GOVEROTRAGEOUS: EVERY overpriced, monopolistic government “service” can be … …

Voting is Immoral
by stormy MON
Special to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

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EVERY overpriced, monopolistic government “service” can be competitively privatized. Education, social services, arbitration and space travel, for example. BLM grazing lands should be sold to pay government debt. We’ve had free market health care for hundreds of years… for livestock and pets. Video streaming and Kindle are private libraries. Railroads are private roads, cars electronically billed.

Governments don’t collect taxes to provide services, they attempt “services” to gouge taxes: a protection racket. Instead, YOU can decide how to allocate your resources = consumer financial voting. In a democracy, if 51% want vanilla, all get vanilla. With freedom, you can have chocolate, strawberry or dozens of choices.

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I certainly would like to start paring Gooferment at all levels down.

Not that that will happen until the Gooferment go broke!


GOVEROTRAGEOUS: New York Governor Cuomo Announces Jewish Redlining Policy (Updated) –

New York Governor Cuomo Announces Jewish Redlining Policy (Updated)
Rather than imposing restrictions on high-density zip codes, New York will draw red lines (literally) around “clusters” in Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods.

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During the New Deal, the Roosevelt administration rated communities based on whether they were desirable for lending. The government color-coded the maps to give banks a helpful guide. More desirable areas were outlined in green. Declining areas were outlined in yellow. And risk neighborhoods were outlined in red. Unsurprisingly, the “redlined” neighborhoods tended to be poor, black communities. And, in turn, banks denied loans to these redlined communities. To this day, the legacy of redlining is still felt, especially in urban areas.

Did anyone in Governor Cuomo’s office reflect on this history? Today, the New York Governor announced a new policy to contain COVID-19. His administration will color-code neighborhoods based on the COVID-19 infection rate. Yellow neighborhoods will have light restrictions. Orange neighborhoods will have heavy restrictions. And red neighborhoods will have stringent restrictions. All schools will be closed in red and orange neighborhoods. In red zones, houses of worship will have strict 10 person caps, regardless of capacity.

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Source: New York Governor Cuomo Announces Jewish Redlining Policy (Updated) –

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Stunning that Cuomo and team could be so insensitive!

Not only that BUT what about the First Amendment issue?



GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Bar loses liquor “license” for suing the politicians and bureaucrats

Beloved Staten Island tavern loses liquor license days after suing over restaurant ban
By Dean Balsamini
September 19, 2020 

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The borough’s beloved Joyce’s Tavern — which has a heavy FDNY constituency — lost its liquor license following a “surprise, random” visit during a 9/11 fundraiser on Sept. 11 by State Liquor Authority (SLA) inspectors.

The Irish pub’s supporters say the raid was a political hit job, and that a new videotape will soon prove the bar and grill did nothing wrong — and could exonerate it as soon as this coming week.

Tavern backers believe the ill-timed raid was retaliation by Gov. Cuomo for a lawsuit filed just days earlier against him, as well as the city and Mayor de Blasio, by Joyce’s and other crippled Island restaurants demanding they be allowed to reopen.

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All too often, the politicians and bureaucrats use “their power” to satisfy a grudge!



GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Welfare destroy the family

POLICY: Welfare, Tax Rules Keep Working-Class Americans From Marrying, Experts Say
New report shows ‘marriage penalties’ fall hardest on the poor
Charles Fain Lehman – SEPTEMBER 10, 2020 4:30 PM

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The design of long-standing welfare programs likely keeps numerous working-class couples from getting hitched, a research report released Thursday by the American Enterprise Institute argues.

Those couples might otherwise get married and provide the empirically validated benefits of a married two-parent home to their children, report author and AEI scholar Bradford Wilcox argued during a Thursday panel appearance debuting the report.

Instead, Wilcox and co-panelists noted, thresholds for eligibility for certain welfare programs and tax credits only let couples access them if they keep their incomes separate, discouraging marriage. That, research further shows, perpetuates a now-yawning “marriage gap” between rich and poor, in turn perpetuating the cycle of poverty.

