GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Protesting parents are NOT domestic terrorists

PIERS MORGAN: President Biden’s attempt to criminalize complaining parents is a shameful attempt to silence dissent that’s more worthy of North Korea than the supposed land of the free
PUBLISHED: 10:08 EDT, 6 October 2021 | UPDATED: 10:49 EDT, 6 October 2021

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Above all, I will defend to the last drop of my blood the right of any parent to want to protect their child.

In the end, isn’t that the overriding job of a parent – to keep their children from harm’s way until they’d old enough to look after themselves?

That doesn’t mean I will always agree with what a parent wants for their child.

In fact, many times I may vehemently disagree.

But I will always support their right to have an opinion on what is best for their child because nobody knows their own child better than a caring parent.

And the First Amendment of the US Constitution permits parents to express those opinions as vigorously as they want.

Yet in a stunning, and very sinister move, President Biden has apparently decided that they don’t.

*** and ***

If parents are no longer allowed a say in how their children are educated, and indeed are to be categorised as domestic terrorists for doing so, then why should they continue paying taxes to pay for that education?

President Biden has declared war on America’s parents and their right to free speech, and it’s a shameful abuse of his power. 

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I understand the drive for “homeschooling”.  Unfortunately, not everyone can do that.

P.S., I can’t believe how much I’m agreeing with  PIERS MORGAN.  Which one of us is changing?


GOVEROTRAGEOUS: The Gooferment is bluffing to get people jabbed

Biden’s Vaccination Mandate: Where Are the Regulations?

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Writer Alex Berenson has taken notice of this too and did some quick research. He found a blog that says there is no order, confirming exactly what the congressman told me. 

If there is no [private sector] mandate yet, then obviously, none of the companies are under any obligation to enforce it.

OSHA is apparently the federal agency responsible for framing a set of regulations for the mandate, including fines. But federal agencies only construct regulations after a law has been passed or an EO is issued.

If I’m correct, and no EO has been published, we have an odd situation, to say the least.

Governors and lawyers have been threatening to sue, because the EO is unconstitutional and overrides state powers. But if there is no Presidential EO, then all these legal cases would be meaningless, because, again, there is no official mandate.

Is the White House stalling? Do they realize the EO and the mandate will be overturned in court? Are they hoping to achieve corporate compliance without an official mandate?

I’ve queried several lawyers. One suggested that so far, in this situation, the feds are mandating by bluffing.

*** end quote ***

The Emperor has no clothes!

“We, The Sheeple” should reject corporate mandates that allude to “regulations” because there are none.




GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Eric Rudolph: 1998 Hide and Seek Champion

Jim Bovard: He Thought I Was An Undercover Fed
TUESDAY, SEP 28, 2021 – 11:25 PM
Authored by Jim Bovard via The Libertarian Institute,

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From the early 1990s onward, I was exposing FBI crimes, lies, and cover-ups. FBI director Louis Freeh publicly denounced me after I wrote a Wall Street Journal piece on the FBI’s killing of an innocent mother holding her baby at Ruby Ridge, Idaho. I continued hammering FBI abuses in the Journal, Playboy, American Spectator, and other publications.

One of the FBI’s biggest blunders occurred when it falsely accused a hapless security guard of masterminding an explosion at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. Richard Jewell heroically saved lives by detecting and removing a pipe bomb before it exploded. But the FBI decided that Jewell had actually planted the bomb and leaked that charge to the media, which proceeded to drag Jewell’s life through the dirt for eighty-eight days. The FBI did nothing to curb the media harassment long after it recognized Jewell was innocent. I flogged the FBI’s vilification of Jewell in my 2000 book, Feeling Your Pain: The Explosion and Abuse of Government Power in the Clinton-Gore Years.

*** and ***

Eric Rudolph was finally captured in 2003 by a local policeman in a small town about an hour from that hardware store. He pleaded guilty to the Atlanta bombing as well as bombings of abortion clinics and a lesbian nightclub. Shortly after Rudolph was apprehended after more than four years in the mountains, a British newspaper pointed out that the FBI’s failure to catch him illustrated “all the shortcomings of a hi-tech, militarized federal force unable to negotiate such alien, not to say hostile, territory.” 

