RANT: Traffic lights and global warming

Driving to a doctor’s appointment today, I missed EVERY light. Argh! Leaving aside the cop making an illegal left, that exasperates me. Almost as much as state gooferment cars. In missing every light, I had ample opportunity to observe that I was sitting at intersections, with traffic queueing up behind me, with no cross traffic. Argh!

If Stamford U can make a car that drives itself, can’t we have a “smart” traffic light?

No traffic to use the cycle, free it. Allow the direction with traffic to go. Seems obvious that a lot of gas is being wasted. No wonder folks speed up to get through on the yellow. Or even, on the edge of red. The technology is archaic.

But what would you expect from the gooferment. Roadways are essentially the same as the Fifties. Sure there’s more standardization, but that is not necessarily good. For example, NJ’s jughandles are a specific solution to the high density of traffic. But, that makes no sense in sparsely settle areas. But, even the jughandle has been eliminated or overwhelmed by volume.

See there is a fundamental flaw in the meme. Laws don’t prevent anything. Give me the good old Law of Gravity. You can’t break it if you tried. We need to privatize the roads. Like Professor Block has written. Then we’d get some innovation in roads. Wouldn’t you like to ride on the FedEx expressway or the UPS highway? Bet you the speed limit would high and enforced.

And, just maybe I wouldn’t miss every light.

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