VOCABULARY: “Bottleneckers” use the Gooferment to limit choice?


Eye Test Innovators vs The Bottleneckers
36,978 views Apr 19, 2022
John Stossel
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Need glasses? Going to an optometrist can be a pain and waste the better part of a day. So a company, Opternative, invented an at-home test.

It’s cheaper and more convenient than traditional eye exams. You just need a cell phone and a computer.
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But the American Optometric Association wants it banned. They say “it poses significant health risks to consumers” because “it relies on new, self-administered tests” rather than “assessment by an eye care professional.”

Is this new eye test dangerous? Or is it a cheap and efficient eye care alternative?

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Well, when first I heard of it, I thought about my last eye exam.  It was done by an ophthalmologist; not an optometrist.  He scanned my retina. Reminded me to stay on my RX for high blood pressure that he’d detected more than a decade ago.  As well as, noting that my cataracts had not progressed any further. 

So there is a fine point on this.  Although I’m not sure what an “assessment by an eye care professional” would mean if that “professional” is an optometrist?

YMMV, I recommend seeing an ophthalmologist for your annual exam.  It may cost more but it could save your sight and even your life.


INTERESTING: Medicine is morphing due to the inet


Health and Free Trade
by Gary North
Tea Party Economist

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Will there be better living through chemistry? Count on it.

Will there be long waits in local doctors’ offices – doctors who still serve Medicare patients? Yes.

Will thousands of physicians cease to take new patients because too many new patients will be on Medicare? Yes.

Start making plans to shift to the medicine of the future. It will be cross-border medicine. That is where the savings will be. That is where the innovation will be. That is where the FDA won’t be.

*** end quote ***

One can only hope.

Having “lost” Frau Reinke to an know blood disorder, during which some very smart and dedicated people gave her their best effort, “medicine” is still at best and art. At worst, it’s a corrupt system where no one cares.

I attribute that to the lack of “greed”. Remember “Greed is good” as a meme because it get that species, which is characterized by its usual uncooperativeness and irritability, to work together to satisfy as many needs and wants has possible. 


Not by any means. But the minute “we” stray away from that essential motivation, “we” get sub-par results. You can count on it!


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TECHNOLOGY: “Low” tech? I’d call it “essential”


Tom Vander ArkCEO, Open Education Solutions
18 Low-Tech Learning Innovations
Posted: 8/28/11 01:00 PM ET

Education Reform , Google , Teachers , Education Innovation , Education Idea , Education Innovation America , Innovation , Learning Innovations , Learning Low-Tech , Teacher Innovations , Education News

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I frequently write about new learning technologies, but there are lots of low tech learning innovations (i.e., produce better outcomes and potentially cost less). Here’s a lit of 18. I bet you can add two to the list to make it an even 20. At this point, some aren’t really innovations, they are demonstrated best practices but they exist in so few places they are worth mentioning.

1. High expectations and future focus. In the first minute of visiting an Aspire elementary school you see, feel, and hear about the college going focus — a unique and powerful combination of high expectations and future orientation.

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Seems like this is a “universal” low tech list. Never saw an enterprise use this approach.

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INSPIRATIONAL: Chinese should embarrass us into action


News: China Plans To Mine the Yellow Sea Floor on Sunday August 29, @09:33AM
Posted by timothy on Sunday August 29, @09:33AM

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eldavojohn writes “Details are limited but state media is reporting on $75 million being put into a new research facility in Qingdao, Shandong Province that will conduct research into mining the sea floor. From the article: ‘Scientists believe sea beds at a depth of 4,000 to 6,000 meters hold abundant deposits of rare metals and methane hydrate, a solidified form of natural gas bound into ice that can serve as a new energy source.’ The research center’s first goal is to do surveying and exploration with a new submersible named ‘Jiaolong’ (a mythical aquatic Chinese dragon). Hopefully these quests yield energy resources to meet growing demand for resources like liquefied coal in China.”

*** end quote ***

So, why should this be “inspirational”?

It should be inspirational, because we should be embarrassed that we are so far behind. And, out of touch with reality.