*** and ***

Beyond the nation’s big cities and the coastlines, federal authority hinges largely on the consent of local citizens. Once that consent vanishes, FBI agents are left to sit in their cars eating their lunches all by themselves.

*** end quote ***

Maybe that’s how the Federal Gooferment fails, quiet peaceful non-cooperation?

I’ve been help rain a now four year old boy; he is  great example of why you can’t force a human being to do anything they really don’t want to do! You just ignore any demands made upon you and dare the “authority” to use force against you.  It works fine.  As long as you don’t mind a little pain along the way.  Ghandi demonstrated it on a large scale in India.

“Yes. In the end, you will walk out. Because 100,000 Englishmen simply cannot control 350 million Indians, if those Indians refuse to cooperate.” — movie Gandhi (1983)

So just refuse to cooperate.




GOVEROTRAGEOUS: End the “Civil Asset Forfeiture” which is just theft by Gooferment

FBI Robs 800 Safety Deposit Boxes, Steal People’s Life Savings, Claiming Cash Smelled Like Drugs
Matt Agorist September 21, 2021

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Los Angeles, CA — For decades now, federal government and their cohorts in law enforcement have been carrying out theft of the citizenry on a massive scale using Civil Asset Forfeiture (CAF).

The 1980’s-era laws were designed to drain resources from powerful criminal organizations, but CAF has become a tool for law enforcement agencies across the U.S. to steal money and property from countless innocent people.

As the following case out of Beverly Hills illustrates, no criminal charge is required for this confiscation, resulting in easy inflows of cash for law enforcement departments and the proliferation of abuse. This phenomenon is known as “policing for profit” and the latest example is exceedingly egregious.

Using bogus excuses, the FBI raided roughly 800 safety deposit boxes at a single location in Beverly Hills. They made random and apparently unsubstantiated accusations that the U.S. Private Vaults in Beverly Hills was aiding criminal activity. The business was indicted in February on claims that it marketed itself to criminals to help them launder money and dodge government detection.

But no one was ever charged.

*** end quote ***

What joke.  All cash has drug residue on it.

And, no one ever gets prosecutes.

The Gooferment is immoral, ineffective, and inefficient. As well as untrustworthy. 

This is just yet another example of it!


GOVEROTRAGEOUS: State Department Rejects Private Evacuation Flights From Afghanistan


State Department Rejects Private Evacuation Flights From Afghanistan
Sebastian Hughes / @ooghes / September 08, 2021

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The State Department will not give official approval to any private evacuation flight from Afghanistan seeking to land in third countries, leaked emails obtained by Fox News show.

“No independent charters are allowed to land at [Al Udeid Air Base], the military airbase you mentioned in your communication with Samantha Power,” a State Department official said in a Sept. 1 email to Eric Montalvo, who organized charter flights out of Afghanistan, Fox News reported.

“In fact, no charters are allowed to land at an [sic] DoD base, and most if not all countries in the Middle Eastern region, with the exception [that] perhaps Saudi Arabia will allow charters to land,” the department official wrote. “You need to find another destination country, and it can’t be the U.S. either.”

Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Tuesday that the State Department was working “around the clock” to take care of “any roadblocks” so that all charter flights “carrying Americans or others to whom we have a special responsibility can depart Afghanistan safely.”

The Biden administration has delayed private evacuation efforts while American citizens and Afghan allies remain trapped in Afghanistan, Fox News reported.

*** end quote ***

So the State Department IS the roadblock from this disaster!

You can’t make this stuff up.  

They screw it up and want to avoid embarrassment.



GOVEROTRAGEOUS: The Gooferment is immoral, ineffective, and inefficient. As well as untrustworthy.

