mental or moral strength to face danger, fear, or difficulty), or “nerve” (presumptuous audacity).  Whatever you want to label it, this man risked his own life to save another. 

Like always, everyone else just stood around frozen or videoing.  But then there are some, who some how some way, act!  Perhaps, not thinking but just reacting to do the “right thing”.  

After all the bad press about Chicago and killings, Perry said: ‘Good does win. Good always wins.’

Hope I can save a life sometime.  


GOVERNACIDE: Here’s a Gooferment Skrule killing young men


Three frat boys are charged over hazing death of MSU student, 21, who died from acute alcohol intoxication after being found passed out in a dirty basement covered in urine and vomit along with three other pledges

  • Phat Nguyen, 21, died last November after a night of hazing at Pi Alpha Pi 
  • He was found passed out in a basement covered in urine and vomit
  • One had blood dripping from his nose and was ‘convulsing’ 
  • They all had the word ‘simp’ written on their backs and were shirtless 
  • Pledge master Ethan Cao is among those charged now with Phat’s death 
  • Hoang Pham and Andrew Nguyen were also charged
  • All three have been charged with one count of felony hazing resulting in death and three counts of felony hazing resulting in injury 
  • They will return to court in East Lansing, Michigan, on June 23 

PUBLISHED: 08:45 EDT, 10 June 2022 | UPDATED: 09:44 EDT, 10 June 2022

*** begin quote ***

Three Michigan State University students have been charged over the hazing death of a teenager who died last year from acute alcohol intoxication after being found passed out in his frat house covered in vomit and urine.

Phat Nguyen, 21, died in November after a brutal night of drinking at the Pi Alpha Phi off-campus fraternity house in East Lansing, Michigan.

Ethan Cao, Hoang Pham, and Andrew Nguyen were all charged with one count each of felony hazing resulting in death, and three misdemeanor counts of hazing resulting in physical injury for three other boys who were also taken to the hospital on the night of the incident but who survived.

*** end quote ***

Sorry, but there ought to be a law. Your fraternity “hazes”; your frat is dead!  

It’s a Gooferment Skrule, so by extension it is permitting this to happen under its auspices.

Maybe MSU should do penance by suspending all student activities for four years?

At the very least, the MSU administration should be fired for “failure to supervise” and “loss of confidence in their ability to lead a University.”


HEALTH: Long Island lacrosse player, 19, drops dead


Long Island, New York lacrosse player, 19, drops dead while studying at University of Massachusetts Amherst

  • Aidan Kaminska, 19, of Port Jefferson, died ‘unexpectedly’ in his parent’s home on Monday from unknown causes 
  • He majored in communications and was a part of the Minutemen, the men’s lacrosse team, where he won numerous awards
  • Aidan has been playing lacrosse since he was a young boy and was a ‘tremendous athlete’ 
  • His family described the teen as ‘goofy’ and someone who loved to make ‘people laugh’ 
  • They also said he loved to cook, take walks in nature, and loved ‘ducklings and bunnies’

By Alyssa Guzman For Dailymail.Com

Published: 09:13 EDT, 2 June 2022 | Updated: 09:53 EDT, 2 June 2022

# – # – # – # – #

Simple question: What was his Covid vaccine status? 

Harder question: Did anyone DEMAND an autopsy?


GOVEROTRAGEOUS: “Disinformation Governance Board'” aka “Ministry of Truth”


You cannot have a Ministry of Truth in this country’: Ron DeSantis says Biden ‘won’t get away’ with having a ‘Disinformation’ board that can ‘silence critics’ – as cringeworthy new video shows czar singing about misinformation to Mary Poppins

  • DeSantis on Friday joined the chorus of Republicans slamming the new board 
  • Florida Governor promised to fight back and said Biden wants to silence critics 
  • GOP Senator Tom Cotton also on Friday said the ‘board’ should  be defunded 
  • Latest fury came as a new of the board’s head  Nina Jankowicz surfaced 
  • She sings about ‘misinformation’ to the tune of Mary Poppins song ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’
  • Jankowicz has called Hunter Biden’s laptop a ‘Trump campaign product’ and tied it to Russia 
  • Disinformation Governance Board was set up by Homeland Security to try and combat misinformation on Russia and immigration 

By Katelyn Caralle, U.S. Political Reporter  For Dailymail.com
Published: 12:03 EDT, 29 April 2022 | Updated: 13:17 EDT, 29 April 2022

# – # – # – # – #

This should be put in the grave with a wooden stake, a garlic necklace, and blessing of holy water.  Same for any of the politicians and bureaucrats who think this is a good idea.  It should be a “third rail issue”.