INTERESTING: traffic lights and global warming

Driving to a doctor’s appointment today, I missed EVERY light. Argh! Leaving aside the cop making an illegal left, that exasperates me. Almost as much as state gooferment cars. In missing every light, I had ample opportunity to observe that I was sitting at intersections, with traffic queueing up behind me, with no cross traffic. Argh!

If Stamford U can make a car that drives itself, can’t we have a “smart” traffic light?

No traffic to use the cycle, free it. Allow the direction with traffic to go. Seems obvious that a lot of gas is being wasted. No wonder folks speed up to get through on the yellow. Or even, on the edge of red. The technology is archaic.

But what would you expect from the gooferment. Roadways are essentially the same as the Fifties. Sure there’s more standardization, but that is not necessarily good. For example, NJ’s jughandles are a specific solution to the high density of traffic. But, that makes no sense in sparsely settle areas. But, even the jughandle has been eliminated or overwhelmed by volume.

See there is a fundamental flaw in the meme. Laws don’t prevent anything. Give me the good old Law of Gravity. You can’t break it if you tried. We need to privatize the roads. Like Professor Block has written. Then we’d get some innovation in roads. Wouldn’t you like to ride on the FedEx expressway or the UPS highway? Bet you the speed limit would high and enforced.

And, just maybe I wouldn’t miss every light.

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POLITICAL: Open email to Bill O’Reilly

Dear Mr. O’Reilly,

I think you are wrong about the “birth-er” controversy.

Strategically, coming off the fiscal and liberty performance of the Bush years, the R’s have nothing to brag about. They can’t claim to be the “party of small government and individual liberty”. They acted like the party of big gooferment that they are.

Tactically, the birth certificate belies the “open and transparent” claim of the Obama campaign. Why spend millions to conceal a trivial document. Why fight to hide everything from his early years. Obama is nothing to show as an example of fiscal restraint or champion of liberty. The D’s too are the party of big socialistic government. It just took a while for the Sheeple to tumble to con that had been pulled on them.

I don’t KNOW where Obama was born. I don’t know why all the effort to conceal a document. I don’t know much. But I DO KNOW that when a politician puts that much effort into hiding something (i.e., his entire past), then there is a smoking gun or a smelly skunk in there somewhere. And, I’d like to see it.

We, as a country, have a unique habit of ignoring the facts. Wilson did campaign a peace platform. FDR did engineer Pearl Harbor. Kennedy’s assassination is unexplained. Bush41’s no new taxes. Clinton “I did not have sex with that woman”. Bush43 creating the TSA. Obama’s porkulus and Government Motors. Economi

I, for one, would like to put some stakes in the ground. Let’s start with the birth certificate!

Just ask one question: Why the prodigious effort to hide it?


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RANT: Gooferment Flood Insurance

Flood Insurance: Mend It or End It, But Don’t Just Extend It
Posted by Mark A. Calabria

*** begin quote ***

Before leaving for the August recess, the House of Representatives passed a bill (HR3139) to extend the authority for the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) until March 2010. The program was set to expire on Oct. 1, 2009. The bill now goes to the Senate. Instead of taking up HR3139, the Senate should insist on real reforms to the NFIP, rather then a blanket extension.

Since Hurricane Katrina, the NFIP has operated under a deficit of close to $17 billion, which had to be borrowed from the Treasury in order to pay claims. Under the NFIP’s current structure, it cannot even make the interest payments on its borrowing; these losses will ultimately hit the taxpayer.

*** and ***

In one instance, a house in Houston this is valued at around $100,000 received over $800,000 in flood insurance claims over a 20-year period, before it was finally destroyed.

*** end quote ***

At the very least, we, te taxpayer, should only be forced to insure something once.

And, what exactly is the gooferment doing in the “insurance business” any way?


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TECHNOLOGY: Stories from the Enola Gay

Dropping the Bomb: Stories from the Enola Gay
  from mental_floss Blog by Ransom Riggs

*** begin quote ***

Ms. Akiko Takakura, who was less than 1,000 feet from Ground Zero in Hiroshima when the bomb was dropped

Many people on the street were killed almost instantly. The fingertips of those dead bodies caught fire and the fire gradually spread over their entire bodies from their fingers. A light gray liquid dripped down their hands, scorching their fingers. I, I was so shocked to know that fingers and bodies could be burned and deformed like that. I just couldn’t believe it. It was horrible. And looking at it, it was more than painful for me to think how the fingers were burned, hands and fingers that would hold babies or turn pages, they just, they just burned away.

For a few years after the A-bomb was dropped, I was terribly afraid of fire. I wasn’t even able to get close to fire because all my senses remembered how fearful and horrible the fire was, how hot the blaze was, and how hard it was to breathe the hot air. It was really hard to breathe. Maybe because the fire burned all the oxygen, I don’t know. I could not open my eyes enough because of the smoke, which was everywhere. Not only me but everyone felt the same. And my parts were covered with holes.

*** end quote ***

It is hard to imagine one human could do this to another. It takes a gooferment to be so heartless.

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