“Fauci’s disastrous track record of misinformation, laid bare throughout his many rounds with Rand Paul, shows why the government has no business trying to be a monolithic source and arbiter of truth.” ~ Hannah Cox, Foundation for Economic Education

# – # – # – # – #

GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Time to disband the FBI

The Idea of Kidnapping Governor Whitmer Came From the FBI

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“It was a plot designed by the agency, and they then went on the hunt to target people they believed they could manipulate into joining their plot”

The narrative that domestic anti-government extremism is the greatest threat to U.S. national security — the official position of the U.S. security state and the Biden administration — received its most potent boost in October 2020, less than one month before the 2020 presidential election. That was when the F.B.I. and Michigan state officials announced the arrest of thirteen people on terrorism, conspiracy and weapons charges, with six of them accused of participating in a plot to kidnap Michigan’s Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer, who had been a particular target of criticism from President Trump for her advocacy for harsh COVID lockdown measures.

The headlines that followed were dramatic and fear-inducing: “F.B.I. Says Michigan Anti-Government Group Plotted to Kidnap Gov. Gretchen Whitmer,” announced The New York Times. That same night, ABC News began its broadcast this way: “Tonight, we take you into a hidden world, a place authorities say gave birth to a violent domestic terror plot in Michigan — foiled by the FBI.”

*** and ***

As I documented in my own reporting on this question, there is ample evidence to believe that the FBI had informants embedded in at least two of three key groups it says were behind the 1/6 Capitol riot. As I noted at the time, most of the corporate press spewed contempt and scorn on these questions because 1/6 has become an event that carries virtually religious importance to them, and their reverence for the U.S. security state makes them resistant to any suggestions that the FBI may have acted deceitfully — an utterly bizarre mindset for U.S. journalists to possess. But such is the state of the liberal sector of the corporate press today.

Now that one of their own liberal members in good standing — BuzzFeed — has not only proven the FBI’s key role in the Whitmer plot but also themselves suggested that it makes more plausible the bureau’s involvement in 1/6, these questions are becoming increasingly unavoidable. Both the Whitmer plot and especially 1/6 are absolutely crucial to everything that has happened since: the launch of the new War on Terror, billions more in funds for the security state, proposals for greater surveillance, Biden’s use of the intelligence community to insist that anti-government activists constitute the greatest threat to U.S. national security. Asking what role the FBI played in the episode at the Capitol is not only rational but imperative.

*** end quote ***

Time to disband the FBI; it seems its principle mission is entrap people.

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GOVERNACIDE: Agent Orange was used in the USA in multiple locations?

How the US unleashed Hell’s Agent… It left a trail of appalling birth defects when they used it to clear forests in Vietnam. But a new film lays bare how America sprayed Agent Orange back home with devastating consequences… then went to war on those who tried to expose the truth

  • Herbicide known as 2,4,5-T is the highly toxic main ingredient of Agent Orange
  • The U.S. military stopped using it in 1971, but it was used in other parts of the US
  • It left a trail of appalling birth defects, just as it had when it was used in Vietnam 

PUBLISHED: 17:18 EDT, 21 July 2021 | UPDATED: 17:18 EDT, 21 July 2021

*** begin quote ***

Then one day the children fell sick, choking and gasping.

Down at the river, Carol found a scene of devastation — dead ducklings, crayfish and trout. 

The cause seemed fairly obvious: a U.S. Forestry Service helicopter had been flying overhead the day before, spraying something over the land. 

Nobody knew what it was but, ‘a lot of people assumed, “Well it’s the government doing it, it must be OK,” ’ says Carol. ‘We called the fire service and they said: “Oh no, it’s perfectly safe.” ’ But it wasn’t.

The chopper was spraying a herbicide known as 2,4,5-T — the highly toxic main ingredient of Agent Orange, the notorious chemical defoliant used to blanket swathes of South-East Asia during the Vietnam War. 

*** and ***

And, appalling as that sounds, there was a devastating human parallel — successive generations of Vietnamese children were being born with equally horrifying deformities, earning Agent Orange notoriety as the most destructive chemical used in the history of warfare.