Why aren’t we DOING the big things?

Venial leaders, lazy people, and an economy that is suppressed by the Gooferment!

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SERVICE: Google Voice for ICE


Create a Better Emergency Contact Number with Google Voice

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A lot of us have more than one Google account (in fact, Google just launched a new feature specifically for multiple account owners), so the idea would be that you set up one of your non-primary accounts with Google Voice, then make that number, when called, ring everyone you’d consider an emergency contact—maybe your significant other, your parents, your sister.

*** end quote ***

I’ll try it.

My samsung phone displays “ice calling” when any of the three people I have listed call or texts me. It’s confusing.

We’ll see it it works.

I have a “spare” GV#. So what I’ll have to do is to schedule the authentication with my four ice (f,p,m,w) contacts and my four home (mc, ec, h, s). So, when some one call ICE it’ll ring all of them. That’s a real E!

First limit. You can only forward to six phones. And, each of the numbers has to be validated.

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MONEY: The Pope should lead the way to “honest money”


Vatican coin now in circulation

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Vatican City, Jul 23, 2010 / 05:02 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- Coins bearing the image of Pope Benedict XVI are now in open circulation within Vatican walls. As of this month, Vatican visitors will find that 50 cent pieces are being given as change at places such as the gas station, pharmacy and post office.

*** end quote ***

Imagine the impact on the world if the Pope led the way to “honest money”?

Hard to imagine.

Gooferments, around the world, steal the people’s wealth by inflation. They claim the “King’s right”, the “Soverign’s duty”, or the “Tyrant’s Treasure Chest” to produce “honest coins” or “money”. (Like the marketplace could not figure out what “money” was “honest” on its own. Gresham’s Law http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gresham%27s_law would demonstrate whats good and what’s not, without any “inspectors”. The Gooferment steals the wealth by printing more paper money, called “fiat currency”. Fiat because it has value because the Gooferment says it has value. No conflict of interest there.

Now here’s why the Pope should care. Inflation, the printing of “extra” money, impoverishes the poor, middle class, savers, and old age pensioners. That’s why he should care.

Inflation results in higher prices in the marketplace. Wages lag inflation. If they rise at all, it won’t be proportional. Investment, similarly, never “catch up”. So pensioners get hit with a triple whammy: their pensions are usually fixed and so don’t go as far as they used to, their savings are eroded, and prices go up.

So that’s why the Pope should act.

The Church has always been the traditional refuge for the serf from the abuses of the King. (I’ve seen enough Robin Hood and Zorro movies to know that.) It’s time for that to happen again.

Imagine if the Pope ordered all Vatican coinage to be in gold or silver?

First impact, that they’d be selling like hot cakes to the tourists. Then would come the folks overseas. As an example of “honest money”. The Vatican could even show a profit; much more than what they rip off coin collectors for meaningless proof sets.

And the little people would have money that could not be stolen silently by the King’s printing press.

Even the most illiterate dumber-than-a-rock parishioner could see the benefit of using the Pope’s money for savings.

It would be the ultimate control on the power of the King — the Gooferment.

IMHO one of the reasons, or possibly THE reason that Old Sadam got knocked off his horse was NOT wmd; the tyrant had the audacity to suggest that he wanted to be paid for his oil in gold. Rumor was that he was months away from starting an oil exchange denominated in gold. Remember the “Gold Dinar”? Not that he had a religious bone in his tuckus, he was pushing the religious aspect too. Hey, he realized that the FED was going to “tax” him on his dollar holdings. Silently. With no muss ‘n’ fuss, as the printing presses kept rolling out dollars.

So, Holy Father, the little people of the world would like you to end the tyranny of the King, who steals their little bit of wealth, give us honest money. If you truly believe in the workman being worth his wage, then make sure he get it in something that is worth something. Honest money is Godly money. And, slapping on a few saint’s pictures on the coins wouldn’t hurt morality either.

