RANT: Sheepke are suckers


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We will continue to need significant public spending to get us out of this mess

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SORRY, buzzz, incorrect thinking.

The gooferment can’t get us out of this mess, that THEY put us into. (Sweetheart deals for their pals on Wall Street. See CRA, Freddie, Fannie, FED, FTC, etc, etc! Oiled by “contributions” to Dodd, Barney, and others.)

The gooferment has completely corrupted our concept of money. The stuff they are printing ain’t “money”. It’s toilet paper. And, just look at the value of the dollar over time or in international trade and you can see the result.

They will get us out of this mess by inflating the currency. It’s the only tool they have. Screw the savers, those on fixed income, and anyone holding “dollars”. Inflation rewards their friends and gives them more “money” to spend.

In actuality, the only way to get out of this mess is to do the hard work. Cut the gooferment down to a size we can afford (about 25% of what it is now). Free individuals and small biz from regulations desinged to protect the “players” (i.e., those supposedly regualted). Cut taxes.

But they won’t do that. The politicians, the congress crtiters, and the bureaucrats like things just the way they are.

Sheeple are suckers!

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