GUNS: Why did no one shoot back?

Thursday, July 5, 2018


Assailant with shotgun invades newsroom, kills five. Why did no one shoot back? 
by Vin Suprynowicz 

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Why did no one in the building shoot back? Were they all disarmed? Why? Is the Annapolis newspaper one of many with signs on its entrance doors warning employees—not just visitors, mind you, but trusted EMPLOYEES—they can be suspended or fired if they bring onto the premises a self-defense handgun—even one for which they have a hard-to-acquire, government-issued “permit”?

I’ll betcha. I’ll betcha they do. And if that turns out to be the case, could it possibly be . . . the management of this oh-so-Far-Left and Politically Correct newspaper chain that has “blood on its hands”?

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Yet another “gun free zone”.


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GUNS: Failure to prosecute allowed “gun control” to fail

Saturday, June 30, 2018


Accused newsroom shooter’s stalking victim: I warned cops
By Amanda Woods
June 29, 2018 | 9:37am | Updated

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A woman who claimed that the Capital Gazette shooting suspect had stalked, harassed and sued her warned a former police official that “he will be your next mass shooter,” according to a new report.

The woman, whose name was not released, also told local station WBAL 11that Jarrod W. Ramos, 38, the shotgun-toting man who allegedly burst into the Capital Gazette in Annapolis, Md., on Thursday, killing five staffers, was “a f—ing nut job.”

Jayne Miller, an investigative reporter at WBAL, tweeted that the woman told her Ramos became “fixated” on her for no obvious reason — causing her to move three times, change her name and even sleep with a gun out of fear.

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Imagine if just one person in the newsroom was armed?

But the Gooferment want “We, The Sheeple” disarmed so this keeps happening.  

The newspaper didn’t want to prosecute for fear of making the situation worse.  Guess that tactic didn’t work.

So we have a double failure of “gun control”: (1) folks have to prosecute the evil people so that “gun control” has even a chance of working; and (2) “gun control” kept the victims from being able to defend themselves.

So sad and so avoidable.

Requiescat In Pacem, America!

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GUN: Will this be a constitutional challenge to NJ gun laws?

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Rutgers Professor Charged With Illegally Owning Assault Weapon
A Rutgers professor and well-respected melanoma expert who lives in East Brunswick was charged with illegally owning an assault weapon.
By Carly Baldwin, Patch Staff | May 7, 2018 10:45 am ET | Updated May 7, 2018 11:02 am ET

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I hope that this case can be used to overturn the Pepuls Republik of Nu Jerzee’s UNCONSTITUTIONAL gun ban.

Anyone feel treated by this fellow?

Where’s the GOFUNDME page for him?


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GUNS: Without them, it’s all about size and strength

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Horrific moment female worker is pinned to the floor by knife-wielding ‘rapist’ before a ‘guardian angel’ bursts in to save her

  • Man spotted a woman being attacked in a shop in Krasnoyarsk, Russia
  • Seeing ‘an attempted rape’ by another man with a knife, he intervened
  • CCTV caught the moment  the attack took place, and when it was stopped

By Will Stewart In Moscow for MailOnline

PUBLISHED: 09:25 EDT, 13 April 2018 | UPDATED: 09:49 EDT, 13 April 2018

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A Russian man has been hailed as a hero after saving a female shopworker from an armed man who was ‘attempting to rape her’. 

Alexander Vysotsky was walking past a shop in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, when he saw a young female clerk being attacked by a man, and dashed in to pull him off her, and held him down until police came.

The horrific attack was caught on CCTV and shows the woman, known only as Ekaterina, 28, suddenly attacked by a man with a knife in the shop.

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“God made men and women; Sam colt made them equal.” — Unknown

I think the RKBA is a “woman’s issue” or a “senior citizen’s issue” or a “gay right’s issue” or even a “bully’s victim’s issue”.

We need to “even the playing field” from the thugs and criminals. Make them guess. 

As wrote more than a decade ago:

“I particularly like unlimited concealed carry. If the criminal regards the general public as sheep to be shorn, then let’s sprinkle in a few “sheepdogs” with big teeth in the flock.

Guess which gay to bash? Buzz, wrong, you picked a Pink Pistol and you’re dead!

Guess which woman to bash? Buzz, wrong, you picked a Paxton Quigly and you’re dead!

Guess which brown person to bash? Buzz, wrong, you picked a Massad Ayoob and you’re dead!”
GUNS: Let’s sprinkle in a few “sheepdogs” with big teeth in the flock
Thursday, November 2nd, 2006 at 20:26

“Victim disarmament is the view that it is somehow better to see a woman raped in an alley and strangled with her own pantyhose, than see her with a gun in her hand.” — T.D. Melrose

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GUNS: Let’s DO what everyone already agrees on!

Monday, April 9, 2018

Support For Armed Teachers Comes From Unexpected Place: Science!
Posted at 10:00 am on April 7, 2018 by Tom Knighton

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Computer modeling shows what we already knew, that an armed response from a good guy saves lives in school shooting scenarios.

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Why can’t we start with everything that everyone agrees on. (1) fixing the broken background check system; (2) ending the “target rich environments” aka “gun free zones”; (3) “gun violence restraining orders” that require court hearing; and (4) strict enforcement of “felon in possession” laws. No argument from the NRA; no argument from the “anti-gun” folks! Why don’t we? Because the politicians, bureaucrats, and “talking heads” would lose their “talking points”. See they don’t really want to solve the problem; they just want to have something to say. Argh!