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SERVICE: Citations and bibliography


Format citations and build a bibliography with EasyBib
July 17th, 2010

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It’s one thing to thoroughly research and write your paper, thesis, dissertation, or even letter to the City Council; it’s another thing to get all the citations right. After all, unless you’re only compiling your own data, you are no doubt depending on the work of others. And we all know that we need to give credit where credit is due, meaning you need to cite those sources. But how do you correctly and accurately give your sources? And what format should you use?

*** end quote ***


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So of course I had to try it. :-)

Reinke, Ferdinand J. “RANT: Bailouts Are Welfare and Theft Is Just Theft « Reinke Faces Life.” Reinke Faces Life. WordPress, 19 July 2010. Web. 19 July 2010. <https://reinkefaceslife.com/2010/07/19/rant-bailouts-are-welfare-and-theft-is-just-theft/&gt;.

Seems to work nicely.

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TECHNOLOGY: Google’s OCR needs work


Google’s OCR translated that into:

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Sister Mary Virgilius O’Brien, RSM

at Maria Regina in Seaford. In Brook-

lyn, her school as- sígnments included Holy

as Aquinas, St. Brigid’s and the Convent of Mercy, and in she St; 1 Gerard Majella in Hollis and

School in Astoria. In 1955 she graduated from Manhattan College with a B.A. in Latín. In 1967, she earned a master’s degree from Seton Hall University. Sister Virgilius worked in food management at Visíta-

tion Residence here (1980-83), before retiring to the Convent of Mercy in 1993, and then moving to Maria Regina Residence in Brentwood. She is survived by one sister, Sister of Mercy Kathleen O’Brien

*** end quote ***

That’s not even close. But it was “free”! Argh! Unusable, but free.

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JOBSEARCH: Form for free may be just the thing for thee


Networking Tool For Everyone (free)

Posted in June 22nd, 2010

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Instead, imagine that you have completed a BUILDING MY NETWORK form in advance of the meeting. The form lists the companies you are interested in, the contact people, the issues confronting the business and the department where you want to work. This way your contact has something to react to, and to refer to later.

*** end quote ***

Any free advise is good.

I like McKay66 and I like Lucht’s structured networking meeting.

But this is a good idea to have an ice breaker of targets.

If I have a gripe with it, it would be that in might get you down in the weeds BEFORE you’ve established what “field” you should be working in. Part of the structured networking is to listen to what the target has to say about your situation.

Sometimes that is something “strategic” that you never considered.

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INTERESTING: Doing impressive scary stuff for its own sake


http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=RobaJKGMMiE (N.B. ten minutes, SFW, in German)

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The following was produced as a commercial for a German heavy equipment manufacturer. You don’t want to be in the same marketplace with competitors like this.

The operator isn’t exactly a slouch either.

They didn’t tell us how they got it down

*** end quote ***

Very entertaining.

We, in the USA, have lost that “competitive feeling”.

Why did these guys do it? Who cares they did it.

I think it has to do with the feminization of our culture. Women’s rights has emasculated us. No one does big scary shit just for the sake of the adrenalin rush. Still still, be polite, don’t offend anyone, political correctness, graft, laziness, and corruption are the values praised today.


We should have rebuilt the WTC in record time with three towers, the middle one being a little taller.

We should throw out all these “leaders” an get some Pattons, some Jesse Venturas, some Reagans. To inspire us.

We have a temporary advantage while the Arab countries fight with one hand behind their back (i.e., they suppress their women).

We need to eliminate the welfare / warfare state and throw open the borders to anyone who wants to come here to work. We need the energy.

Drill, nukes, as well as conservation and new technology.

We need honest money to make this all possible.

Most of all we need to take back our birthright as “not females”!


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<Yes, dear, put down the computer and finish the housework.>

Argh! Squared!

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TECHNOLOGY: Amazing cars you probably didn’t know about


Car tech News
10 high tech cars to tear up the tarmac
Our pick of the world’s most advanced street autos
By John Brandon
Friday at 15:20 GMT

*** begin quote ***

Car technology is advancing quickly – partly to save the auto industry from imminent collapse, but also because tech innovations can help save lives on the road.

*** end quote ***

Not sure if I need it to tell me that there are people in front of me. Maybe in a decade or two.

