MONEY: Insurance … the proper role

Renters Insurance: Peace of Mind for Ten Bucks a Month Print
Wednesday, 23rd September 2009 (by April) This article is about House and Home, InsuranceThis post is from GRS staff writer April Dykman.

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“We lost everything,” he says. Later they’d find out that it was arson. A former employee of the apartment complex stole rent checks and set the office on fire. Frank was moving into a new apartment in ten days, and the new complex agreed to let them move in early. “We moved in with a plastic bag of groceries, paid for with a $50 food voucher from the Red Cross,” he says. The other 70 displaced tenants stayed in Red Cross shelters.

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This story may be of interest to the “preparing community”.
(1) Notice the lack of a bug out bag in the apartment AS WELL AS the lack of a bug out bag in the car. To be TOTALLY wiped out by a fire? Unthinkable.
(2) Renter’s insurance, and most insurance is cheap. I’m always amazed at all the Wall Street folks who died in 9/11 that had ZERO life insurance. It tells me that people are not thinking rationally about their “risk profile”. Consumers buy “appliance insurance” on a sub 500$ thing; can people even spell “self insurance”.
(3) On the topic of insurance, politicians want to mandate insurance companies to cover “maintenance” items. Like the previous “appliance insurance” discussion, it’s stupid. Like insuring your car’s oil change. Say it’s 50$ twice a year. The insurance company has to administrate the claims and make a profit. 100$ of oil changes probably would cost a $1,000! Sheer stupidity. Insurance should be for catastrophic things.
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SERVICE: Google Alerts become more usable

By using Google search with the site option, you can get your “favorite author” feed from sites that don’t directly support it.


  • Get your Google search string the way you need it. Example: “Stossel”
  • Get over to Google Alerts and set one up for email.
  • Save it.
  • Change the alert from email to feed.
  • Subscribe to it in Google Reader.
  • Enjoy

Pretty neat.

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GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Terps get screwed!

Military’s Forgotten ‘Terps’ Get Some Love
    * By Nathan Hodge Email Author
    * September 22, 2009

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Foust and Hsia aren’t the first ones to take up the cause of the interpreters. Many Iraq and Afghanistan veterans have tried to help their interpreters — many of whom face death threats — get special immigrant visas. Writing last year in the New York Post, Marine Corps vet Owen West expressed his frustration with the maddening bureaucratic process. “As a Marine, I was taught never to leave a comrade-in-arms behind on the battlefield,” he wrote. “But that’s exactly what the State Department is doing to men and women who’ve sacrificed everything to help our troops – our Iraqi interpreters.”

*** end quote ***

As usual, the gooferment figures out a way for is to screw some of our few friends.

I bet these “Terps” would be as good a citizen as any U of Maryland grad.

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MONEY: When the shoe drops
*** begin quote *** My bet is this. One fine day the bottom is going to drop out of the dollar. There will be a swift and sharp order of magnitude change. The recognition of the problems will reach a point at which it starts to go exponential, not just in terms of people being vaguely conscious that things are not right, but in terms of actually taking action to protect themselves. Foreign central banks may be reluctant to dump their dollar securities and think it better to liquidate them slowly so as not to drive prices down and break the market, but when they observe that others are running for the exits, they will run too.*** end quote ***
I agree that there will be a “run”. But it will look differently.
The Chinese are leading it NOW. The recent swap of Chinese held dollars for IMF gold, their “strategic reserve” acquisition program, and their stated “strategic rebalancing of their portfolio” is happening now.
Since there is nothing backing the US dollar, there is no “bank” to “run” on. So by definition, it will look differently than the Great Depression.
IMHO, (and I’m an injineer by education and know it all blogger by avocation), the “run” is happening now.
US borrowing is in trouble. I think we are seeing the FED quietly, carefully, and with malice aforethought manipulating with the assistance of the bailed out Wall Street firms manipulating the Treasury bond sales. They are selling debt at what appears to be record low levels. But by using shills, they are quietly buying it back from their accomplices on the street after the auction.
That’s why the FED coudn’t stand an audit as Ron Paul and others have asked for. It’s a Ponzi scheme.
So, what will the run look like?
Foreigners will exit the Treasury market. (Didn’t the Chinese students laugh at Geithner?) The dollar will tank against foreign currencies. Commodities rise in dollar terms, but not as much in other currencies. The world “readjusts” to a trading pattern that excludes or minimizes the US since everything will be much more expensive in dollars that no one wants.
Here at home, the fixed income people are screwed — the old, the retired, the elderly, the “savers”. The elite political class continues to spend other people’s money which is fast drying up. (Without access to foreign credit, all they can do is run the printing press.) Hyperinflation will destroy the dollar. As the welfare spending drops, there has to be riots in the inner cities. As the crisis expands, warfare spending has to drop. Eventually the government has to default on its debt. Unfunded liabilities like social security are defaulted on as well.
I hope that commodity money reemerges from the “return to barter” and the chaos of the “American default” like Zimbabwe. And, we can begin the long climb back up.
It’s going to be messy.fjohn


