RANT: Demographic bomb explodes

On Sep 17, 2009, at 8:04 AM, Khürt Williams wrote:

Why does the author think that “civilization” needs to be maintained and which civilization was her referring too? The contraceptives for Africa is not to stop people having babies but to stop the spread of AIDS and although I don’t agree with Pelosi’s politics, it does make sense that we do not want poor women having too many kids which then puts a burden on government (the people). Perhaps we need to start legally euthanizing the elderly instead of abortions.

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I’d like the gooferment to stop messing around with human beings. We need all the people we can create. Don’t kid yourself about the “purpose” of contraceptives. And, imho Africa’s problem is corrupt gooferments aided and abet by OUR corrupt gooferment. Imagine what would happen if the world said to the ruling elite of a poor African country, “No, you can leave your squalid little part of the Earth until you clean it up. You most certainly can not bank your stolen treasure here. You can’t enjoy our society while you are robbing and killing your own countrymen.” Argh, like that’s ever going to happen. Ever wonder why the world’s leaders eschew assassination? Not for the benefit of their citizens! Euthanasia, genetic selection, sterilization, and abortion is the complete undervaluing a human life. It’s the path TO the death camps. “Too many kids” from “poor women” is code for we have a gooferment that is out of control. Again, imho.

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