YAHOO ANSWER: say in my interview


Asked by “Genaro G”

What can i say in my inerview as a medicl assistant?

what is a good thing to say in an interview as an MA to get hire


I think it’s always important to express your unique value equation. That is what are you going to do for your new employer to be valuable for them. So things like how much energy, enthusiasm, and effort your going to put in for them. Notice, they won’t care what you want. They care about what they want. Even when I haven’t been the best qualified candidate, I always tried to be the best choice. imho.




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N.B.: Before you go wild with excitement, not only was I one of two to answer the question, (and the other answer was about spelling), but I got the only vote for “best answer”. I’m again ashamed to put that ten points in my total. But not too ashamed!

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