INTERESTING: Exercise won’t impact weight

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Why Exercise Won’t Make You Thin
By John Cloud Thursday, Aug. 06, 2009

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The findings are important because the government and various medical organizations routinely prescribe more and more exercise for those who want to lose weight. In 2007 the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Heart Association issued new guidelines stating that “to lose weight … 60 to 90 minutes of physical activity may be necessary.” That’s 60 to 90 minutes on most days of the week, a level that not only is unrealistic for those of us trying to keep or find a job but also could easily produce, on the basis of Church’s data, ravenous compensatory eating.

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My family roots are heavy people. I’ve struggled with my weight for decades. I’ve gotten the exercise bug. I’ve eaten “healthy”.

Other than my thirty day “survival training” with the USAF, I’ve never varied much in my weight. After starving for a month, I looked like a POW! Even walked past Frau, before she was Frau, in the airport.

Other than my year in “language skrool” again with the USAF where I gained 200#+ out of frustration, which I lost when I went back to working a real job.

I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I’ll never be thin.

(I blame genetic programming. I read somewhere that fat people survived the Black Death in the middle ages better than thin. SO natural selection has made me fat?)

This demonstrates to me that we, least of all the gooferment, know anything about what they are purporting to be wisdom!


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RANT: Throw the gooferment out of “health”

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Obama: Unwitting catalyst for free-market health care?
Posted: August 07, 2009
David Limbaugh

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a sampling of excessive state-mandated treatments that are covered, including: acupuncture, alcoholism treatment, athletic trainers, breast reduction, contraceptives, dieticians, drug abuse treatment, hair prosthesis, home health care, hormone replacement therapy, in vitro fertilization, marriage therapy, massage therapy, nature treatments, pastoral counseling, Port-stain elimination, professional counseling, smoking cessation, speech therapy and varicose vein removal.

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Time to push the gooferment out of all the things that it is into.

At the root, the only proper function of government is to protect us from force or fraud.

So, the federal gooferment has no role in “health care” other than to resolve conflicts between the states. The FDA is an agency that has failed. “Health and Human Services” needs to be nuked.

Slash the Federal budget. Repeal the income tax. And, make the bureaucrats literally barefoot beggars.

Congress critters and their minons have better pensions than almost any taxpayer. That’s just not right.


Wake up sheeple!

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