The battle waged by Carol and another courageous woman campaigner, French-Vietnamese activist Tran To Nga, against the ‘herbicide from Hell’ and the industrial giants and governments responsible for its manufacture is revealed in a new American documentary, The People Vs. Agent Orange.

America’s mixed feelings about the Vietnam War might help to explain why Oregon’s Agent Orange scandal was never made into a thriller. It is certainly worthy of it, with menacing men in dark suits, phone-tapping, stolen evidence and signs of a monstrous cover-up.

*** and ***

Led by Carol Van Strum and her late husband Steve, locals set up Citizens Against Toxic Sprays (CATS) and took legal action.

The chemical and logging companies hit back with studies concluding that the chemicals were harmless, dismissing their opponents as tree-hugging zealots. A senior Dow company scientist claimed 2,4,5-T was ‘about as toxic as aspirin’.

Outside the courtroom, their tactics got much dirtier, say the protesters. A health study that an activist had meticulously compiled mysteriously went missing after her home was burgled. When protesters went to deliver evidence to officials in a nearby city, they were ‘followed by a shiny sedan with guys in suits’.

*** and ***

Meanwhile, dioxin from Agent Orange is contaminating the environment at scores of sites around the world, from the Netherlands to Japan, where the herbicides were produced, tested, shipped and eventually dumped.

*** end quote ***

And, those pushing a harmless covid vaccine wonder why no one trusts a word they day.

Remember EPA Christie Whitman: “Ground Zero Air Is Safe”

“I wouldn’t believe you, if your tongue came notarized.” … attributed to Judge Marilyn Milian, but may have an earlier history.

What redress do this Americans have?

If it’s so safe, let’s spray the homes of the Crony Capitalists, politicians, and bureaucrats.  Maybe the whole Congress?



GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Psaki says WH ‘flagging problematic posts for Facebook that spread disinformation’

White House ‘flagging’ posts for Facebook to censor over COVID ‘misinformation’
By Steven Nelson
July 15, 2021 | 3:28pm | Updated

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Psaki says WH ‘flagging problematic posts for Facebook that spread disinformation’
White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Thursday the Biden administration is identifying “problematic” posts for Facebook to censor because they contain “misinformation” about COVID-19.

Psaki disclosed the government’s role in policing social media during her daily press briefing after Surgeon General Vivek Murthy called on companies to purge more pandemic posts.

The demand for censorship — and Psaki’s admission of government involvement — follows a series of flip-flops from health officials who contradicted themselves throughout the pandemic on issues such as mask efficacy, as well as censorship of claims that later gained credibility, such as the theory that COVID-19 leaked from a Chinese lab.

“We are in regular touch with the social media platforms and those engagements typically happen through members of our senior staff and also members of our COVID-19 team — given as Dr. Murthy conveyed, this is a big issue, of misinformation, specifically on the pandemic,” Psaki said.

*** end quote ***

So FACEBOOK is the Biden’s Goebbels?

Where does the Gooferment get off deciding to censor anyone’s free speech?

Not even a fig leaf for this action.


GOVEROTRAGEOUS: “secrecy is transparency” strategy?


Hunter Biden’s Art Sales: Ethical Mess Made Worse by White House
Tim Murtaugh / @TimMurtaugh / July 13, 2021

*** begin quote ***

Allow me to join the chorus of voices congratulating Hunter Biden for waking up one day recently as an accomplished and commercially successful artist, a sudden event that curiously corresponded with his father’s becoming president of the United States.

This is surely a coincidence, and certainly only represents the latest shift in Hunter’s colorful career path.

In his latest endeavor, he has moved from trading on his father’s name to siphon a fortune from shady foreign businessmen to trading on his father’s name to siphon a fortune from shady “art collectors” from places unknown.

