GUNS: When seconds count, the police are late to the scene

 Video shows man brutally attacked by mob of cyclists in downtown LA

By Ronny Reyes 

May 21, 2023 6:21pm

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A man driving a pickup truck was pummeled by a group of young bicyclists during a broad-daylight attack in the downtown Los Angeles jewelry district.

Video footage captured the moment the victim was knocked to the ground by a group of people who stomped and kicked him ruthlessly near Hill and 6th Street on Thursday.

A witness said the fracas started when the cyclists claimed the man struck one of their bikes.

The victim, who has not been identified, covered his head as the assailants delivered brutal kicks.

A group of local jewelers quickly arrived and yelled at the group to stop.

One bystander could be seen removing his belt and whipping it around to scare off the cyclists. 

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One msn versus a number of thugs; how to even the “playing field”?

And, the police arrive after everyone has left.

If the victim had been armed, then the incident probably would have never happened.

And if the attackers were shot at, shot, wounded, or (heaven forbid) killed, then I am sure we would see the victim prosecuted and the attackers lauded as “good little children”.