TECHNOLOGY: Lost camera

Recently I lost my camera. Argh!

Fell out of my pocket in cab.

My fault.

But it had no way to identify itself to a finder who might be interested in returning it.

The product design should have a place for a name or phone number. Maybe it should have a sensor to alert me that it was “leaving”. Or the ability to “phone home”?


# # # # #

John Edward OConnor

or maybe just use one of those address labels every charity ion the world sends you trying to guilt you into a donation?

Do you really need a technical solution where glue and paper will work? :)

# – # – #

No good place on the old or new camera to put one. And, they wipe off over time. (I’ve tried it on other things. Like cars and toys.) Same the maker doesn’t do serial number registration and retrieval services. Give a token to the finder; modest recovery fee to the owner? Like an extended warranty against loss?

# # # # #

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