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GUNS: Looking at Parkland from the lens of the Texas tower shooting

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

March 15, 2018
The Grim Lessons of Charles Whitman
By Steve Campbell

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The era of mass public shootings began with Charles Whitman in 1966.  He taught us all we need to know to prevent or minimize such events.  We ignored his lessons.

On August first of that year,Whitman rode the elevator to the top of the Clock Tower at the University of Texas at Austin.  He rolled a hand truck along with him that carried a footlocker full of guns and ammunition.  Soon after ensued the first mass murder in a public place in America.

*** and ***

I. There will be warnings.

II. There are reasons.

III. Help will not be in time to save you.

IV. Do not dwell on the tragedy.

*** and ***

The current state of affairs: Paralysis

There have been more and more arms restrictions and regulation.  The role of defenders has been taken away from the people and deposited with SWAT teams.  Has it improved the situation?  Not at all! 

Perpetrators are being spotted in advance, but their actions and words are ignored by the very authorities charged with defending the public.  Schools are institutionally disarmed and advertised as such.  Crimes that would disqualify perpetrators from purchasing weapons under existing laws are not being prosecuted.  And some of these shooters seem to have been taking drugs with dangerous side-effects.

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I found this very persuasive.

We know that there were so many warning signs that the Gooferment, Gooferment Skrules, and society ignored.

We need to looking into the SSRI drugs as the proximate cause of these shooting rampages.

“We, The Sheeple” can’t allow themselves to be stampeded into disarming themselves. We know for a fact that genocide follows citizen disarmament.

We need to emulate Israel and allow ARMED teachers, school staff, and grandparents to protect Gooferment Skrules. “Gun free zones” are just stupid magical thinking.

And, we need to stop depending upon the police and Gooferment bureaucrats as the “first responders” — the People are the true “first responders”.

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GUN: Why trust the Gooferment AFTER you allow them to disarm you?

Friday, March 9, 2018


Josh LawlerMarch 2 at 3:13pm · 

“You’re not going to be able to fight against the government with your AR-15 anyway. They have helicopters and tanks. The 2nd amendment was written when everyone had muskets.”

Let me first kill this argument the easy way, before I get into the history, social commentary, and whatnot. The simple version is that you ain’t gonna find an infantryman, tanker, or pilot willing to open fire on his countrymen. And the cops outside of NY, NJ, and CA ain’t gonna be too keen on jackbooting, either. So good luck controlling an armed populace with a few thousand feds. Moreover, people who make this argument obviously don’t understand guerilla tactics/military strategy. Vietnam, Afghanistan (both against the USSR and US later), and Iraq are perfect examples of why superior firepower is not the deciding factor in a modern war.

“This isn’t a dystopian novel. The government’s not going to start rounding dissenters up just ’cause they outlawed ‘assault rifles’.”

Now then, on to history. Whenever you bring up how dangerous it is to set a precedent of disarming the populace, pro-gun control folks roll their eyes and go, “It’s the 21st century. Do you really think the government’s out to get you? Everything is broadcast worldwide now. Look at these other countries without guns. You’re paranoid.” Let’s examine this with some examples, some of which I’ve discussed prior.

It was just during the Clinton administration that the Serb death squads rounded up Bosnians and machine gunned them into open graves. The Serbs and Croats took turns raping women and children in public to screams so horrifying that one survivor wrote a book about the sound basically driving her to insanity.

In the 70s, Iranian women were wearing skirts, going to public universities, driving cars, and drinking wine. I’m sure plenty of people didn’t think it was realistic that Khomeni and the revolution would turn that nation into a giant human rights violation. I’m sure lots of people said, “Executions in the street? Rape parties? Take off the tinfoil hat, it’s the 70s, man!”

Plenty of Germans rightfully felt like they got hosed after WWI with the Treaty of Versailles. The Nazi party seeked to right those wrongs economically, and restore Germany’s industrial prominence and rights to self-defense. Plenty of Germans in the 30s would’ve surely looked at you like a madman if you’d said the chancellor of the party was going to go on to pull off a 6 million person genocide.

Actually, why am I moving backwards in time? Let’s focus on the now. Let’s keep it topical and relevant to the moment. In the Twitter and livestreaming era, North Korea is still locking people in prison cells too short for them to stand up in, and too narrow for them to lay out in. NBA star Enes Kanter can never see his family again, following Erdogan’s call for his life imprisonment back in Turkey for daring to speak out against him. There is currently an ethnic cleansing occurring in Mynamar – people are being tortured and murdered while you read this sipping your coffee. There are buildings being reduced to rubble over the buried bones of innocent victims in Yemen this very minute.

Despite this, gun control proponents are still incredulous of the idea that a militia formed independent of the government, meant to protect the citizenry is viable. Despite these atrocities that make my spine chill, and my stomach cramp just reading about them, gun control proponents still cannot believe that I’m not willing to submit to the government just because of the disgusting actions of a few maniacs.

I am not without empathy. I do care deeply about massacres like the ones in Parkland, Las Vegas, Orlando, Sandy Hook, and Aurora. But no, I will not surrender to subservience because of those attacks. No government has ever existed in history without attacking its people at some point, and I refuse to be complicit or complacent in allowing it to happen again.

I’ll leave you with a question for the pro gun control side: why is it that the same government that you mistrust and want to restrict for things like racial profiling and corruption can now be trusted to not take advantage of you when you become less capable to fight back if necessary?

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As I posted before:


A picture is worth a thousand words!

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