The report, in other words, argues that government policy has both stood in the way of marriage formation and perpetuated socioeconomic inequality, highlighting a policy concern that could galvanize lawmakers on both the left and right to act.

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Tell me that this was NOT a deliberate attempt at racism.  I remember how people predicted that it would destroy the poor black families as well as drive fathers out of their children’s live.  Prediction came true.

And look at the Hasidic community in Lakewood defrauding the welfare system by not registering religious marriages with the State so the large families take home huge welfare checks.

When the scandal broke, the State Attorney General had conferences there saying it was fraud.

But no one went to jail and the fraud continues.

Gooferment Welfare must end; private charity will not let itself be abused this way.



GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Gooferment Unions should be eliminated.

10 fascinating facts about the Labor Day holiday
September 7, 2019 by NCC Staff

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fredschnaubelt • 3 years ago

Purportedly, a distant relative from the Socialist/Communist side of the family, Rudolph Schnaubelt threw the bomb that killed 7 policeman on May 4, 1886, that led to establishing Labor Day or Workers Day in several countries, including the Soviet Union’s “workers paradise.” This from the U.S. Department of Labor. There are a couple other questionable origins also promoted. Unfortunately a lot of college students have been misinformed by their professors as to how Capitalism is really responsible fror the dramatic increase in the standard of living around the world (not labor unions) since the Industrial Revolution.

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Have “labor unions” outlived their usefulness?

Given their involvement in “politics” to maintain the status quo of socialism in Gooferment, my answer would be an unequvocal “yes”!

Certainly Gooferment Unions should be eliminated to end the corrupt cycle of: unions give money and free labor to politicians to help them get elected and then those same politicians “negotiate” high packages with those same unions. And of course, the Taxpayer gets shafted.  

And, maybe even other unions because those unions “negotiate” with short-term thinking “management” to the detriment of the stock and bond holders.  Perhaps “management” should only be compensated with long term bonds?

If that cycle is not broken, all is lost.


GOVEROTRAGEOUS: The Flint Lead Crisis May Be the Tip of the Iceberg |

Though “the specific breed of alleged government corruption” may be unique to Flint, “the end result might not be so rare in the USA—home to an ageing water system.” As the president of the Children’s Health Fund said, “The Pandora’s box is now wide open.” Flint may be only “the tip of an enormous iceberg”—potentially “just one of a great many icebergs.”

Source: The Flint Lead Crisis May Be the Tip of the Iceberg |

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Why aren’t some politicians and bureaucrats in jail over the Flint Michigan water disaster?



The scam collapses
Vin Suprynowicz

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And one other thing. That number of Americans who have died of COVID-19, and COVID-19 alone? Turns out it’s not quite 180,000. It’s . . . um, just a little lower. It’s actually . . . um . . . nine thousand, two hundred and ten.


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I have always doubted the “models” and Gooferment stats.  When they get something right, it must be the end of the world because they have not yet.

The Gooferment is ALWAYS immoral, ineffective, and inefficient. As well as untrustworthy.

When it no doubt, it’s in doubt!


GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Time for the USPS to go?

Sell the Postal Service!
By Andrew P. Napolitano — August 27, 2020

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It is a grossly inefficient entity which could never survive were it not a monopoly. How inefficient is it? In 2019, it lost $8.8 billion. Who makes up for the losses? The taxpayers.

No monopoly can exist without government violating the basic laws of economics. We have lived with this inefficiency for too long. It should change radically — after this November.

The postal couriers and their managers may be able resist snow and rain and heat and gloom of night, but to take on competition — to allow the economic laws of supply and demand to reduce prices and enhance services — will be too much for them to bear.

In 2021, the federal government should sell the Postal Service to the highest bidder.

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The Dead Old White Guys were pretty sharp but (imho) they blew this one!

Lysander Spooner — a little L libertarian icon — demonstrated that one could deliver mail cheaper, better and faster than the USPS.

It’s taken a while but it’s obvious that it’s time has past.  Amazon will have to figure out another way to milk the public.


GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Gov. Murphy Extends NJ’s Coronavirus Public Health Emergency | Patch

Gov. Murphy Extends NJ’s Coronavirus Public Health EmergencyGov. Phil Murphy extended NJ’s public health emergency amid the coronavirus crisis as the state plans to reopen more of its economy.By Tom Davis, Patch StaffAug 28, 2020 9:09 am ET

Source: Gov. Murphy Extends NJ’s Coronavirus Public Health Emergency | Patch

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How does “We, The Sheeple” love living under an autocrat?


GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Michigan’s confirmation bias

Michigan’s key COVID-19 statistic was wrong; blame Idaho
Craig Mauger —  The Detroit News

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Lansing — Amid fears of a second wave of COVID-19 hitting Michigan, the state’s Chief Medical Executive Joneigh Khaldun stepped to the microphone during a July 28 press conference and noted a discouraging trend.

The percentage of tests yielding positive results in Michigan — a key statistic in tracking the virus — was rising and had reached 3.7% during that past week, Khaldun said. The rate, which spiked in the spring amid testing shortages, had been down to 2.2% in early June, according to state data.

A day after the press conference, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer cited rising cases statewide as she reimposed limits on bars and indoor gatherings in northern Lower Michigan and the Upper Peninsula.

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SOOoo, the Guv took immediate action on bad data that gave the bad news.  

“Confirmation bias”?

They WANT bad news to keep the “crisis” going to defeat “Bad Orange Man”!

Anyone still believe ANY Gooferment data?  I don’t!


GOVEROTRAGEOUS: “There is no dispute that there are vaccine safety issues”

Attkisson’s full response to Washington Post questions about Media Matters’ blog against hydroxychloroquine

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Attkisson: Well first, there is no dispute that there are vaccine safety issues; there is an entire court and compensation fund set up that has paid out billions of dollars to vaccine patients/victims… that’s not the dispute. It doesn’t mean all vaccines are dangerous (any more than all medicine is dangerous or safe). I certainly haven’t suggested any such thing. Ever. And I think it’s hard to accurately call me a vaccine skeptic having been fully vaccinated with a fully vaccinated child. And many stories I’ve reported are on the opposite side of a group. Firestone, Ford and NHTSA said the tires were safe. The govt. and many others insisted guns were never walked. That’s how truth is often ultimately revealed or new facts come to light. As they have. What is your professional view of the govt.’s top pro-vaccine expert in court, a world renowned pediatric neurologist, who told DOJ that vaccines can and do cause autism in rare cases, after all? Newsworthy? Especially when he says (in a sworn affidavit) that DOJ misrepresented and covered up his findings? And names names? Whether you believe him or not, it’s hard to argue that’s not noteworthy. I wonder why so few reported that. Why shouldn’t people hear his scientific views along with the other ones so widely pushed on them by so many interests? Also, do you think it’s noteworthy that CDC’s top immunization official acknowledges that certain conditions in children may make them susceptible to autism, and that a that should be investigated? (only the govt won’t fund such studies for some reason). Also CDC’s top immunization official acknowledges that’s apparently what happened (vaccines triggered autism in a child with predisposition) in one landmark court case years ago… that the govt. secretly paid and had sealed so nobody else would know– only it leaked out. Newsworthy? I think so.

*** end quote ***

As always, the Gooferment is immoral, ineffective, and inefficient. As well as untrustworthy.

Here’s a demonstration that there is ALWAYS a narrative and “We, The Sheeple” are merely “cattle on the Gooferment farm”!

At some point in time, one must learn to be skeptical of everything we are told. (Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear! — old wives tale advice)

And, I’m not taking any vaccine that the Gooferment “rushes” into production.


GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Consistent Inaccuracies bu Gooferment, politicians, and bureaucrats

Consistent Inaccuracies in COVID-19 Testing and Reporting

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“If they reported 50 positives with 100% positive tests, for example, the number of tests reported to the state is 50. If they did 500 tests to get those 50 positives, 450 tests were not reported to the state and were not added to the total number of tests reported by the state.”

