POLITICS: The last of the imperial Kennedys?


Kennedy should resign
By Jeff Jacoby
Globe Columnist / August 23, 2009
The Boston Globe

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RUNNING for reelection in 1982, Senator Ted Kennedy aired a series of sentimental television ads in which longtime supporters spoke of him as an empathetic human being who was no stranger to suffering and sorrow. One of those supporters was 83-year-old Frank Manning, founder of the Massachusetts Association of Older Americans. “He’s not a plaster saint, he’s not without his faults,’’ Manning said in the ad. “But we wouldn’t want a plaster saint.’’

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They say speak no ill of the dead.

Sorry, but even now we can call them as we see them.

Kennedy’s conduct was an insult to anyone with a shred of human decency. Mary Jo was whitewashed. Any one else would have spent time in jail. What else has been covered over to keep him in office? Disgraceful. More disgraceful to the “liberal leftist” press who failed their sacred trust.

Further, he was a CINO. The classic example of a Catholic In Name Only. He gave public scandal by voting for abortion and everyone gives him a free pass.

It’s not my job to judge. Above my pay grade. But he’s one I don’t understand. Silver spoon and all. He had it all and squandered it.

Eye of the needle.

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MONEY: Might be a good answer to the wrong problem!

Nothing against discount brokerages, but may I suggest that it might be the “right answer to the wrong problem”. I was always enamored of the metaphor of “leaning your ladder against the wrong wall”. Recently, after many years of meandering and sometimes successful trading (i.e., went all in on a stock that tripled), I’ve decided that, like medicine, sometimes one can be too smart for one’s own good. I hired what I’ll describe as “an institutional portfolio manager”. (Yeah, have to a 500k$ portfolio to get into that game!) But, I’ve concluded that the “casino” (aka Wall Street) is no place for the DIY crowd like I once was. The electronic trading, the specialists, the “financial consultants”, mutual fund’s crass graft, and all the other machinations have taken the “game” to a new level. The globalization of finance has convinced me that the dollar is on a fast road to perdition. Even gold coins now carry a hefty 12% markup over spot. SO there is no “good” investment for the little guys. Even at cheap transaction fee!

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