GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Why can’t I give my blood pressure medicine to someone in need?

Monday, August 12, 2019

Recently, the doc changed my from OLMESARTAN MEDOXOMIL to amLODIOine.

There’s nothing wrong both are for High Blood Pressure.

So, I have about ⅔ of a ninety day supply that I can not use.  

What can I do with it?

So, being fat old white guy injineer, I said there must be some poor person out there who needs the drug and can’t afford it.  I’ll just give it to them. 

Doc says he can’t do that.  My pharmacist friend says that’s illegal.

But I can put it in the local medical disposal dropbox for safe destruction.


Anyone see a problem here?

And everyone wonders why drugs are so expensive?

It’s not like anyone can get high on it?  

Quite the opposite, someone can lower their BP and pee a lot.

But Big Gooferment and Big Pharma won’t get a cut of that donation so it must be destroyed!


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GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Why do I need a Gooferment permission slip to … …

Sunday, August 11, 2019


… … buy any drug?

I have a friend that has no medical insurance and prostate problems.

Why does he need a

“Gooferment permission slip” aka a prescription on a

Gooferment approved form from a

Gooferment approved bureaucrat aka a doctor to go to a

Gooferment approved store to be waited on by a

Gooferment approved bureaucrat aka a pharmacist to buy a

Gooferment approved product aka a “drug”?

And then everyone is surprised when medical care and drugs are so expensive.

Is someone afraid that he might buy his drug without Gooferment approval?


What have we become but a Nanny state?

Argh! Argh!

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GOVEROTRAGEOUS: USA “birthright citizenship” is just dumb

Saturday, August 3, 2019

‘Birthright Citizenship Has Got To Go!’
By The Daily Sheeple | Sean Walton | Published on August 1, 2019 

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In a column for The Hill, Ann Coulter, a conservative commentator criticized certain aspects of U.S. immigration policy which have contributed to its current mess.

She first started out by criticizing the U.S.’s “birthright citizenship” policy. She explained what this process entails:

“Any child born when his mother was physically present within the geographical borders of the U.S. automatically gets a U.S. birth certificate and a Social Security card.”

Birthright citizenship is one of the most controversial facets of American immigration. Congressman Steve King introduced legislation in the past that would have repealed birthright citizenship, but it ultimately went nowhere.

“Birthright citizenship” includes babies born to mother’s who are in the US illegally. This has lead to the term “anchor baby” to describe a child born to illegal immigrants since the child’s birthplace allows the whole family to tag along. This has led to an “anchor baby” industry where hotels cater to pregnant women from other countries. Some even going so far as to provide medical staff to monitor them so that they can have their babies in the US and gain entry for the rest of the family. This has been particularly popular with Russian, Eastern European and Chinese women.

*** and ***

Coulter finished off her criticism of U.S immigration policy by stating that “instead of taking the top draft picks, we aggressively recruit the desperately poor, the culturally deprived, the sick and the needy. All because American elites seem to believe that it’s unfair — even snooty — to try to bring in the best immigrants we can.”

*** end quote ***

I’m not a Coulter fan, but I don’t think she’s as bad as “everyone” makes out.

On this particular issue, I think she’s correct. 

Stopped clock twice a day!

It’s the welfare state that draws the free loaders.  And, you only have two choices: change welfare, or stop immigration.

Seems simple to me.

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GOVEROTRAGEOUS: 235 MPG diesel didn’t fit the “green” electric car narrative, so it was killed!

Saturday, July 27, 2019


The Car That Almost Was
By eric – July 24, 20194345

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In the department of What Might Have Been, we find a car almost no one who isn’t a car industry insider has ever heard of – but which very nearly was.

You haven’t heard of it for good reason.

Well, good reason . . . from the point of view of other insiders. The ones inside the government.

It is a car VW briefly brought out to show what could be done – and just as quickly withdrew. Probably because it showed what could be done.

This car was powered by a 1 liter diesel engine and achieved a verified 170 miles-per-gallon. With its hybrid drive engaged, the mileage rose to an incredible 235 MPG. Put another way, on about two gallons of diesel, this VW could go almost 500 miles before it needed more diesel. And it would only need two more gallons to travel another almost 500 miles.

*** end quote ***

Eric Peters goes into detail about the 22k$ “commuter car” and how it would have disrupted the “then-nascent electrification putsch”!

Clearly, anyone, of any age, remembers that Detroit, aka Big Three Auto, back in the 50’s and 60’s was accused of buying up inventions that would make higher mileage engines. That might have been an “urban legend” or a “Conspiracy Theory”, but it is another WMHB (“What Might Have Been”).  I know my long passed uncles believed it.  