In case you missed the news, President Joe Biden’s son is now a hot commodity in the art world. Though Hunter Biden hasn’t publicly presented his work for sale before, New York City art dealer Georges Berges will conduct two exhibitions this fall—in Los Angeles and New York. Berges projects the pieces will sell at prices ranging from $75,000 for drawings on paper to $500,000 for large paintings.

But if you’re concerned that this represents an opportunity for nefarious characters to covertly line Hunter’s pockets in efforts to influence his father, never fear, the White House has a solution: All details of the transactions will be shrouded completely from public view.

*** end quote ***

Sorry, “We, The Sheeple”, but you voted for this nonsense.

Have they no shame?



GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Yet another tragedy of the commons!

Water crisis reaches boiling point on Oregon-California line
by Gillian Flaccus

*** begin quote ***

Beginning in 1906, the federal government reengineered a complex system of lakes, wetlands and rivers in the 10 million-acre (4 million-hectare) Klamath River Basin to create fertile farmland. It built dikes and dams to block and divert rivers, redirecting water away from a natural lake spanning the California-Oregon border.

Evaporation then reduced the lake to one-quarter of its former size and created thousands of arable acres in an area that had been underwater for millennia.

In 1918, the U.S. began granting homesteads on the dried-up parts of Tule Lake. Preference was given to World War I and World War II veterans, and the Klamath Reclamation Project quickly became an agricultural powerhouse.

*** end quote ***

“The government is good at one thing. It knows how to break your legs, and then hand you a crutch and say, ‘See if it weren’t for the government, you wouldn’t be able to walk.” ― Harry Browne

Here we have another great example of the tragedy of the commons!

Of course the little L libertarian solution is private ownership.

Here’s a quick mental model:  All of the stake holders are given ownership of the law and they manage it.  I would bet a payday that in a few years there’d be more water than needed.  Will it be messy and contentious?  Sure!  But it would be “solved” without the Gooferment.


GOVEROTRAGEOUS: PCLOB “Book Report” Fails to Investigate or Tell the Public the Truth About Domestic Mass Surveillance

The Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board (PCLOB) has concluded its six-year investigation into Executive Order 12333, one of the most sprawling and influential authorities that enables the U.S. government’s mass surveillance programs.

Source: PCLOB “Book Report” Fails to Investigate or Tell the Public the Truth About Domestic Mass Surveillance

# – # – # – # – #

Another Gooferment “failure”!

Expecting the politicians and bureaucrats IN the Deep State to limit its intrusions is just DUMB!

Happy “Independence” Day!


GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Keystone XL was an example of Gooferment ‘market interference” to make things worse

Keystone XL

A Canadian energy firm behind the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline said yesterday it would formally end the project. President Joe Biden revoked the company’s permit to build an extension from Montana to Steele City, Nebraska, on his first day in office. 

The canceled line was planned as the fourth phase of the larger Keystone pipeline, which is currently operational (see map) and transports more than 600,000 barrels of crude oil per day from Alberta, Canada, to refineries along the US Gulf Coast. The already built line, which enters the US in North Dakota, remains operational. The addition would have increased capacity by roughly 800,000 barrels per day, or 7% of US daily consumption.

The Phase IV extension was originally opposed over its environmental impact in US Great Plains states, but became a proxy for the larger debate over climate change. See a timeline of the project here. 

# – # – # – # – #

SO how will all this oils move from Canadan to the Gulf Coast? 


No extra pollution, risks, or inefficiency in that!

Gooferment making things worse and worse every time.


GOVEROTRAGEOUS: End “unemployment insurance”

REVEALED: Supermodel Anne V. claimed $26,000 in unemployment benefits despite $2.9m Manhattan apartment and $2.6m in savings – as she demands child support from multi-millionaire ex after the pandemic wiped out her income

  • Anne Vyalitsyna, better known as Anne V, is a Russian-American model who has appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated 10 years in a row from 2005 to 2014
  • She split from fiancé, multi-millionaire tech executive Adam Cahan after having a daughter Alaska, 5
  • In filings to the Manhattan Supreme Court, Vyalitsyna said her income plummeted during the pandemic from $431,000 in 2019 to $77,687 
  • She told the court she owns $2.9 million apartment in NYC’s West Village and has $2.6m in investments and savings
  • She claimed $26,000 in unemployment benefits during the lockdown
  • She says she has monthly expenses of $40,284 and that Cahan has ignored her requests for help in paying for child support

PUBLISHED: 15:06 EDT, 29 May 2021 | UPDATED: 18:17 EDT, 29 May 2021

# – # – # – # – #

Why there should not be any welfare or “unemployment insurance” from the Gooferment.