September 29th, 2009 at 11:01 am

‘Lucy In The Sky’ Dies At Age 46

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The woman who inspired the classic Beatles song Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, has died at aged 46, a charity said today. The song featured on the ground-breaking 1967 album Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

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This ranks right up there with Valen’s Donna!

Makes me sad!

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FUN: MP4B do something to redeem

MA: GIs safe at home
Boston Globe

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“It was supposed to be a brief stop for the Red Sox to share the World Series trophy with wounded soldiers. But the team lingered at Walter Reed Army Medical Center for much of the afternoon, deeply moved by their conversations with amputees and veterans suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. Now that visit in February 2008 has turned into much more. The Boston Red Sox Foundation and Massachusetts General Hospital will announce today the launch of a $6 million program to treat the rising number of men and women returning from Iraq and Afghanistan with post-traumatic stress and traumatic brain injuries and to encourage reluctant veterans to seek services. The players hope to take a crucial role in trying to diminish the stigma many veterans feel about asking for help for a mental disorder. Pitcher Tim Wakefield has filmed the first of a series of planned public service announcements in which he implores veterans to get treatment.”

[editor’s note: Apologies to those who don’t think this is “news” … Someone doing something constructive for a change is good to hear; the fact that it’s my beloved Sawx is just a bonus! – SAT] (09/17/09)

*** end quote ***

The fact that it is the hated Red Sox (just kidding) is even more infuriating.


I am always kvetching about MP4B (i.e., “Millionaires Playing For Billionaires”). So, in this case, I have to applaud.

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POLITICAL: Socialism defined

Smack out of money
Posted: September 19, 2009 1:00 am Eastern
By Dan L. White

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Socialism is stealing by the government. It takes from one person and gives to another, and the government bureaucrats always take their cut out of the middle. If I go to your house and take your stuff and carry it back to my house, that’s called stealing. If the government does the same thing, it’s called compassion.

*** end quote ***

I always am amazed that I am robbed by the Federal Gooferment. They take their cut. Send it to the State Gooferment. They take their cut. And, send it to the County Gooferment. They take their cut. And, send it to the Municipal Gooferment. They take their cut and provide a service. A service I may not want, can’t use, or can’t afford.

And, I pay taxes to every level!


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GOVEROTRAGEOUS: More Gooferment taking over more and more

House backs bill to overhaul student loan program
USA Today

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“The House voted Thursday in favor of the biggest overhaul of college aid programs since their creation in the 1960s — a bill to oust private lenders from the student loan business and put the government in charge. The vote was 253-171 in favor of a bill that fulfills nearly all of President Obama’s campaign promises for higher education: The measure ends subsidies for private lenders, boosts Pell Grants for needy students and creates a grant program to improve community colleges, among other things.” (09/17/09)

*** end quote ***

When does the gooferment stop taking over things?

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POLITICAL: End the psuedo drug war

Taliban suspected of stockpiling “missing” Afghan opium

*** begin quote ***

“Enough Afghan opium to supply world demand for two years has effectively gone missing, with the Taliban suspected of stockpiling supplies in a bid to corner the market, the United Nations Office for Drugs and Crime (UNODC) has revealed. Afghanistan is the world’s leading narcotics supplier. Earlier this month, a U.N. study revealed Afghanistan’s opium production had dropped dramatically this year partly because of new aggressive drug-fighting tactics in the country.” (09/23/09)

*** end quote ***

As usual, here’s a gret chance to stick it to our enemies.