I probably could use it to remember the last speed sign we passed. Or remind where I see the radar traps.

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INTERESTING: A screw job


February 14th, 2010 at 10:54 am
A Screw-In Coffin
in: Great New Product, New Inventions, Science & Technology News

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A series of burial containers having means by which they can be pressed, agitated, screwed and or self bored into a receiving material, provide low cost interment methods with hermetic sealing, security locking, plaque and memorial markers and built in flower and flag receptacles. They greatly excavation labor and burial costs while providing the respectful funeral services currently practiced. They also decrease the land space required for each burial and provide for burials in normally unused areas within the cemetary, greatly increasing the number of burials possible in each cemetary. The apparatus and methods can be used for all sizes of humans and pets as well as for undergound storage of equipment. supplies, food, water, fuel or other such material as may be reaquired to be made.

*** end quote ***

Most interesting.

Seems like it could be a cemetary space saver. Or a way to cache “contraband”!

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TECHNOLOGY: Lost camera

Recently I lost my camera. Argh!

Fell out of my pocket in cab.

My fault.

But it had no way to identify itself to a finder who might be interested in returning it.

The product design should have a place for a name or phone number. Maybe it should have a sensor to alert me that it was “leaving”. Or the ability to “phone home”?


# # # # #

John Edward OConnor

or maybe just use one of those address labels every charity ion the world sends you trying to guilt you into a donation?

Do you really need a technical solution where glue and paper will work? :)

# – # – #

No good place on the old or new camera to put one. And, they wipe off over time. (I’ve tried it on other things. Like cars and toys.) Same the maker doesn’t do serial number registration and retrieval services. Give a token to the finder; modest recovery fee to the owner? Like an extended warranty against loss?

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FUN: Score one for the placebo


December 16th, 2009 at 8:53 am
Weird and Wacky Medical Findings of 2009

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– A testosterone patch designed to pep up a woman’s sex drive received the thumbs down in a study published in the UK’s Drugs and Therapeutics Bulletin. The side effects included acne, excess hair, breast pain, weight gain, insomnia, voice deepening and migraine. “Significant numbers” of women placed on a placebo patch reported an increase in sex drive.

*** end quote ***

Hmmm, maybe we could do a “sham wow” type tv campaign selling women the placebo?

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TECHNOLOGY: Driverless cars


November 19th, 2009 at 7:19 am
Audi Autonomous TTS – Driverless Sports Car

*** begin quote ***

It could also help with the more mundane aspects of driving. With the Autonomous TTS, you could let your car go find its own parking space in the garage. “The technology could return time to the cars’ owners by taking care of routine driving chores, such as winding through a parking garage to an assigned spot each morning,” Audi says.  

*** end quote ***


Perfect for Iowa driving.

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INTERSTING: Training crows


*** begin quote ***

At the time, I taught some captive crows, remotely, through basic operant conditioning, to feed coins into a vending machine so they could get peanuts. The idea is that a group of wild crows would teach other crows, including their offspring, to find the coins and put them into the vending machine to get peanuts. For this experiment, I received coverage all over the globe – from the New York Times, TED.com, Gizmodo and even Oprah covered the experiment! But now – it’s your turn. The crowbox experiment is open source and this site exists to let the whole world know how to make a crow machine and then share the results.

*** end quote ***

Fascinating idea?

Wonder if it could be done and show an roi?

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SERVICE: Meme – Yahoo’s Twitter


Meme – Yahoo’s Improvement on Twitter

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I don’t care for the name. Meme, like gene, is supposed to represent a defining concept. Paradigm is perception. Meme is the mental construction that we can share. (A meme can be “wrong” like government. But it’s something (an idea) we can exchange and understand. I think Yahoo has muddled the pond. IMHO!

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Thanks for signing up for the Qipit online service, the company that specializes in high quality mobile copy solutions. We are making a change in the focus of the company toward the development of smart phone applications and technology for the enterprise. In fact, our first application Qipit White, is available now for the iPhone, with more applications and platforms to follow. Starting this past Wednesday (October 21, 2009), the Qipit online mobile copy service stopped accepting new user registrations.

