THE PEN IS MIGHTIER (An Index Card Novel)

Munitions are defined as military supplies such as weapons and ammunition. The government of the United States and many other countries classified cryptology as munitions for many years. Those policies were relaxed in the 1990s, due to the rise of the Internet, which made the policies impossible to enforce.


The fat old white guy had a funny idea. He was tired of his email being like a post card. And, he had no confidence that ANY commercially available product was trustworthy. So being a crotchety old fart, he decided to reinvent the wheel.

During the “great” World Wars (i.e., One, Two, Cold, Semi-cold, Semi-sweet) — don’t forget there are lots of them — poverty, drugs, cigarette smoking — spies used One Time Pads as unbreakable ciphers. Now possession of a one time pad was a “red flag”. As well as sending the message itself was fraught with danger.

The fat old white guy found an algorithm for generating random text. