POLITICAL: Why can’t we buy and sell human organs?

Friday, October 2, 2009


LifeSharers: Opting In vs. Opting Out

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The United Network for Organ Sharing, which runs the national organ allocation system, has the power to put registered organ donors first. Sadly, it has not chosen to make this common-sense change. Americans who want to donate their organs to other organ donors don’t have to wait for UNOS to act. They can join LifeSharers, a national non-profit network of organ donors who agree to offer their organs first to other organ donors when they die. Membership is free at http://www.lifesharers.org/ or by calling 1-888-ORGAN88. There is no age limit, parents can enroll their minor children, and no one is excluded due to any pre-existing medical condition.

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Until we wise up and allow a marketplace in human organs, we will always have shortages. The lack of a marketplace hurts the poor the worst. The rich always seem to have “connections”. The poor don’t get a chance to sell what they no longer have a need for and help their families. May sound grusome, but it’s a tough life being poor. Why further complicate a poor family’s life? They should be allowed, no encouraged, to sell their deceased family member for parts. Instead they get their arm twisted to “donate” and a bill for the funeral. Why is it OK for doctors and hospitals to make a buck doing transplants, but not for the “donor” to get paid? I can envision that some unfortunate’s child gets to go to college on his dead relative’s kidney. What’s so terrible about that?

See its our own thinking that kills us by preventing us from seeing the solution. All because it doesn’t fit someone’s preconceived notions. Free markets always clear the supply and demand. Only when the gooferment gets involved to we have shortages, waste, death, injury, and destruction.

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INTERESTING: Exercise won’t impact weight

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Why Exercise Won’t Make You Thin
By John Cloud Thursday, Aug. 06, 2009

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The findings are important because the government and various medical organizations routinely prescribe more and more exercise for those who want to lose weight. In 2007 the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Heart Association issued new guidelines stating that “to lose weight … 60 to 90 minutes of physical activity may be necessary.” That’s 60 to 90 minutes on most days of the week, a level that not only is unrealistic for those of us trying to keep or find a job but also could easily produce, on the basis of Church’s data, ravenous compensatory eating.

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My family roots are heavy people. I’ve struggled with my weight for decades. I’ve gotten the exercise bug. I’ve eaten “healthy”.

Other than my thirty day “survival training” with the USAF, I’ve never varied much in my weight. After starving for a month, I looked like a POW! Even walked past Frau, before she was Frau, in the airport.

Other than my year in “language skrool” again with the USAF where I gained 200#+ out of frustration, which I lost when I went back to working a real job.

I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I’ll never be thin.

(I blame genetic programming. I read somewhere that fat people survived the Black Death in the middle ages better than thin. SO natural selection has made me fat?)

This demonstrates to me that we, least of all the gooferment, know anything about what they are purporting to be wisdom!


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TECHNOLOGY: Record keeping for the psuedo hypochondriac?

Sunday, May 31, 2009

[DIsclaimer: I’m neither a doctor or a lawyer. Nor do I play one on TV! Nothing here should be construed as legal, medical, or investment advice. For that, you should seek out the appropriate certified credentialed and licensed professional. Advice given here is in the nature of entertainment and should be relied on. In the event of an emergency, hag up and dial 911.]

Ahh, as many of the readers know, I am now a full time “patient advocate”. Courtesy of the crappy economy, age discrimination, and the luxury of several lucrative “retirements”! But this isn’t about me. I’ve come to a realization as we parade from doctor to doctor and from test to test.

The medical profession is disorganized from a patient perspective.

Between the gooferment rules, the insurance companies, and drug stores, it’s a miracle that anyone survives.

Having gotten my medical degree from Doctor Phil, akin to my law degree from Judge Judy, with advanced training at Doctor House’s school of charm, the show that highlights the Bronx’s saint barnabas’ Emergency Department (Guess NBC has made the nomenclature “ER” to baggage laden) and Mystery Diagnosis. (My application to watch Doctor G Medical Examiner is pending. THat maybe a skill I don’t need in my “P(i)A” role.

Having established my bona fides, I wish to point out that every patient needs to keep records. In the case of children, parents need to do it for them. In the case of seniors, some one better do it for them. (I don’t see how old folks who aren’t sharp survive in today’s medical environment.) And, in the case of everyone else, you best have an organized approach to “record keeping” for your own sanity.

Now, I’d suggest that you FORGET Google Health, any other technology solution, and (Heaven Help Us) any gooferment record keeping solution.

(The biggest wet my pants laffer was the recent “health care summit” where President Obama met with a bunch of executives and came out saying was how electronic records will save grazillions. Since he said it with a straight face, I guess he believed it. It works so well in the VA! Guess MSNBC will be reporting it, GE will be selling it, and the gooferment will be bailing it out. Argh!)