What this means to you?

As an existing user, you can still use the service as normal until November 9, 2009, at which time the ability to create new copies (using Web upload, our facebook applications, Shozu, copy@qipit.com, and color@qipit.com) and to share (by sending faxes and emails) will be discontinued. On December 6, 2009, the service will be completely taken offline. We encourage users to download all of the information you would like to keep, prior to this date. After the service is taken offline, your information will no longer be available.

As we say goodbye to Qipit the online service, Qipit will live on in a series of smart phone applications and as a technology for the enterprise. Back in September we launched our first smart phone application, Qipit White, for the iPhone, it shares much of the same functionality of the online service, but works much faster! We will continue to support Qipit White and future applications based on the technology behind Qipit for the iPhone, Android and other smart phone platforms. Be sure to keep an eye on http://www.qipit.com and the Qipit Blog for the latest news on new applications.

You can read more about the changes at Qipit at our blog. Please feel free to share your thoughts and farewells to the Qipit online service.

Many thanks,

~ the Qipit team

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INTERESTING: Pain of suicide


*** begin quote ***

For Japanese couples forbidden to marry, leaping from Mount Fuji used to be a common place to end their lives, but when the government erected a sign about the pain it was causing survivors, the suicide rate plummeted. Posting on Facebook could have a similar effect.

*** end quote ***

I had a boss who committed suicide. It was said that the technology changing scared him. I hope that’s not right. He could have asked for help. THere were a lot of people who liked him for his caring and could have helped ease the transition worries. Maybe life would have been different if he had. Or if we’d known. We’ll never know.

Requiescat In Pacem, Bob, boss in my youth

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TECHNOLOGY: Use exclsion to sharpen writing


Spellchecker Drives a Stake Through Vampire Words
from Daily Blog Tips
by Mike Marshall

*** begin quote ***

3. Use Exclusion Dictionaries to Mark Them

My favorite solution, although it requires a little more energy, is to establish an “Exclusion Dictionary”. This dictionary lists words that you want to exclude from the basic spelling dictionary within MS-Word. When the word is added to the exclusion dictionary, the spell checker will no longer perceive it as a correctly spelled word, and will flag it as an error. When configured to check spelling as you type, this prevents these nasty words from creeping into your text by immediately marking them as issues.

To create an exclusion list, you need only add the word to your exclusion dictionary (a text file) under your MS-WORD application data. Each vampire word is entered on a single line in this file, and from that point forward is considered a misspelled word and highlighted by the spell checker.

What makes this method so nice is that you can consider the word’s real value, and tell the spellchecker to ignore its use, if desired.

*** end quote ***

Here’s a great suggestion!

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TECHNOLOGY: Cheap books everywhere when needed


Google to offer hard copies of books
Financial Times [UK]

*** begin quote ***

“After five years of scanning books electronically, Google is finally entering the print publishing business for the first time. Through an arrangement with a printing company announced yesterday, Google will offer 2m out-of-copyright books that can be picked up or shipped from libraries, universities and other spots around the world. It has struck the deal with On Demand Books, makers of the Espresso Book Machine, which can print a 300-page book in less than five minutes, complete with a cover and a bound edge.” (09/17/09)

*** end quote ***

As I know, Print On Demand makes it possible for ANYONE to publish a book!

We are truly entering the age of enlightenment.

It’s hard to imagine what this will mean to the third world countries. 8 bucks is a lot of money. But, it’s astounding to think what’s possible.

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PRODUCTIVITY: Copyrights hinder wisdom


A Clash of Camelots

Within months of J.F.K.’s death, the president’s widow asked William Manchester to write the authorized account of the assassination. He felt he couldn’t refuse her. Two years later, nearly broken by the task, Manchester found himself fighting a bitter, headline-making battle with Jackie and Bobby Kennedy over the finished book. The author chronicles the toll Manchester’s 1967 best-seller, The Death of a President, exacted—physically, emotionally, and financially—before it all but disappeared.