End the Psuedo Drug War.

What are they going to do with it? Smoke it themselves.

“Hey, Achmid, what do e do with all this shit?”

We can put WalMart, Walgreens, and any other pharmacist in the “drug” business. (“Illegal” drugs would dramatically drop in price. Guesstimates seem to place it cheaper than aspirin. Face it MJ is a weed!)

The people, including children, who want to take drugs, can be assured of pure “safe” drug that won’t kill them with impurities and or varying dosages. We can pardon all those non-violent drug offenders emptying out the prisons. All the money being spent in the failing failed “Psuedo Drug War” can be redirected to prevention, rehabilitation, and restoring people. VIolence in our inner cities, that is the Drug Gang’s war zone, will be eliminated.

Peace and prosperity through out the land.

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LIBERTY: We should be ashamed


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The original attempt at reaching the United States was done with a converted 1951 Chevy pickup truck on July 16, 2003. The truck’s drive shaft was attached directly to a propeller and the craft could reportedly reach a leisurely 7 knots (8 mph). 55-gallon oil drums were used for flotation. The dozen or so Cubans in the truck were caught just south of Key West after being sighted by a U.S. Customs aircraft.

*** end quote ***

We should put a giant garbage bag over the Statue of Liberty.

It mocks us.

If we eliminated welfare, then we could throw open the “Golden Doors”.

We’d be a better place.

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TECHNOLOGY: Cheap books everywhere when needed

Google to offer hard copies of books
Financial Times [UK]

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“After five years of scanning books electronically, Google is finally entering the print publishing business for the first time. Through an arrangement with a printing company announced yesterday, Google will offer 2m out-of-copyright books that can be picked up or shipped from libraries, universities and other spots around the world. It has struck the deal with On Demand Books, makers of the Espresso Book Machine, which can print a 300-page book in less than five minutes, complete with a cover and a bound edge.” (09/17/09)

*** end quote ***

As I know, Print On Demand makes it possible for ANYONE to publish a book!

We are truly entering the age of enlightenment.

It’s hard to imagine what this will mean to the third world countries. 8 bucks is a lot of money. But, it’s astounding to think what’s possible.

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TECHNOLOGY: Email is worse than a postcard!

September 26, 2009
Whoa; NBC Producer to anti-ACORN group employee: ‘Bite me, Jew boy?’
Rick Moran

*** begin quote ***

When Stone received an email urging Congress to defund ACORN from Alex Rosenwald, director of media outreach for Americans for Limited Government, the following sentence came back to Rosenwald from Stone’s account: “Bite me, Jew Boy!”

*** and ***

   But Stone’s response email-provided to POLITICO-did not have any anti-Semitic comment. In fact, it had just one line: “Take me off this list!” (There are also subtle differences, including number of dashes, between the two emails).

   “Somebody, on the other end, I’m assuming, took the return stamp from the email and then put in this hateful message,” Capus said. “I don’t know who did it. It’s outrageous to suspect that somebody from NBC News would do it.”

*** end quote ***

I always rant that email should be secured. It’s the vendors, the ISPs, and the technology community that has to do it. We can’t leave it to the users.

Like IPv6, the technology industry has been sitting on its hands for decades. FIgure it out boys and girls!

(Or should that be girls and boys. Do girls come before boys? Or is always alpha order?)

We have had the capability to do encryption for stuff for eons. PGP can encrypt messages. At the very least it can give you a hash of the message that proves if it’s been tampered with!

Then we’d completely avoid these little distractions about “who did it”.

Time has come for the technology folks to get their act together.

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Provision #635: Broaden Your Focus
by Bob Tschannen-Moran

*** begin quote ***

One of the many tools for playing the Inner Game that Tim has popularized in his books is the STOP tool. STOP stands for:

   * Step back

   * Think

   * Organize your thoughts

   * Proceed

*** end quote ***


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POLITICAL: DO we need gooferment?

