TECHNOLOGY: Use exclsion to sharpen writing

Spellchecker Drives a Stake Through Vampire Words
from Daily Blog Tips
by Mike Marshall

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3. Use Exclusion Dictionaries to Mark Them

My favorite solution, although it requires a little more energy, is to establish an “Exclusion Dictionary”. This dictionary lists words that you want to exclude from the basic spelling dictionary within MS-Word. When the word is added to the exclusion dictionary, the spell checker will no longer perceive it as a correctly spelled word, and will flag it as an error. When configured to check spelling as you type, this prevents these nasty words from creeping into your text by immediately marking them as issues.

To create an exclusion list, you need only add the word to your exclusion dictionary (a text file) under your MS-WORD application data. Each vampire word is entered on a single line in this file, and from that point forward is considered a misspelled word and highlighted by the spell checker.

What makes this method so nice is that you can consider the word’s real value, and tell the spellchecker to ignore its use, if desired.

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Here’s a great suggestion!

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