And, I guess the automakers have found a cheaper way to eliminate competition, like good Crony Capitalists, they encourage more Gooferment regulation! Argh!

Now Nissan has allegedly gone broke on building “electric cars” and I see more “electric pumping stations” being built.  I wonder who is subsidizing them with tax dollars.

Last time, I looked at buying a electric car, the price was joke — even with the Gooferment subsidy —  and the range and recharge time was even more laughable.

I’ve also read that the calculation of total emissions around an electric car completely ignores the solution from mining and building one.  And, that it barely beats current gas engine cars.  That’s why the Gooferment want to consider CO2 as an “emission”.

Bottom line: Once again, “We, The Sheeple” are being screwed again by, those people Tom Woods sarcastically calla “Our Wise Overlords”, politicians and bureaucrats!


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Beware, the IRS is eyeing your inherited money – MarketWatch

Monday, July 15, 2019

Now for the bad news. If it becomes law, the SECURE Act would require most non-spouse IRA and retirement plan beneficiaries to drain inherited accounts within 10 years after the account owner’s death. This is an anti-taxpayer change for beneficiaries who would like to keep inherited accounts open for as long as possible to reap the tax advantages.

Source: Beware, the IRS is eyeing your inherited money – MarketWatch

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I knew that when I heard the lopsided vote that “We, The Sheeple” were getting screwed!

— 30 —

Well that didn’t take long before my prediction that there was bad news when both “parties” agree to something to be confirmed!

“We, The Sheeple” are such lamb being led to the slaughter.

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GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Manhattan Community Access Corp is not a “state actor”?

Wednesday, June 19, 2019


This summary is only being sent to Libertarian Party members. It is also on our website.

Manhattan Community Access Corp. v. Halleck

The court held that Manhattan Community Access Corp., the private nonprofit corporation runs public access television channels in Manhattan, is not a “state actor” and is therefore not subject to the First Amendment. Libertarians will agree that the private property rights of the corporation overrule any standards mandated by the government.

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A private nonprofit corporation has private property rights?

As both a big L and little L libertarian, I am not sure if I agree with that. 

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GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Keep Democrats in office if you want to protect illegal immigrants.

Sunday, June 9, 2019


This email was sent by:
The Daily Grind News 6890 E. Sunrise Dr. Suite 120-137 Tucson, AZ. 85750

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The Headline

Latest iteration of DREAM Act offers citizenship status to 2.7 million illegals

The Grind

House lawmakers on Tuesday voted 237-187 in favor of a bill that would cancel deportations and grant citizenship rights to millions of illegal immigrants.

The proposal offers “Dreamers” conditional permanent residency for 10 years if they meet the following criteria:

— Arrive in the US before age 18

— Live in the US for four years before proposal is enacted

— Have a GED or high school diploma

— Pass a background check

To obtain full citizenship, “Dreamers” must fulfill one of four requirements:

— Earn a college degree

— Complete a two-year program in technical school or other institution of higher learning

— Serve in the military

— Work in the US for at least three years

The bill offers permanent residency to TPS and DED recipients if they meet the following criteria:

— Live in the US for more than three years before proposal is enacted

— Do not have felony convictions or multiple misdemeanors

The Details

The Dream and Promise Act is the latest version of a sweeping legalization proposal introduced in 2001. As estimated by the Migration Policy Institute, it could grant legal protections to 2.7 million people.

“This is a day that glorifies what America is to the world,” said House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD). “A place of refuge, a place of safety, a place of opportunity.”

Republican critics who supported previous efforts to grant citizenship to “Dreamers” oppose this bill because it fails to address the emergency at the southern border and provides no strategy to reduce illegal immigration.

If passed, the Dream and Promise Act would produce even greater numbers of illegal immigration. Another sticking point for Republicans: the bill does not exclude immigrants with gang ties or DUI convictions.

The Takeaway

Democrats know the Dream and Promise Act will never make it through the Senate. What we are seeing here is a policy statement to voters ahead of the 2020 election: keep Democrats in office if you want to protect illegal immigrants.

*** end quote ***

I think that this captures the essence of the issue.  The D’s want more “illegals” voting; look at Wisconsin with the Muslim importation.  Swung the state.  And, it’s happening elsewhere.  End welfare and see how many stay?  And, it seem that most of the “immigrants” both here and in Europe are healthy young men with name brand sneakers and cell phones. I don’t see the “yearning to be free”.  End the deceptions  welfare / warfare D’s and the warfare / welfare R’s!

Let’s bring all the girls, boys, women, and men home now! We have so many politicians and bureaucrats to send in their place if it’s really needed!

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