As ususal, the Gooferment is immoral, ineffective, and inefficient. As well as untrustworthy.



By Mary Lou Lang
Updated: May 29, 2021 – 11:13pm

Pelosi district gets $2.1M to remove wood-fired devices as Congress offers tax credits for wood heat

  • Emissions reduction program spends taxpayer dollars to replace wood-burning stoves, fireplaces with electric heat pumps in district represented by House Speaker, who shepherded through Congress relief package that incentivizes wood heat.

*** begin quote ***

“It’s duplication nation,” said Adam Andrzejewski, CEO & Founder of the public spending watchdog group, “Thoughtful and careful legislating is a thing of past. Simultaneously giving tax credits to install wood-burning devices and grants to replace them (to save the environment) is a great example of congressional insanity.

*** end quote ***

Here’s yet another example of incentivizing to install and at the same time to replace.

And the insanity continues.

What if “we” did neither and gave the money back to the taxpayers?

How many more programs like this are there?



GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Dominion Ran Entire Maricopa County Election

Maricopa County Elections Witness Testifies that Dominion Ran Entire Election – County Officials and Observers NEVER HAD Access or Passwords! (Video)
By Jim Hoft
Published May 9, 2021 at 4:45pm

*** begin quote ***

Back on November 30, 2020, Maricopa County elections witness Jan Bryant testified before the Arizona legislature.

Jan has a strong project management background. She could not believe what she witnessed during the 2020 election in Maricopa County, Arizona.

Jan said back on November 30, 2020, that Maricopa County officials DID NOT RUN THE ELECTION!  Dominion employees John and Bruce did.

Jan’s testimony might explain why Maricopa County officials do not have Admin passwords or access to the Dominion voting machines.

*** end quote ***

Therefore, the election was fraudulent.

Per se, it’s flawed.

Everyone connected with it should be fired and a grand jury empaneled to indict any violations of the law. 



GOVEROTRAGEOUS: No “whites” need apply?

Wisconsin dairy farmer with two prosthetic legs sues Biden administration over ‘racist’ COVID relief plan that disqualifies him because he is white

  • Adam Faust is a plaintiff in the suit filed in federal court in Green Bay last week
  • At issue is loan forgiveness program in Biden’s COVID-19 stimulus package
  • Non-white farmers are eligible for the program, but white farmers are not
  • Faust, who has two prosthetic legs, argues that the program is racist


PUBLISHED: 02:09 EDT, 6 May 2021 | UPDATED: 13:03 EDT, 6 May 2021

*** begin quote ***

The group of plaintiffs joining the lawsuit to challenge the program includes farmers from Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota and Ohio. 

The suit contends that excluding white farmers from the program amounts to a violation of the plaintiffs’ constitutional rights.

‘Were plaintiffs eligible for the loan forgiveness benefit, they would have the opportunity to make additional investments in their property, expand their farms, purchase equipment and supplies, and otherwise support their families and local communities,’ the lawsuit said. 

‘Because plaintiffs are ineligible to even apply for the program solely due to their race, they have been denied the equal protection of the law and therefore suffered harm.’

The U.S. Department of Agriculture issued a statement saying it was reviewing the lawsuit with the U.S. Department of Justice, but that the USDA plans to continue to offer loan forgiveness to ‘socially disadvantaged’ farmers.

*** end quote ***

What genius came up with this one?

Should be struck down immediately.

And, everyone connected with it should be fired!


GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Disney gets a “get out of jail free” card again

Disney Got Itself A ‘If You Own A Themepark…’ Carveout From Florida’s Blatantly Unconstitutional Social Media Moderation Bill
Content Moderation
from the welcome-to-GoogleLand-and-FacebookWorld dept
Fri, Apr 30th 2021 10:45am — Mike Masnick

*** begin quote ***

Earlier this year, we noted that a wide variety of states (mostly those controlled by angry, ignorant Republicans) were looking to pass blatantly unconstitutional bills that sought to force social media companies to host all speech and not moderate. As we noted in that article, Florida seemed to be leading the way, and now both houses of the Florida legislature have passed the bill that is blatantly unconstitutional, and will only serve to waste a large amount of taxpayer dollars to have this law thrown out in court.

The bill, like so many other such state bills, would violate the 1st Amendment by compelling websites to host speech they have no desire to host. It’s not even worth going through the bill bit by bit to explain its many different unconstitutional parts, but like so many of these bills, it tries to say that social media websites (of a certain size) will be greatly restricted in any effort to moderate their website to make it safer. There is no way this is even remotely constitutional.

*** end quote ***

How can this type of payola be legal.


GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Why isn’t this considered a “taking” under the Fifth Amendment

‘Mom And Pop’ Landlords Dying On The Vine As Un-Evictable Tenants Enjoy Pandemic Protections
Zero Hedge by Tyler Durden

*** begin quote ***

As millions of renters across America continue to benefit from sweeping protections against eviction during the COVID-19 pandemic, their landlords haven’t been so fortunate.

*** end quote ***

Why isn’t this considered a “taking” under the Fifth Amendment?

Is it because it is so BIG a theft?



GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Unconstitutional Debt and Future Generations

Unconstitutional Debt and Future Generations
Tenth Amendment Center
by Judge Andrew Napolitano

*** begin quote ***

Who will pay for all this?

If Biden’s proposed corporate and capital gains tax increases pass, fewer Americans will be employed as corporations will have less money for new hiring, and investments will suffer as the cost of their fruits will increase. And the post-pandemic economic recovery, once anticipated at the end of the government’s unlawful lockdowns, will not materialize.

Add to this the near-certainty of inflation, and you will have Biden misery visited upon all. Inflation will also raise the cost of government borrowing. That means Biden’s not yet born great-grandchildren, and their unhappy generation, will be paying for Old Joe’s profligate and unconstitutional spending.

*** end quote ***

This is a “bi-partisan” outrage.

Both the D’s and the R’s are to blame.

For the life of me, I don’t understand where this train wreck ends.

Where is a “straight shooter” who will stop the hemorage of red ink?


GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Gooferment has an open checkbook to counterfeit “money”

Time to Separate Money and State

*** begin quote ***

Governments cannot print gold. They cannot print silver. Thus their hands are bound.

The titan Austrian school economist, Ludwig von Mises:

It is impossible to grasp the meaning of the idea of sound money if one does not realize that it was devised as an instrument for the protection of civil liberties against despotic inroads on the part of governments. Ideologically it belongs in the same class with political constitutions and bills of rights.
Church and state are famously separate in these United States. We would separate money and state with equal ruthlessness.

For a state minding money is a fox minding the henhouse.

Deny it the privilege, and you deny it its natural rascality.

*** end quote ***

Until “We, The Sheeple” limit the Gooferment from “printing money”, then it can never be put back in the box.


GOVEROTRAGEOUS: 175.30 billion of Social Security and Medicare liabilities should be recognized as 41.2 trillion

The National Debt Is Worse Than Advertised
By: Mike Maharrey|Published on: Apr 23, 2021|Categories: Federal Funding

*** begin quote ***

Here’s a breakdown of Uncle Sam’s liabilities in broad categories.

