MONEY: Plan for your OWN retirement; gooferment workers are retiring better than you can!

Updated December 26, 2009
Extending Federal Benefits to Same-Sex Couples Will Cost $898M, CBO Says

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Extending federal benefits to same-sex couples will cost taxpayers $898 million over the next nine years, according to an analysis of “domestic partnership” legislation released last by the Congressional Budget Office.

The CBO said in its Dec. 17 report that the House version of the Domestic Partnership Benefits and Obligations Act — H.R. 2517 — would cost $596 million in direct spending and $302 million in discretionary spending through 2019.

The independent nonpartisan agency found that “providing additional health insurance benefits through the Federal Employee Health Benefits (FEHB) program” — for active and retired gay federal workers with spouses — “causes the largest increase in both mandatory and discretionary spending — $590 million and $266 million, respectively.”

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Sounds like we have to examine the cost of ALL gooferment benefits.

We need to ELIMINATE the concept of benefits and pensions from employment.

Pay folks what they are worth and allow them to buy the benefits that they wish.

Life insurance is something folks buy on their own. Why not everything else as well. Let people save for their own retirement and balance current needs versus future ones.

Big brother gooferment is taking “Social Security” taxes and spending everything. If an insurance company did it, the execs would be in jail. It’s a Ponzi scheme.

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POLITICS: The value of conspiracy theories

Philosophy vs. Conspiracy
By Jerry Salcido
Published 12/23/09

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Anyone who has worked in support of the liberty movement knows an unfortunate truth: it is all too often associated, rightly or wrongly, with “conspiracy theories” — those all too often unsubstantiated, speculative viewpoints on various topics such as the assassination of JFK, the attempted assassination of Reagan, 9/11, the role of the Rockefellers and Rothschilds in modern world history, and the current doings of the Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission, and the Council on Foreign Relations. The problem is that liberty’s enemies are very aware of this association as well and they use it to their advantage. Too often freedom’s detractors slander the liberty movement as being filled with conspiracy nuts and other wackos.

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I too havw a tin foil hat in the closet. Matters not which one it is. (OK, it’s FDR and Pearl Harbor!) What that has taught me is: (1) Very few people care; (2) The entire government is one giant gooferment that screws everything up while spending vast sums of money doing the screwing and it’s the sheelple being screwed; AND (3) the corrupt system has to be btought back to the roots. While one should rarely lead with one’s favorite conspiracy theory, they can be used with a giant panaolophy of “where there is smoke there’s fire” argument.

The basic argument is that a gooferment based on force CAN NOT suceed; we need the soverign individual freely pursuing their own best interests while respecting the mutual extended rights to everyone. The Zero aggression principle IS the golden run for government.


Now let me adjust my tin foil hat and talk about the evils of FDR. (In second place for worst prez after Abe!)

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POLITICAL: Fire “Big Sis”!

Napolitano announces international airport security campaign

By Tony Romm – 12/31/09 04:30 PM ET

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The Department of Homeland Security on Thursday announced it would launch a campaign next week to strengthen security screening procedures at a host of international airports.

The effort is part of the White House’s heightened response to a Christmas Day attempt to bomb Delta Flight 253 in Detroit, a flight that originated in Amsterdam.

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A story about a lock, a barn door, and a horse comes to mind!

Fire “Big Sis”!

She gets paid the big bux to ANTICIPATE and preclude problems.

Anyone can react. And, “everything worked” shows her to be incompetent.

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