Seriously, now.

You need a bound BOOK. In it you keep a contemporaneous holographic chronological record of everything.

(Regularly-maintained business records are admissible in evidence as an exception to the hearsay rule. And, you’re seeking to create a combination of trustworthiness and necessity. Have to hear from Judge Judy, if she’d find that admissible in her court. Wonder how you contact her for a ruling? And, yes, when you want to sue some particular sob, you’ll have a starting point. Waste of time to sue unless they kill a youngster, but that’s another post!)

The bound book should be a chronology of your trek thru the medical care system. (System implies a degree of design; it’s a misnomer.)

At every instance, you should use an appropriate word processor to capture your CHRONOLOGY in an easily usable form.

(I use a table format with: day, date, time, doc, note, follow up, and eot. EOT is jargon for “end of task”. You can check off that column when you’ve completed that entry. Makes it easy to scan what’s left to be done.)

You should, using that same word processor, create a doctor ROSTER where you capture the name, address, phone, fax, and pager number for every doctor, lab, or pharmacy you use. When you change a player on your team, after you make a note in your BOOK, you need to update the roster and even create a “your fired” and a “your hired” letter. (Nice to let these people know that they are not God and you’re the Devil Incarnate.)

You should, using that same word processor, create a DRUG SUMMARIZATION. On that you want to capture, who RXed what and why. (Why is VERY important when another esteemed member of the medical community asks you why you are taking something and who prescribed it.) I suggest a table: RX#, Drug (Trade and Chemical) Name, Dose, When Started, When Stopped, Who RXed it, and Why. You should keep a perpetual summarization and recent summarization. Entries can roll oft the recent summarization after being stopped a quarter. Everything is kept on the perpetual record. (I like the ambulance chaser commercials. You know: “Have you or any member of your family ever been hurt by taking AWHATYOUCALLIT? Call 1800shyster for a free consultation.” That’s why you have a perpetual summarization. Maybe a database.)

(Interesting aside. It really easy to get “instructions” from individuals. Especially in hospital situations. My “new” rule is I want a business card from every doctor giving medical advice. For my BOOK. It’s real easy to get “verbals”. It may even be on paper. But, it was transcribed by a busy nurse listening to a distracted doc. If it’s important enough for my Patient to take or do, then it’s important enough for a doc to take the time to tell us. I have a litany of medication errors, mistakes, and misunderstandings to back that up.)

In dealing with labs, you must insist that every test copies you. You will save yourself a lot of time and aggravation my keeping your own file of lab reports. (LABS) As part of your book, you should record the testing and refer to the document. By some reference.

(Interesting aside. If you have a lab report, or a copy of a lab report, how do you KNOW that it wasn’t been altered. How do you prove that any document hasn’t been altered. Crypto checksum?)

If you set up your CHRONOLOGY document correctly, you can extract a doctor specific chronology.

I’d suggest you start today, before things become critical and you have to scramble.

Besides who knows when they were vaccinated for measles?

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RANT: Obama’s healthcare; no better than Hillary’s!

Friday, May 15, 2009


May 9, 2009 7:00 AM
Conservatives must have the courage to defend their convictions.
By Mark Steyn
Is conservatism over?

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It’s a mountain, and it’s getting steeper. Promises of “free” government health care will make more voters susceptible to the blandishments of the nanny state. The Democrats have plans for talk radio and the Internet that will diminish conservative voices. Another retirement on the Supreme Court, and the First and Second Amendments will start getting nibbled away. Obama’s buddies at ACORN, already under investigation in multiple states over fraudulent voter registration, will have a prominent say in the 2010 census.

But, when the going gets tough, you don’t, as General Powell advises, “move toward the center.” You move the center toward you, as Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher did. It’s harder to do it that way, but if it’s a choice between more government and more taxes, or more liberty and more opportunity, I’ll stick with the latter, and so should the Republican party — however difficult it is. Unlike Colin Powell, conservatism does do mountains.

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Anyone, who is even thinking of being fooled by Obama / Hillary Healthcare, shoudl consider:

(1) We have a working model — the VA healthcare system. Ask any vet!

(2) Will the politicians be using it? Probably not!

(3) Where is the money coming for this? Remember in every college economics class, medical care is used as an example of an “inelastic” demand curve, infinite demand without regard to cost. If medical care is “free”, demand will be “infinite”. So there will be rationing and waiting. Look at England where old people don’t get dialysis. Look at Canada, the wait for an MRI allows cancer to be fatal. (Reminds of the VA where vets are convinced their VA docs want to kill them to reduce the demand!)

(4) Forget privacy. THe government will know everything,

Name one thing that the government does acceptably?

How stupid are we?

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