My “best” Yahoo Answers

(or is it my egotistical whiz-dumb?)

YAHOO ANSWER: pay a couple of bills with my new credit card

YAHOO ANSWER: Why does it seem every new law seems to be taking away our rights

YAHOO ANSWER: 401k questions

YAHOO ANSWER: What job should I study to do for the future?

YAHOO ANSWER: Looking to relocate

YAHOO ANSWER: Per dollar how much Yen

YAHOO ANSWER: How do you settle into a good job

YAHOO ANSWER: Free Advertising For My Purse Party Buiness

YAHOO ANSWER: starting college, advice

YAHOO ANSWER: How am I ever gonna retire early?

JOBSEARCH: Interviewing, no college degree

YAHOO ANSWER: for someone who has been out of the workforce

YAHOO ANSWER: Unknown mortgage? Sure possible.

YAHOO ANSWER: say in my interview

YAHOO ANSWER: what would u do if this were u n why

YAHOO ANSWER: Manhattan College or CUNY City College

YAHOO ANSWER:How to “invest” a small amount for a few years? Buy a CD.


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