GUN: Five agian one victime demonstrates the need for a gun at the ready

Maryland Father Killed Protecting His Son From Bullies
Elaine Mallon  —  23 May 2023

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A Maryland father is dead after three teens and two adults showed up at his house on Friday demanding to fight his 14-year-old son.

The fight first broke out at Brooklyn Park Middle School, and the gang reportedly came to finish it at Christopher Michael Wright’s house, WBLA TV reported. The 43-year-old told the assailants that his son would not be going outside to fight them. Wright’s fiancée, Tracy Karopchinsky, said the group threatened to come inside and take him. She heard the group tell her fiancé that he had to go outside and fight in his son’s place.

His three children were all home at the time, and a neighbor’s video camera caught the incident on camera.

Wright suffered a traumatic brain injury.

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“Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.”

Maryland is a gun control state and look how that worked out for the poor dad.

Time to send all five to jail for a long long time for murder.


GUNS: Criminals don’t seem to be well trained and that’s a good thing

Terrifying moment three would-be assassins board school bus and try to shoot boy aged FOURTEEN in ‘targeted’ attack that only failed because their gun didn’t fire

  •     Three would-be assassins boarded a Maryland school bus in masks before attempting to shoot their victim at point-blank range
  •     When the gun jammed and bullets fell to the floor, one of the attackers pistol whipped the boy before fleeing the scene 
  •     Cops believe all three suspects are juveniles, and investigations into the incident are ongoing

By Will Potter For Dailymail.Com
Published: 08:03 EDT, 5 May 2023 | Updated: 08:40 EDT, 5 May 2023

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Chilling photos show three would-be assassins board a Maryland school bus to try to shoot a 14-year-old boy dead in what appears to have been a targeted attack. 

The unidentified youngsters burst onto the bus in Prince George’s County, Maryland, on Monday afternoon when their intended victim was the last student on board.

They tried shooting the middle-schooler – who has not been named – in the chest at point-blank range with the boy’s life only saved after the gun malfunctioned.

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Its only on TV and in the movies that guns are 100% reliable.

One of the many things that a responsible gun owner learns to do is to clear a jam quickly and under pressure.

A good think that criminals are so stupid and don’t train with their chosen weapon.

I hope these criminals get prosecuted as adults and sentenced accordingly.  

I’d like to know the motivation behind it.  If “drugs”, then I hope that the accessories get convicted as well.


GAMBLING: Video Lottery Terminals not emulating a physical deck of cards

Do VLTs Emulate Playing with Real Decks of Cards?
14 September 2011
By John Robison

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VLTs (Video Lottery Terminals) do not emulate playing with a physical deck of cards. A central computer system tells your machine (terminal) what the result of your spin or hand will be, and your machine will do whatever it has to do to give you that result.

Strategies are useless on these video poker machines because they don’t deal from fair decks and because the outcome of your hand has already been determined. Suppose the central system has determined that you should win the value of a full house. The machine may deal you a full house. You can discard the full house and the machine may either deal you another one, or it will deal you a garbage hand and a wizard will appear and award you the value of a full house. Whatever it takes, the machine will give you the value of a full house.

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I didn’t know that!


Isn’t that fraud?

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