By Sam Kashner

October 2009

*** begin quote ***

By virtue of their original agreement with Harper & Row, the Kennedys continue to control the fate of The Death of a President. Even now, after William Manchester’s original manuscript has come home to Wesleyan, where it is held under a kind of house arrest—heavily censored, and subject to extremely restricted use—the Kennedy family has allowed the book to go out of print, according to John Manchester. Sitting in the bar at the Four Seasons Hotel in sight of Boston Common, where his father had first met Kennedy, when both men were newly home from the war, he says, “The Death of a President helped build that library, but if you go there today, there’s no mention of it or him anywhere. He was written out of their history.”

*** end quote ***

Interesting. Copyright law was intended to allow ideas to spread. Shouldn’t books that are “out of print” go into the public domain? With vendors like Lulu Print On Demand, there should NEVER be a reason for books to go “out of print”!

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TECHNOLOGY: Google Books and The Internet Archive


Say what you like about the Google Books Kool-Aid, but it tastes much better than Microsoft’s sour grapes
by Paul Carr on August 22, 2009

*** begin quote ***

But one aspect of the settlement wasn’t so uncontroversial, and that was the issue of so-called ‘orphan works’ – books which are still in copyright but where the identity of the copyright owner is, for one reason or another, unclear. As part of the settlement, the book industry agreed that, with certain restrictions, Google could scan orphan works without being held liable for breach of copyright claims if the rights owner subsequently came forward. In return Google agreed to create an independent (and open to all) rights registry letting authors of orphaned stake their copyright claim.
At first glance, the deal over orphaned works seems as reasonable as the rest of the settlement – these are books for which no-one is being paid and which otherwise would be hidden away in libraries and second hand bookstores. But still Google’s competitors are crying foul.
The Internet Archive is particularly annoyed, arguing that they too are scanning millions of books for the public good, but without any blanket copyright protection for orphaned works. And so, through a group they call Open Content Alliance, they hope to pressure the Department of Justice to extend the terms of the settlement to everyone, not just Google.
For the other companies joining the Alliance – including Microsoft, Yahoo and Amazon – there are more obvious and nakedly commercial reasons to oppose the settlement. But that doesn’t make their objections less valid. Back in April, Erick Schonfeld wrote a passionate – and compelling – argument for the immunity to apply to everyone so that Google wouldn’t have a monopoly position where they could effectively charge whatever they like for downloading digital copies of orphaned works.
*** end quote ***

It would seem we need a law change. If you even believe in “imaginary property”. (It seems absurd to call what the congress critters pass “a law”. Now the Law of Gravity; that’s a LAW!)

When a book goes OOP (Out Of Print), or is otherwise “hidden” from the public, it should enter the public domain. Wasn’t the purpose of copyright law to encourage sharing of “intellectual (imaginary) property”? When that sharing ceases, shouldn’t the protection?

Seems only fair to me.

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RANT: Traffic lights and global warming

Driving to a doctor’s appointment today, I missed EVERY light. Argh! Leaving aside the cop making an illegal left, that exasperates me. Almost as much as state gooferment cars. In missing every light, I had ample opportunity to observe that I was sitting at intersections, with traffic queueing up behind me, with no cross traffic. Argh!

If Stamford U can make a car that drives itself, can’t we have a “smart” traffic light?

No traffic to use the cycle, free it. Allow the direction with traffic to go. Seems obvious that a lot of gas is being wasted. No wonder folks speed up to get through on the yellow. Or even, on the edge of red. The technology is archaic.

But what would you expect from the gooferment. Roadways are essentially the same as the Fifties. Sure there’s more standardization, but that is not necessarily good. For example, NJ’s jughandles are a specific solution to the high density of traffic. But, that makes no sense in sparsely settle areas. But, even the jughandle has been eliminated or overwhelmed by volume.

See there is a fundamental flaw in the meme. Laws don’t prevent anything. Give me the good old Law of Gravity. You can’t break it if you tried. We need to privatize the roads. Like Professor Block has written. Then we’d get some innovation in roads. Wouldn’t you like to ride on the FedEx expressway or the UPS highway? Bet you the speed limit would high and enforced.

And, just maybe I wouldn’t miss every light.

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