Ohio man lives in underground house he built 40 years ago

The underground home is also naturally protected from extreme weather and temperature variations — and it cost less to insure. Residences like this can, however, be more expensive to build and more difficult to get a mortgage for. That’s why Scherbauer opted to design and build the home himself: to keep construction costs low.

Source: Ohio man lives in underground house he built 40 years ago

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It would seem that “hobbit houses” like this would be a “green trend”?

Like the tiny house movement, plastic bottle houses, and straw bale houses, humanity needs to reimagine “housing”.  The need for suburban “ticky tacky (stick) houses all in a row” is waning with the graying of the population.  McMansions, in my area, are for multigenerational immigrant families who have grandparents, parents, and children under one roof, just like their “old country”.

The current “home inventory” looks like a massive malinvestment now!

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