Sunday, September 20, 2009
Motivation and Greed, Classism and Perks- Rant #2

*** begin quote ***

The concept that you should be able to keep 100% of your income is a fine one. It would not work because at the end of the day we need some level of government (how much can be debated hotly) and that costs money.

*** end quote ***

I was with you up to that point.

I’m not so sure that is self-evident.

True, with only a few exceptions, we’ve always had “government”. We’ve also had social diseases too. That doesn’t mean we NECESSARILY have to have them.

Government IMHO is the meme that kills. It gets out of control so EASILY and QUICKLY. Maybe we could do without it.

Maybe, just maybe, we could buy insurance. And, insurance companies would buy protection for us.

Government is the only entity that can force us to buy products and services that we don’t want, can’t use, and at a price we can’t afford.

SOOooo, maybe we can do without it.

It’s interesting that someone will spend millions to get a job that pays thousands. That’s the tip off that there is something very wrong with the whole proposition of government.


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RANT: Commenting on a Progressive’s healthcare advice

*** begin quote ***

We should be talking about a single-payer system, which would remove profit from the system (health care companies boost profits by denying care) and place all of us on an equal plane.

*** end quote ***

Sorry to tell you but then you will have a very expensive gooferment bureaucracy denying care.

Look at the VA (e.g., “My doc is trying to kill me”). Look at the Indian Health System (e.g., “Don’t get sick after June”). Look at Medicare (e.g., “If medicare denies your claim [for a Jazzy], we give it to you for free!”).

And, when the gooferment bureaucrat decides that you can’t get your hair plug replacement therapy, or that needed “experimental” procedure, to whom are you going to appeal? Your local newspaperman who urged this on you? Your Congressperson?

No! The gooferment is exceeding its role. Want single payer? Move to any of the lovely jurisdictions that have it: Canada, England, Sweden.

And, when you get really sick, come on back.

Progressives always want to give gooferment control. We need to stop this march to socialism before it kills us.

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FUN: Shore report

Breezy and cool.

Mostly cloudy.

Only the “winterers” are here.

Gusts move the blinds when they come thru the jalousies.

Soon it will be all over for the seasons.

Four sets of contractors coming today to measure the kitchen. It’s vintage 1930 and needs to jump up to date. Well, as far as it can jump on an old retired / unemployed guy’s meager allotments.

Last night when I couldn’t sleep, I was working on my opus. A stray young kitten wandered by and peered in the door. I was smart. Didn’t feed it or even acknowledge it. It moved on. After all you know what happens when you feed stray cats? You make more stray cats. Still, a pet would be nice. Yeah, I know “with my second wife”. To which I respond: “One Dog. One Wife. One … …”

Maybe the sun will come out today?

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GOVEROTRAGEOUS: The Kennedy seat belongs to the D’s; not the people!

Mass. GOP seeks to block Kennedy interim successor
(AP) – 3 hours ago

*** begin quote ***

BOSTON — The Massachusetts Republican Party is seeking to block the interim appointment of Paul Kirk to the Senate seat that was held by the late Sen. Edward Kennedy.

The GOP has filed an injunction in Suffolk Superior Court that will be heard Friday morning.

*** end quote ***

Now I realize that I have my law degree from the Judge Judy school of law,

BUT, (there is always a big butt),

(1) Shouldn’t this be unconstitutional on its face. The state legislators should just write the law that MA Senators have to be picked by the head of the Democratic Party!

(2) Shouldn’t this trigger one of those “This is so outrageous that it offends the sensibilities of the Court. Rule it unconstitutional Ex Post Facto. Et cum spiritu tuo two two oh. Or what ever Latin mumbo jumbo you want to use.


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LIBERTY: Honest money begets success

How Much Money Do We Need?
by George F. Smith

*** begin quote ***

There will always be people who wish to live at the expense of others. Government does this through taxes and inflation – which is here used as an increase in the money supply – and in modern times, inflation, because it is generally misunderstood by the public, is a politically safer method of confiscation than taxes.

*** and ***

Fiat paper money regimes are not designed to promote a healthy economy. They are designed as a means of wealth distribution for the benefit of a few.

That probably doesn’t include you, and it definitely doesn’t include me.

*** end quote ***

It sure isn’t me!

