TECHNOLOGY: Email is worse than a postcard!

September 26, 2009
Whoa; NBC Producer to anti-ACORN group employee: ‘Bite me, Jew boy?’
Rick Moran

*** begin quote ***

When Stone received an email urging Congress to defund ACORN from Alex Rosenwald, director of media outreach for Americans for Limited Government, the following sentence came back to Rosenwald from Stone’s account: “Bite me, Jew Boy!”

*** and ***

   But Stone’s response email-provided to POLITICO-did not have any anti-Semitic comment. In fact, it had just one line: “Take me off this list!” (There are also subtle differences, including number of dashes, between the two emails).

   “Somebody, on the other end, I’m assuming, took the return stamp from the email and then put in this hateful message,” Capus said. “I don’t know who did it. It’s outrageous to suspect that somebody from NBC News would do it.”

*** end quote ***

I always rant that email should be secured. It’s the vendors, the ISPs, and the technology community that has to do it. We can’t leave it to the users.

Like IPv6, the technology industry has been sitting on its hands for decades. FIgure it out boys and girls!

(Or should that be girls and boys. Do girls come before boys? Or is always alpha order?)

We have had the capability to do encryption for stuff for eons. PGP can encrypt messages. At the very least it can give you a hash of the message that proves if it’s been tampered with!

Then we’d completely avoid these little distractions about “who did it”.

Time has come for the technology folks to get their act together.

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