BLOGROLL items that have rolled off

I can’t put everything in the blog roll on the front page. But, that doesn’t mean that after it ages awhile (i.e., goes stale and people cease noticing it), it loses it’s value. So here are the links of enduring value (i.e., that means I enjoy them)

# 200704 (1) Lane Cavalier’s Blog

# 200704 (2) “Legal Andrew” Flusche

# 200704 (3) LifeTrek Provision Online


lifesharers — get an organ
has to be better than the gooferment

multi-author blog about Web 2.0, social networking
… they featured the inet toilet … yuck

My Uninstalled Life
… I too hate installing anything

Ripples: post-corporate adventures
Where I’ll be in 10 years?

Supply-Side Forum
aka I like gold too

The tennis exploits of fellow Prepster64
Can you spell geritol?

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