POLITICAL: Dealing with NK


Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Wrong thinking on the right

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You knew this was going to happen — the right-wing can’t abide a Democratic success, especially when Bill Clinton is involved.

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Glad the young women are home. But what did it cost us? No one is saying that. If it was just sending Bill for a photo op, then maybe. If we have “caved”, maybe not. What were these women doing sneaking into North Korea? I’m glad they are home, but I’d like to understand the full cost. And, I’m neither “right”, “left”, or wrong. We may have endangered other Americans by being “weak”?

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RANT: We need to “liberate” drugs

Don’t give in to the state
Dallas Libertarian Examiner
by Garry Reed

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“Libertarians who fight for marijuana rights should never compromise on rights. They should never meekly beg to be legalized and taxed and regulated. They should never give in to the state. It’s the state, after all, who’s in the wrong, so make the state give in to you. That means demanding your rights as free and sovereign individuals, long and loud and persistently. And when the state finally comes around, offering to compromise its position by legalizing and taxing and regulating medical marijuana, take it. But never take it as an end, only as a step. Then keep demanding your freedom, long and loud and persistently.” (08/02/09)


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The gooferment has no role in drugs. Other than to screw things up. Non-violent drug “offenders” should be pardoned.

Let’s shut down the FDA. All they do is slow stuff down on its way to market. Killing sick people in the process. And, making everything more expensive.


And think of all the youngsters hurt or killed by impure “illegal” drugs. If they are going to take drugs, and I hope they don’t, let’s make sure they have pure “safe” ones. I think WalMart can put all the drug dealers out of business. Remember the gang wars of Prohibition? Coke and Pepsi. Bud and Miller. No shooting. Just competition.

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