INTERESTING: Carlina White, followed her instincts to reunite

Friday, January 21, 2011

Cold Case Solved: Carlina White Reunites With Parents
White Was Kidnapped as a Baby 23 Years Ago From a New York City Hospital

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Carlina White, separated from her family when she was kidnapped as a baby 23 years ago, followed her instincts to reunite with her biological parents, Joy White and Carl Tyson. “Carlina was a missing link and we have gotten her back in the name of Jesus, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah,” Pat Conway, White’s godmother, said. On Aug. 4, 1987, worried parents Joy White and Carl Tyson took their feverish baby daughter to Harlem Hospital’s emergency room. The visit turned into horror when…

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As much as I like happy endings, there is a LOT more to the story.

Gooferment screw ups: <1> Hospital; <2> School; … must be others.

It would seem that there are a lot of charges to be investigated and filed in this case.

Technology had a role in finding with the computer aged photos.

Perhaps, this will have a happy ending?

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POLITICAL: Sue a government hospital, in a government court?

Monday, January 18, 2010

Patient sues after learning UCH records search could top $1 million

By Shelley Rossetter, Times Staff Writer

In Print: Saturday, January 9, 2010

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TAMPA — A man attempting to learn whether his surgeon made mistakes at University Community Hospital found that access comes at a high price.

To search through years of records for adverse incident reports on his surgeon, William D. Raulerson would have to pay UCH more than a million dollars, he discovered.

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An “interesting” legal tactic to defend a malpractice suit.

My thought is that after we get Obama-care, who will the injured sue? A government hospital, in a government court. Good luck with that! And who are you expecting to win?


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INTERESTING: Exercise won’t impact weight

Tuesday, August 11, 2009,8599,1914857-2,00.html

Why Exercise Won’t Make You Thin
By John Cloud Thursday, Aug. 06, 2009

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The findings are important because the government and various medical organizations routinely prescribe more and more exercise for those who want to lose weight. In 2007 the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Heart Association issued new guidelines stating that “to lose weight … 60 to 90 minutes of physical activity may be necessary.” That’s 60 to 90 minutes on most days of the week, a level that not only is unrealistic for those of us trying to keep or find a job but also could easily produce, on the basis of Church’s data, ravenous compensatory eating.

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My family roots are heavy people. I’ve struggled with my weight for decades. I’ve gotten the exercise bug. I’ve eaten “healthy”.

Other than my thirty day “survival training” with the USAF, I’ve never varied much in my weight. After starving for a month, I looked like a POW! Even walked past Frau, before she was Frau, in the airport.

Other than my year in “language skrool” again with the USAF where I gained 200#+ out of frustration, which I lost when I went back to working a real job.

I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I’ll never be thin.

(I blame genetic programming. I read somewhere that fat people survived the Black Death in the middle ages better than thin. SO natural selection has made me fat?)

This demonstrates to me that we, least of all the gooferment, know anything about what they are purporting to be wisdom!


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GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Health Care: Oppose greater government role. Support free market solutions!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Health Care: Oppose greater government role. Support free market solutions

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Please oppose increased government involvement in health care. Please work to reduce government involvement in health care.

We can’t afford to lose what we have by further governmental meddling in health care. Go fix the VA and Medicare before you start messing up something that is at least working.

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Before you create a worse problem, how about trying some small gentle corrections. How about making medical insurance tax deductible in reducing the gross income right on page 1 of the 1040 just like an IRA contribution? If you’re concerned about the “uninsured”, why not make that tax deduction and refundable tax credit paid directly to an insurance company? Why not offer your congressional health plan to an “uninsured”?

Bottom line, just like we wouldn’t have identity theft without social security numbers, we won’t have medical privacy if you “federalize” this problem. Stay out of our doctor’s office.

Don’t nationalize health care! We’ve seen Canada, England, and the VA. No thanks!

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