Here in two paragraphs the author explains the problem with gooferment paper money.

I’m not sure how this all unwinds. We can see in history that: in France, the aristocrats lost their heads; in Germany, Hitler came to power; and in Zimbabwe, the people starve despite the fact that when it was Rhodesia it was Africa’s breadbasket.

As an “old guy”, I may not be here for the final act of this morality play. I think it’s going to make the Great Depression look like fun. All empires pass. And, the passing isn’t pretty for those in the empire.


How do we fix it?

Civic virtue. Honest money. No more Ponzi schemes like Social Security. End welfare. End the Psuedo Drug War. Bring the troops home.

Will it happen?

I pray it will.

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RANT: Liberty; not gooferment

  Anonymous said…

*** begin quote ***

   The consumer is king? No, he’s not. What’s my choice for electricity and gas? PSE&G or PSE&G? Or I have to move to another state. In many cases, one or two companies have a monopoly of a certain type of business or there is often price fixing and collusion between corporations. That is certainly true of the private for profit health insurance industry.

   What the hell is some poor working stiff in West Virginia supposed to do against giant coal mining corporations that are polluting the water, soil and air of their neighborhoods? Oh yeah, they have the option to move from their homes where they may have roots going back generations. We have no choice about how the energy is transmitted to our abodes. The only way to deal with these great polluters is through the power of the government or the legislature. We need a trust busting Theodore Roosevelt and an army of Upton Sinclairs to take on all these giant corporations which are raping the environment and our wallets. Corporate America has too much power, they are unelected but they control the media and have undue influence over Congress and our legislatures, (local, state and federal).

   We need strong unions to give workers a voice and to level the playing field.

*** end quote ***

Blogger reinkefj said…

   >The consumer is king? No, he’s not. What’s my choice for electricity and gas? PSE&G or PSE&G?

   OK, let’s take PSEG. Who gave them a monopoly? The Gooferment. So aim your ire at the “state”! That’s why you don’t have a choice.

   Even when given a monopoly, that still doesn’t completely insulate the monopoly service provider. Comcast was the monopoly. Then, came DirectTv. Then, Dish. Then, Verizon FIOS.

   >In many cases, one or two companies have a monopoly of a certain type of business or

   > there is often price fixing and collusion between corporations.

   There is NO monopoly without GOOFERMENT. Competition disolves “natural monopolies” in a few years. Everyone always cites the Rockyfeller oil monopoly which lasted (I think) THREE years before competitors came in and took percentages.

   >That is certainly true of the private for profit health insurance industry.

   There is NO such industry. The Federal and State Gooferments regulate EVERYTHING about healthcare. AND, those companies LOVE it. It prevents competition. “Regulatory capture”, restriction on suuply, mandated coverages just make it expensive.

   >What the hell is some poor working stiff in West Virginia supposed to do against giant coal

   >mining corporations that are polluting the water, soil and air of their neighborhoods?

   Where’s the Federal and State EPA that are supposed to be preventing that?!? In fact, the gooferment is the biggest polluter. (Check some of the DOD and DOE sites.)

   If you had a fair judicial system, then they’d have a recourse. Read Healing Our World by Dr. Mary Ruwart.

   >Corporate America has too much power, they are unelected but they control the media

   > and have undue influence over Congress and our legislatures, (local, state and federal).

   It’s called Facism. Where the State and Business become “bedfellows”.

   >We need strong unions to give workers a voice and to level the playing field.

   Yeah, right. Like the UAW, Teachers Union, or SCIU are weak. Please, don’t make me laugh. They are AS corrupt as the politicians.

   So who’s going to save you now?

   The answer is we have to rescue ourselves. It’s our thinking that needs to change. We have to demand freedom and liberty. We can start by voting out EVERY incumbent. Call it voter imposed term limits. Demand TRUE deregulation. No licenses, no permits, no gooferment oversight. Liberty will protect us.

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MONEY: Why buy insurance?

Should You Hurry to Buy Life Insurance?
Hough: Policy prices are rising. Here’s what you need to know.