Medicare benefits – $55.12 trillion
Social Security obligations – $41.2 trillion
Publicly held debt – $21.08 trillion.
Military and civilian retirement benefits $9.41 trillion
Other liabilities – $2.25 trillion
According to Truth in Accounting’s analysis, the US government’s financial situation has deteriorated over the last year. Based on the latest available audited financial reports, its financial condition worsened by $9.84 trillion in 2020.

Interestingly, the Treasury Department only includes $175.30 billion of Social Security and Medicare liabilities on the federal balance sheet; according to government documents, recipients do not have the right to benefits beyond the benefits currently being paid and laws to reduce or stop future benefits can be passed at any time. Truth in Accounting assumes no changes in the current Social Security or Medicare schemes. This is a pretty safe assumption considering these programs are generally considered the “third rail” of politics. In other words, politicians dare not touch them.

*** end quote ***

Isn’t “We, The Sheeple” have a right to “honest accounting”?

Maybe if the numbers were really understood, then the seriousness of the situation might be recognized!


GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Online Scammers Selling Fake COVID-19 Vaccine Cards

08 April 2021 10:53 AM
Online Scammers Selling Fake COVID-19 Vaccine Cards | 

*** begin quote ***

For as little as $20, you can get a COVID-19 vaccine card online. Scammers abound on the Internet offering look-alike three-by-four-inch cards that are falsified copies of the official vaccine cards issued by the Centers for Disease Control to those who are legally inoculated.

*** end quote ***

What took them so long to demonstrate the stupidity of “vaccine passports”?


GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Taxpayers get screwed again!

Published 5 hours ago
NY creates $2B fund to provide illegal immigrants with COVID relief
Fund to offer one-time payments of up to $15,600
By Megan Henney FOXBusiness

*** begin quote ***

New York lawmakers struck a deal this week to establish a $2.1 billion coronavirus relief fund for undocumented immigrants and other unemployed workers who were ineligible for federal aid during the pandemic. 

The fund, which was announced as part of a broader $212 billion state budget agreement, will offer one-time payments of up to $15,600 to undocumented immigrants who lost their jobs during the virus-induced crisis.  

*** end quote ***

Pepuls Republik of Nu Jerk has just incentivized illegal immigration.

Who’s side are the politicians and bureaucrats on?

Certainly not the Taxpayers.


GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Inflation: a hidden tax on income

How The Nation’s Central Bank Is Covertly ‘Nudging’ Americans To Accept Digital Money & The Great Reset – LewRockwell

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Inflation is how government robs money from taxpayers.  For example, wage earners put good money into Social Security and 50 years later take out inflated money that has reduced purchasing power.  A $321 average Social Security check in 1980, adjusted for inflation, should be $7529.  Instead the average Social Security check is ~$1543 today.

Zang notes: “Wealth never really disappears; it just shifts location.”

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I keep ranting about I have to live to 132 to steal back all the FICA that was stolen from me.

I’ve reported and cited that the Rate Of Return for “Social Security” is a NEGATIVE 8%.

Imagine how wealthy a society we would have if we were allow to keep our own earnings and plan for our own retirement?



GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Expect any Gooferment program to be done well?

New York’s vaccine passport program is already failing
The Cuomo-IBM idiocracy can’t produce a good product.
Jordan Schachtel
Apr 5

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Liberty advocates, rejoice! The idiocracy is going to save us from another form of COVID tyranny. Thanks to a combination of bungling authoritarians and decaying legacy corporations, these entities are simply too incompetent to pull off a functioning vaccine passport program. 

New York’s rollout of its vaccine passport already has the markings of a five alarm dumpster fire. The New York State “Excelsior Pass” vaccine passport system, which was created by IBM, has so many issues that I wouldn’t be surprised if the program was scrapped altogether before the end of the calendar year. It has massive security flaws, a shrinking customer base by design, it remains incredibly impractical, and it’s incredibly easy to manipulate. Excelsior Pass sucks, thanks to the idiocracy that was responsible for its design and implementation.

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I’d expect a fiasco from the Pepuls Republik of Nu Jerk but IBM?

Guess they should have gone with Tata.

At least it would have been a cheaper disaster!