INTERESTING: Was Jeter’s stumble caused by being tired?

I posted on FACEBOOK Sunday in the wee hours:

“Argh! It’s 0109. I “invested” hours in the <Expletive Deleted> Yankees and they lose in extra innings. I want my time back. And, Jeter looked like he broke his ankle. Not a good omen. To bad Alex didn’t have that happen to him a week ago. Sigh.”

and then later that same morning in human being hours:

“Heard this morning that “doctor” Reinke, medical training courtesy of doctor Phil’s tv program, and 14 years on the first aid squad, got my “snap” diagnosis sadly correct. Do you think too many extra inning games and travel made him “tired”? Accidents happier when you’re tired. Now we will see if this Yankee’s team has “character”? ARod has to snap out of the slump for them to win. Maybe they are all just “tired”. They are all “old” in baseball terms. Tigers may have just gotten a big “break”. We’ll see!”

(REMINDER: Remember the sources of my education: I’m just a fat old white guy injineer with: Law “degree” from watching Judge Judy; Medical “degree” from watching Doctor Phil; Building “degree” from watching “Holmes on Homes”; Investing “degree” from reading about Bernie Made-off; and creating caring human relationships from studying the movie roles of Gunny Ronald Lee Ermey!)

Upon reflection, it seemed obvious to me that he’d broke it. I thought that when I saw it in real time. He was carried off the field in pain. Having broken bones, I know what that feels like. And, I’ve seen race horses fall. You can just tell. A break just seems to happen differently.

The interesting part is what role does fatigue play in all this?

Alex’s slump, Derek’s stumble, Granderson’s near miss home runs, other players not up to par, just missing the spot.

While these guys are all athletes in fine shape. Maybe a little old. Long in the tooth. But … you have to question the schedule without proper time to rest. 

Is everyone being cheated by an arbitrary schedule?

Do they need more off days and travel days to accommodate peak performance?

I know when I’m tired, I get silly, clumsy, and (more) stupid. (Some of my late night blog post can show that!)

So did a “tired” Derek just demonstrate his humanity?

No one could ever accuse him of not playing hard. But maybe Joe needed to recognize the physical shape of his troops. Maybe he’s tired too?

We’ll never know, but ‘doctor’ Reinke thinks that’s the proximate cause — greed. By the owners, TV, players, and fans.


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INTERESTING: Medicine is morphing due to the inet

Health and Free Trade
by Gary North
Tea Party Economist

*** begin quote ***

Will there be better living through chemistry? Count on it.

Will there be long waits in local doctors’ offices – doctors who still serve Medicare patients? Yes.

Will thousands of physicians cease to take new patients because too many new patients will be on Medicare? Yes.

Start making plans to shift to the medicine of the future. It will be cross-border medicine. That is where the savings will be. That is where the innovation will be. That is where the FDA won’t be.

*** end quote ***

One can only hope.

Having “lost” Frau Reinke to an know blood disorder, during which some very smart and dedicated people gave her their best effort, “medicine” is still at best and art. At worst, it’s a corrupt system where no one cares.

I attribute that to the lack of “greed”. Remember “Greed is good” as a meme because it get that species, which is characterized by its usual uncooperativeness and irritability, to work together to satisfy as many needs and wants has possible. 


Not by any means. But the minute “we” stray away from that essential motivation, “we” get sub-par results. You can count on it!


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RANT: Capitalism needs someone to “take out the dead”

Most People Like to Fire the Same People Romney Does
by Bill O’Connell on January 11, 2012

*** begin quote ***

To turn these remarks into Rick Perry’s “vulture capitalism,” and Newt Gingrich’s “predatory capitalism,” is shameful. It’s about ObamaCare, stupid. I want to fire Obama and I would like to do so as soon as possible. If I could recall him along with the Chevy Volt he supported with our tax dollars and he was filmed driving, I would gladly do so.

*** end quote ***

Argh! I agree. I can’t understand the disgust with an “undertaker”. Maybe they don’t like funeral directors either?

If you’re going to take the benefit of the process we call “capitalism”, then you have to accept the aspect of “creative destruction” subprocess. Someone has to deliver the BAD news! Someone has to take out “the dead”. Someone has to recycle the assets from unproductive uses to productive ones.

And, they are making the “recycler” the bad guy?


How about making the previous leaders of the failing company the bad press?

And, there might not even be a “villain” in this “morality play” about capitalism!

If you assume that capitalism is the economic process by which human beings are induced to cooperate with one another to satisfy the needs, wants, and desires of other human beings.

(Read “I, Pencil” to understand how complex that process is.)

We can either use “greed” (a pejorative label for the perfectly human emotion about satisfying ones perceived needs) to induce cooperation voluntarily or we can use various levels of force (i.e., taxation; “company store”, indentured servitude, slavery) to compel cooperation. I vote for “greed”.

Sad as it is to say, failing enterprises must be “put down”. We must allow labor to be reassigned to “better” uses. It’s not “your” job EVER. A “job” only exists as it satisfies someone else. Those “certificates of appreciation” that get passed around tell you how well those needs are satisfied.

It’s all part of that complex real time calculus we call the free market.

Money is NOT the root of all evil. It IS the essence of human wisdom about what is important.

Ants leave chemical trails to communicate; humans use money.


Politicians are really dumb!

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