JOBSEARCH: UVP, USP, and collateral materials


>”Misery” just about sums it up.

Nothing is as miserable as being pecked to death by a big fat old turkey!

> I’m getting out of the house to do the introspection/analysis/writing and whatever else it takes.

Unnecessary imho, you can create your UVP in the can with the door locked. Since it’s unlikely to be right on the first shot, it’s an iterative attempt to define an objective.

>Nothing like low-grade panic to focus the attention.

Doesn’t sound like panic. It sounds like fear induced lethargy. What have you been doing between 5/5 and 5/27? What is your Number 1 priority? I’m interested if it’s not creating your UVP?

>Later on today I’ll start professional-izing my website. I’ve only used it for experimentation and such.Again, nice, but who cares. You can have the best web site in the world and no UVP, no one is going to put coins in your cash register.

>My marketing collateral, such as it is, is at .

“Marketing collateral” assumes you have a USellingP. Can’t have that without a UVP. How can you sell a product that you haven’t defined? How can you define a product, if it’s not something you can deliver? It all starts with UVP. (In My not so Humble Opinion)

>The website is the first part of that address. None of it is really public, just my remote file cache.

Again, nice, but …

Also, anything you put out on the internet there is public. I got it. If I did, Google did. If Google did, then any recruiter, HR, or hiring manager did.

If you got no interest or no call backs, that might be why?


Focusing on what you DO have. Let me see what you’re UVP might look like.

*** begin quote ***

{Privacy; redacting to prevent identification}

*** end quote ***

OK, you might be able to:

* “Market innovative school networks seeking to leave the high TCO Microsoft environment and move to the low cost LTSP solutions”

* “Make networks happen and do it while bringing Customers, Colleagues, Suppliers, and Consumers to a common level of understanding”

* “Market new network capabilities to solve old business problems”

* “Enable better productivity in Government, NGO, private sector, and real people by using networks innovatively”

* “Save schools money while improving communications by better networking”

How’s that for five UVPs that you MIGHT have (and make big bucks from) but haven’t expressed. They are all drastically different. Which one are you? If not, what are you?

Lunch time is over. Enough fun working on real problems. Back to my employer’s paying ones!

P.S.: I’m adding two more people (in a BCC, so they can decline without offending anyone) to this message.

P.P.S: I am inviting you to help “resuscitate” an old XXXXXXXXX  turkey! I would appreciate any thoughts as we go along in how to get XXXXXXX back into the ranks of the high earners. He’s been deflated for a while, (died of “old age” I think), and we’re trying to give him “jobsearch CPR” and breath some new vigor into him. There’s no greater test of a Turkey Master’s power than to bring “dead” turkeys back to life (with apologies in advance to any religious metaphors). Seriously, my toughest case to date was the fellow who was out of the workforce for 3 years tending to his dying wife. That was essentially really easy. I continue to hone my Turkey Master powers by seeking out the tough old birds to “help”. Maybe some day, I’ll learn humility. So, I’m trying to help ABCABC get back into Information Technology Networking and the big bucks. Being not absolutely confident in my prowess as a Turkey Master, I will of course seek to spread the blame around by involving as many as I can in a successful out come. So, if you of a mind to “help”, please introduce yourself to the “crowd” (i.e., XXXX, YYYY, ZZZZ, and of course me). We are real early in the process and I am trying to get ABCABC to pop with his UVP to start. (Amazing how everyone wants to write resumes to start! Or web sites! Even before deciding what they want to be when they grow up.) Respectfully submitted for your consideration, the biggest fattest oldest turkey hisself

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LINKEDIN: Real People, Recruiters, and other denizens of LinkedIn


On the net, no one knows your a dog!

On LinkedIn, you can’t be sure you’re not linking with a “dog”!

I tend to talk in shorthand and seem to always assume too much.

In my taxonomy of entities you find on LinkedIn, I have some “findings”.

* Real people, like me! Seekers, loafers, helpers, tryers, stumbling blocks, mean well, dumb as rocks. Real people in strange places like New Jersey with all sorts of connections, motivations, and understandings.

* Recruiters — both (head)hunters and (executive)searchers — retained and contingency — with varying degrees of altruism, cooperativeness, and helpfulness.

Now, the newbies and naive think that this is all there is. Unfortunately, that is not all there is out there. I’ve begun to classify all the strange “identities” that I’ve found.

Usually found “close by” a recruiter:

* “hostages” — I think a recruiter creates a profile for some one that they are representing and not permitting any contact except for a fee.

* “strawman” — I think a recruiter creates a mythical person as “bait” with the characteristics they see in “their” candidate. They do this to encourage connections from inside or outside recruiters where they can then “switch” in their candidate.

* “beauty” or “zombie” — I think a recruiter creates an identity, with all the characteristic of someone they wished they represented. When connected, they then try to form up a solid opportunity with they can present to the real person.

* “clones” — I think a recruiter takes a profile that he likes and “replicates” it into his geographic hunting zone for the purpose of finding “buyers” and like minded “sellers”.

I think they do this to advertise candidates they represent, troll for unadvertised opportunities to sell services, find hiring managers? I don’t know. All I know is I think I’ve see it.

Usually found around individuals:

* “ghosts” — An individual creates a profile of a past boss or coworker to get endorsements.

* “pranks” — People set up profiles of people for hahas responding or not as the spirit moves them.

* “psuedos” — I’ve seen no degreed candidates create a “clone” of themselves and add a degree. Then, control access to the “psuedo” and, when approached, they will try to sell into the opportunity.

I’m just an injineer; not a hunter, nor a seeker, and I haven’t stayed in a Holiday Inn Express lately.

I only tumbled to this “barbara streisand” when I tried to reach an old College friend and hit a toll boother. Another time I found my “credentials” on LinkedIn copied to someone in Kansas City. Exactly; my babblings are pretty distinctive, so they do show on searches. So my curiosity was piqued, I pinged, and never heard anything again. I deemed that was a “clone”, designed to flush out a buyer in that area?

This is posted not to give you ideas, but to give you an insight as to what you might find.

Remember, on the net, no one knows your a dog!

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RANT: Legacy dot com quote “what problem”

Operators of Legacy dot com claim “what problem”. You have to love the ability of support people to deny a problem in the face of an email thread which includes email from their own people saying we see a problem and are fixing it. Great Brother Jasper’s Ghost!!! That is aggravating. Argh!

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