*** begin quote ***

Avoid it <<insurance>>, unless both of the following statements apply:

1. Your death would put someone you care about in a financial bind.

2. You’re not rich enough to set money aside for that person now.

Note that caring about someone isn’t enough of a reason, because insurance is a money-losing proposition, making it a poor gift versus simply saving. The purpose of insurance is to turn the unknowable (the probability of financial disaster brought on by your death) into the known (the cost of premiums today). Buy only enough so that your loved ones don’t suffer financially, not enough to make them feel like they’ve hit the lottery. They’ll feel like lottery winners anyhow after seeing your savings and brokerage accounts stuffed with all the money you saved on insurance. Buy only cheap term insurance, not expensive whole life or anything else that builds investment value, because you can build investment value in your brokerage account with more control and lower fees.

*** end quote ***

I remember the old life insurance salesman’s canard: “A man who dies, leaving his family with no life insurance, doesn’t die; he absconds!”

I think this author nails it.

Worth a quick read.

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RANT: Demographic bomb explodes

On Sep 17, 2009, at 8:04 AM, Khürt Williams wrote:

Why does the author think that “civilization” needs to be maintained and which civilization was her referring too? The contraceptives for Africa is not to stop people having babies but to stop the spread of AIDS and although I don’t agree with Pelosi’s politics, it does make sense that we do not want poor women having too many kids which then puts a burden on government (the people). Perhaps we need to start legally euthanizing the elderly instead of abortions.

# – # – #


I’d like the gooferment to stop messing around with human beings. We need all the people we can create. Don’t kid yourself about the “purpose” of contraceptives. And, imho Africa’s problem is corrupt gooferments aided and abet by OUR corrupt gooferment. Imagine what would happen if the world said to the ruling elite of a poor African country, “No, you can leave your squalid little part of the Earth until you clean it up. You most certainly can not bank your stolen treasure here. You can’t enjoy our society while you are robbing and killing your own countrymen.” Argh, like that’s ever going to happen. Ever wonder why the world’s leaders eschew assassination? Not for the benefit of their citizens! Euthanasia, genetic selection, sterilization, and abortion is the complete undervaluing a human life. It’s the path TO the death camps. “Too many kids” from “poor women” is code for we have a gooferment that is out of control. Again, imho.

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POLITICAL: The true cost of war

Flags For Fallen Marine Create Bank Controversy
Woman Told Planting American Flags On Bank Property Against Policy
POSTED: 7:08 pm EDT September 17, 2009
UPDATED: 12:10 pm EDT September 18, 2009

*** begin quote ***

Fowlkes’ funeral will be Friday at 4 p.m. at the First Baptist Church in Gaffney. He will be buried at Frederick Memorial Gardens Cemetery. Veterans’ officials are asking people to line Floyd Baker Boulevard as the funeral procession passes.

*** end quote ***

I continue to think that every politician representing that district should be at that funeral.

Both Senators and the Secretary of Defense too.

Why not the President?

Then, maybe, just maybe, they will understand that we are killing our boys and girls.

For what purpose?

It may be necessary to order men and women to go and die for the country. But, boys and girls, that should be a damn serious decision.


And, then we can talk about the financial cost!

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JOBFINDING: Infrastructure / Security Project Manager in CT

Hi Ferdinand,

I came across your profile on the web. One of my clients is looking for an Infrastructure / Security Project Manager for a fulltime position at Windsor, CT. The job description is given below. If you are interested, please e-mail me a copy of your resume, contact number and salary requirements at the earliest. If you are not interested, please forward this mail to someone who might be interested.

Job Title Infrastructure / Security Project Manager

Experience Level 8 – 13 years

Location Windsor, CT & Atlanta, GA

Start Date Immediate

Duration Fulltime

No. Of Positions Multiple

Job Description

8 – 13 years in the Information Systems industry with strong Project Management Skills and process experience in two or more areas such as Security Strategy, Compliance Programs, Security Monitoring, Identity Management

Expected to managed the project reporting of one or more projects

Good understanding of security or DR terms and concepts

Some travel could occur based on project requirements

Ability to handle multiple responsibilities, prioritize tasks, and work under time constraints in a matrix environment

Must have strong process, project management and communication skills

Thanks & Regards,

Naushad Dawood

GSS America, Inc.

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