*** and ***

An overall mortality rate of 0.1% is right in line with statistics cited by Stanford University’s disease prevention chairman Dr. John Ioannidis as well, who in a June 27, 2020, interview with Greek Reporter said: (Footnote 34)

“0.05% to 1% is a reasonable range for what the data tell us now for the infection fatality rate, with a median of about 0.25%. For people younger than 45, the infection fatality rate is almost 0%. For 45 to 70, it is probably about 0.05-0.3%.”

*** end quote ***

The Gooferment is immoral, ineffective, and inefficient. As well as untrustworthy.

This fiasco has more than enough proof.

If there was anyone in the White House but the “bad orange man”, we would be hearing nothing.  Just like when BHO44 was President.

Don’t take this as me being a Trump fan; take it as a condemnation of all the Doomsayers.


GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Defund the Smithsonian!

Smithsonian Institution Explains That ‘Rationality’ & ‘Hard Work’ Are Racist
by Tyler Durden
Tue, 07/21/2020 – 20:25

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After an online outcry, the Smithsonian removed the chart on Thursday night — but not with any denunciation of the chart’s content, only the bland understatement that the chart turned out to “not contribute to the productive discussion” they had wished for. Of course, the lack of “productive discussion” shouldn’t have surprised, given the shoddy scholarship it reflected. The original chart contained a single footnote linking to a one-page PDF asserting, sans evidence, that traits such as “hard work,” “self-reliance,” and politeness “are common characteristics of most U.S. White people most of the time.”

*** end quote ***

This is my tax dollars at work even though I would NOT fund it if I had a choice.  Too PC for me.

At least in the free market, I get to fund the stuff that represents my choices.  Hell, even I don’t always agree with some organizations all the time, I still kick in.


GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Remdesivir — a conflict of interest story

36 Steps Medical Authorities Have Taken To Guarantee Maximum Death & Disruption from Coronavirus

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Dr. Nass points out that the National Institute of Health’s committee that sets guidelines for coronavirus treatment has 16 members with financial entanglements with Gilead, including two of the three co-chairmen of the committee.  Dr. Nass asks:  “Are you surprised that their guidelines recommend specifically against the use of hydroxychloroquine and in favor of Remdesivir, and that they deem this (Remdesivir) the new ‘standard of care’”?

Now ask yourself, when the entirety of the Western media and the medical establishment purposely cause illness and death so that money can be made, why do you believe what media and authorities tell you about George Floyd’s death and everything else?

On what big issue have we ever been told the truth by media and authorities? USS Liberty?  9/11?  Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction?  Assad’s use of chemical weapons?  Iranian nukes?  Russian bounties to the Taliban to kill US soldiers? Russiagate?  Impeachgate?

Many commentators have been suspicious of the pandemic seeing that it serves control and profit.  Many are convinced that the pandemic was unleashed on the world for power and money.  My own view has been that the dangerous virus probably escaped from a lab and that Big Pharma, Bill Gates, and the police state have been quick to use it for their agendas. 

*** end quote *** 

Anyone else see the story differently?


GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Count “deaths”; not “cases”

The Cases! Oh, my! “Why isn’t the Orange Man being as aggressive in combatting the lies about #WuFlu as he was about the lies regarding his being Putin’s poodle?” Cases can be fudged; deaths can’t be. If the number of deaths is declining, why do we care about “cases”. If we measure by “deaths”, then financial incentives to fudge the numbers (i.e., every thin becomes a “case” no matter how remotely related or not)!


GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Important Quotes in Virology

Important Quotes from Virology and Vaccinology Experts that Never are Interviewed on the Mainstream Media
By Gary G. Kohls, MD
July 6, 2020

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“Safety testing, which typically requires months and years for other medical products, often lasts only a few days with vaccines – not nearly long enough to spot cancers or chronic conditions like autoimmune diseass (e.g. juvenile diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis), allergic illnesses (e.g. food allergies, allergic rhinitis, eczema, asthma), or neurological and neurodevelopmental injuries (e.g. ADD, ADHD, narcolepsy, epilepsy, seizure disorders, and autism). Vaccine manufacturer’s vaccine inserts that accompany every vial of mandated vaccines include warnings about these and over 400 other injuries including many serious immune, neurological, and chronic illnesses for which FDA suspects that vaccines may be the cause.” – Robert F. Kennedy, Jr

*** and ***

“Fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported. The CDC’s entire vaccination propaganda campaign rests on their claim that side effects from vaccination are exceedingly rare, but according to the blatantly pro-over-vaccination, and Big Pharma-funded CDC, in 2016 alone, VAERS received 59,117 vaccine adverse event reports. Among those reports were 432 vaccine-related deaths, 1,091 permanent vaccine-related disabilities, 4,132 vaccine-related hospitalizations, and 10,274 vaccine-related emergency room visits. What if these numbers actually represent less than 1% of the total as this report asserts? You multiply those numbers by 100.” – William Christenson

*** end quote ***

I’ve ranted about the VAERS and the billions it has paid out before.

I am personally very suspicious.  Not an anti-VAX-er, but close.


GOVEROTRAGEOUS: HCA Healthcare needs a “wake up” call

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The NYT: The American health system in one lede. “HCA Healthcare is one of the world’s wealthiest hospital chains. It earned more than $7 billion in profits over the past two years. It is worth $36 billion. It paid its chief executive $26 million in 2019. But as the coronavirus swept the country, employees at HCA repeatedly complained that the company was not providing adequate protective gear to nurses, medical technicians and cleaning staff. Last month, HCA executives warned that they would lay off thousands of nurses if they didn’t agree to wage freezes and other concessions. A few weeks earlier, HCA had received about $1 billion in bailout funds from the federal government, part of an effort to stabilize hospitals during the pandemic.”

*** end quote ***

Sounds like there should be a “clawback”!


GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Let the patients and doctors decide, not politicians and bureaucrats

*** begin quote ***

For today, let me share with you part of an email I received from an emergency room physician who reads my newsletter. He has given me permission to share it with you, but with his name withheld:

I am a full-time practicing board-certified emergency room physician certified by the American Board of Emergency Medicine (ABEM) — which is the real deal, not one of those “other” board-certified institutions. I have an Ivy League undergraduate degree in biochemistry, and my medical degree is from the NYU school of medicine. I have practiced medicine in urban Chicago, Boston and Quincy, Massachusetts, and for the last 19 years in Florida. I don’t mean to brag, but for what it’s worth I have seen a thing or two that most people rarely deal with when it comes to health issues….

[The coronavirus] is a real virus with real consequences, including death. I have taken care of a few young people who required hospitalization, one of whom was deathly ill and may have died. (She was transferred to a tertiary care facility, a higher level of care hospital that has more sub-specialists than at my hospital, which is a community hospital. When she was transferred I lost follow-up on her.) However, I typically will see one or two younger people who become seriously ill with every flu season, and I have seen the occasional death….

The consequences of the lockdown and the over-hyped fear that the MSM has instilled in the public are atrocious, worse than the War on Terror. In your podcast episode today (#1661), entitled “The Lockdowns and Those Millions of Lives,” you mentioned that treatments of emergency stroke patients are down 40%.

I cannot emphasize enough how devastating this fact alone is. I can honestly say that during every shift I have worked in the emergency room for the month of May, I have seen stroke patients who should have come in earlier for potentially brain-saving emergency treatment. Because these patients finally present many hours if not days later because of the fear of catching coronavirus, their chances of recovery are greatly diminished — to essentially zero. While coronavirus will pass, these patients will live with a disability for the rest of their lives. They and their families were robbed.

There are other real consequences that are just as terrible. An emergency physician like myself will typically see one or two cardiac arrest patients a week — the vast majority in people over 70 if not even older, mostly with underlying heart disease. Yet I have seen in March and in early April mostly younger men in their 50s and early 60s present in cardiac arrest. After any attempt at resuscitation, I always speak with the family to get more details, and in every circumstance I was told by the patient’s wife or partner that the patient was extremely stressed about not being able to work and provide for his family. Now the breadwinner is dead, and the family is left in mourning and without the means to support themselves.

