GOVEROTRAGEOUS: The BHO44 DOJ interfered in the Clinton Foundation investigation

Monday, April 23, 2018

Behind The IG Report — How The Obama Justice Department Tried To Shut Down The FBI’s Investigation Into The Clinton Foundation
RICHARD POLLOCK — Reporter — 8:37 PM 04/15/2018

  • The Department of Justice Inspector General released a report Friday claiming “lack of candor” by former FBI deputy Director Andrew McCabe
  • The report also details Justice Department’s influence to close a multi-state investigation into the Clinton Foundation
  • The IG claims McCabe leaked DOJ’s pressure to end the Clinton investigation to battle claims he was partial to the Clintons

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The Department of Justice Inspector General report on the “lack of candor” by FBI deputy Director Andrew McCabe also documents for the first time the Obama administration’s effort to shut down the bureau’s investigation of the Clinton Foundation, according to a review of the report by The Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group.

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The question is how much additional pressure did the Obama administration apply upon the FBI to end its investigation of the Clinton Foundation. The IG’s report is silent on this point.

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Seems factual that the BHO44 DOJ interfered in the Clinton Foundation investigation.

How high did the interference go? 

To BHO44 himself?

Who knew what and when?


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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Interesting personal experience

Had to send a return via UPS. Since I had some other stuff to send, I used them.

I usually use USPS priority mail that costs 6$+ and change with a free envelope.

UPS was 10$+, but they charged separately for the envelope.

If UPS is a proxy for the “real cost”, then this explains how the USPS loses so much money.

Time to put the USPS out of its misery.

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GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Gooferment Skrules should be teaching more about the Shoah and other genocides

Saturday, April 21, 2018


Why we’re forgetting the Holocaust
By Karol Markowicz
April 15, 2018 | 7:06pm

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A scary new survey released on Holocaust Remembrance Day purported to show that Americans are forgetting the atrocities of the Holocaust. What it really showed, however, was that Americans don’t learn enough to forget in the first place.

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Yet lack of Holocaust knowledge had become so pervasive that in 2016 Michigan and Rhode Island passed bills requiring Holocaust and genocide education in high school, joining New York, New Jersey, California, Florida and Illinois. Several organizations are pushing to expand this mandate to all 50 states.

That would be a good start. As these surveys show, students need to be taught not just the basics but the details. The Holocaust stands apart as one of the few world events students should have to master.

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Instead of protesting the Second Amendment, the “children” should know about the direct relationship between a disarmed population and genocides. 

If there not going to learn the three R’s, then they should learn how to shoot.


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GOVEROTRAGEOUS: End Gooferment defined benefit pension plans immediately

Friday, April 20, 2018

REVEALED: Oregon public university president receives a $76,111 A MONTH taxpayer-funded pension

  • Dr Joe Robertson retired as president of the Oregon Health & Science University in October last year 
  • The 66-year-old is receiving a monthly taxpayer-funded pension of $76,111
  • His pension is considerably higher than what the average family in Oregon earns a year with the median household income being $57,532 in 2016
  • His high pension is a result of the Oregon Public Employees Retirement System
  • Pensions paid out by PERS are reportedly consuming other essential spending

By Emily Crane For

PUBLISHED: 10:08 EDT, 15 April 2018 | UPDATED: 12:19 EDT, 15 April 2018

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A former Oregon eye surgeon and public university president is receiving a $76,111 a month taxpayer-funded pension after retiring late last year. 

Dr Joe Robertson, the former president of Oregon Health & Science University, will receive an annual pension of $913,000, which is the state’s largest public pension.

The 66-year-old’s pension is considerably higher than what the average family in Oregon earns a year. The median household income for the state was $57,532 in 2016, according to Census data.

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Why should the taxpayers be one the hook for something that’s impossible for them to get?

It puts a burden on future taxpayers that they can’t escape.

And, in the case of the average fixed pension, inflation can ravage the purchasing power of the pension.

By making it a defined contribution plan, the taxpayer is off the hook for a future liability.


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GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Gooferment Skrules don’t teach history

Saturday, April 14, 2018

4 in 10 millennials don’t know 6 million Jews were killed in Holocaust, study shows

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NEW YORK — More than one-fifth of millennials in the U.S. — 22 percent — haven’t heard of, or aren’t sure if they’ve heard of, the Holocaust, according to a study published Thursday, on Israel’s Holocaust Remembrance Day. The study, which was commissioned by The Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany and conducted by Schoen Consulting, also found that 11 percent of U.S. adults overall haven’t heard of the Holocaust or aren’t sure if they did.

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How can the children be so “mis-educated”?


“We” need to do much better!

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GOVEROTRAGEOUS: What are they teaching the children?

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

East Brunswick Public Library Forgives All Late Fines For Kids

Hey kids or teens, have an overdue book from the East Brunswick Public Library? You’re in luck…

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Maybe I’m an old curmudgeon but what lesson do the children get from this?

Like the “everyone gets a trophy”, it just sends the wrong message imho!

“Come home; all is forgiven!” should be “You promised; you knew the rules; you agreed to the rule; here is the consequences.” 

Children are smart and observant. It tells them that they don’t have to keep their promises.


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GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Require all FBI “interviews” to be video recorded … …

Friday, April 6, 2018

After the FBI’s Pulse Nightclub Failure, Why Should We Trust James Comey Anymore?

  • Now that Noor Salman has been acquitted of charges she played a role in the worst terror attack on U.S. soil since 9/11, the FBI should be embarrassed.

By James Bovard USA Today April 5, 2018

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Federal prosecutors flourished the FBI memo of Salman’s confession as the ultimate proof of her perfidy. But the memo contained false statements and contradictions which even the government could not sweep away. After the trial ended, the jury foreman (who wished to remain anonymous) notified the Orlando Sentinel: “I wish that the FBI had recorded their interviews with Ms. Salman as there were several significant inconsistencies with the written summaries of her statements.”

*** end quote ***

Require all FBI “interviews” to be video recorded … …

… … because “we” can no longer trust them — if “we” every could.


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