I have also seen at least twice as many suicide attempts and also 2 to 3 times as many drug overdoses as I see in a 1-2 month period. These are the tragedies that are not counted by our wise overlords who need to protect us from ourselves with these politically face-saving lockdowns. I haven’t even mentioned the cancer patients, some of whom need time-sensitive operations let alone chemotherapy — and some of these patients, because of their compromised immune status, are at high risk of catching coronavirus, but the point is to let the patients and doctors decide, not politicians in state capitals.

*** end quote ***

Seems OBVIOUS to me.

People have to decide what risks they want to take.


As much as I want a haircut, I’m not willing to risk my life.


GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Lockdown was unnecessary, this country now admits

That the lockdowns were unnecessary.It turns out that the virus was already on the decline when the lockdowns were ordered, and it was not spreading nearly as fast as the most extreme numbers — on the basis of which the lockdowns were implemented — suggested it was:”It looks as if the effective reproduction rate had already dropped to around 1.1 [and not 2 or 3, as a frightened public was being told] when the most comprehensive measures were implemented on 12 March, and that there would not be much to push it down below 1…. We have seen in retrospect that the infection was on its way down.”

Source: Lockdown was unnecessary, this country now admits

# – # – # – # – #

What a surprise!  Another example of the Gooferment in “action”!


GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Gooferment Skrules are getting worse

*** begin quote ***

I listed a few of these inhuman and anti-social guidelines on my other email list, for entrepreneurs, the other day. They include:
No “communal shared spaces” — which means no cafeterias or playgrounds.
No field trips, assemblies, or external organizations.
Everyone over age 2 wears a mask.
No sharing toys, electronic devices, anything.
No switching teachers during the day.
On the school bus one child per seat, skipping rows.
Physical barriers between bathroom sinks.

One-way routes in hallways.
And plenty more besides.
Just when you thought the Prussian-inspired American public school system couldn’t get more regimented and dehumanizing, along comes the CDC.

*** end quote ***

Tom Woods really nails “public education” for the disaster it is. The TRUE purpose of Gooferment Skrules  is to create cannon fodder for the Army, willing morons for the factories, and useful idiots to vote for and be led by the elite.  If you have ANY doubt, just look where the elite send their children to be educated.  It sure isn’t the “public schools”!



GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Kvetching about the Pepuls Republik of Nu Jerzee’s MVC


I use the online renewal for my car registrations’ renewals here in the Pepuls Republik of Nu Jerzee!

Bear in mind the NJ MVC has all my car related information and my drivers’ license data.

The app should remember me, my cars, and policy numbers and only force me to enter the data if it’s changed.

I do wonder what they do with the insurance company id and policy numbers?

Also annoying is that the printed renewal should use a larger font for us old folks and the visually impaired.

Since I have no choice in vendors of this “service”, I can’t comparison shop or influence them to “fix” my issues with their design.

Typical of the Gooferment versus a truly free market.

Funny that the supposedly “free market” — which isn’t “free”! — never send me stuff that’s hard to read.  Wonder why?  Competition!

— 30 —

GOVEROTRAGEOUS: The FBI needs to be shutdown; possibly a new agency formed with NO ONE from the old FBI

Disclosures: Russian Disinformation in Steele Dossier Fueled Collusion Probe by Obama, Comey, FBI
16 Apr 2020

*** begin quote ***

The FBI heavily relied on a Democrat-funded dossier by former British spy Christopher Steele to spy on Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, even after learning that the document likely contained Russian disinformation, evidence declassified this week revealed.

On Wednesday, Republican Sens. Chuck Grassley (IA) and Ron Johnson (WI) released newly declassified footnotes from the December 2019 Department of Justice (DOJ) inspector general (IG) report about the FBI’s Russia collusion probe. The footnotes indicate that the FBI may have assisted Moscow in interfering in the American elections by relying on Russian disinformation contained in Steele’s infamous “pee dossier” to carry out its collusion investigation.

FBI officials began their investigation during former President Barack Obama’s administration while the agency, a component of DOJ, was under the leadership of James Comey. The probe, which ultimately found no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, carried into the current administration.

Steele’s dossier served as the FBI’s primary source for its collusion allegations, even though the agency knew Russian disinformation had tainted the information in the document. In other words, the Democrat-funded, infamous “pee dossier” that fueled the FBI’s collusion investigation relied on Russian lies.

A press release issued by Grassley and Johnson on Wednesday noted:

Despite multiple reports in 2017 warning that claims in an anti-Trump dossier [by Steele] were “false” and “part of a Russian disinformation campaign,” the FBI continued to rely on the Democrat-funded opposition research to spy on a Trump campaign aide.

The two senators added in a joint statement:

As we can see from these now-declassified footnotes in the IG’s report, Russian intelligence was aware of the dossier before the FBI even began its investigation and the FBI had reports in hand that their central piece of evidence was most likely tainted with Russian disinformation.

*** end quote ***’

The FBI is an example of a special militia that was hated by the Dead Old White Guys.

The Constitution was intended to limit the power of the Federal Gooferment.

Yet, the politicians and bureaucrats think they have “absolute power” over all the “We, The Sheeple”!


— 30 —

GOVEROTRAGEOUS: PA Rep has an N95 and it’s misused!

PA Representative Bob Brooks @RepBobBrooks

Wearing a N95 respirator mask upside down on the PA House floor. Brooks voted to send ALL non-essential PA workers back to work this week as ESSENTIAL PA nursing home workers pictured below are still wearing homemade masks.

# – # – # – # – #

(1) I thought that the “diktat” was that the N95’s were only need by doctors, nurses, and hospital staff.  Somehow I doubt that Rep Dob is working in an ER.

(2) What a jerk.  Upside down!  

I really think politicians and bureaucrats need to be scorned when they “try to get to the front of the parade and pretend to lead”!


“Life is tough, but it’s tougher if you’re stupid.” — Sands of Iwo Jima” (1949), John Wayne’s character, Sergeant Stryker

Sometimes they demonstrate their stupidity!

— 30 —

GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Coronavirus victims may be given ‘passports’ so people know they’ve had Covid-19 – Daily Star

She continued: “So to give a certificate saying somebody is immune, I think is actually quite dangerous because: A, we don’t know if it’s true and B, it could give people a slight sense of false security, where they start to do things that they wouldn’t otherwise do.”For the general public, saying you’re immune they will think ‘oh OK, I don’t need to worry anymore’ – and there will be people who will die as a result of that.”I think it’s very risky and I don’t think it’s necessary.”

Source: Coronavirus victims may be given ‘passports’ so people know they’ve had Covid-19 – Daily Star

# – # – # – # – #

Yet another dumb idea from the politicians and bureaucrats!

— 30 —

GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Managing a Disaster, by Walter E.Williams

in a disaster, we want people to economize their use of goods and services and we want suppliers of these goods and services to produce more. Rising prices encourage these actions. Anti-price gouging laws stymy those incentives and create the pretense that a disaster does not exist.

Source: Managing a Disaster, by Walter E.Williams | Creators Syndicate

# – # – # – # – #

Once again, the various levels of Gooferment can’t “manage a disaster” by eliminating “price gouging”!

The higher prices force economical acquisition and encourage increase supply.  The more the “gouging” the greater the incentives.

I was at the grocery store today and there was no paper towels available at the $1.79 price as tagged on the shelf.  Now if the store had raised its price to $17.99, then I’d bet there would have been “plenty” there.

I read somewhere that Walmart was selling canned corn on a special sale for 50¢ per can and couldn’t keep the shelves stocked.  When they went back to the “normal” price of 79¢ per can, there was no problem.  Such was the price sensitivity. A 60% rise eliminated “hoarding”!

When will the politicians and bureaucrats ever learn?

— 30 —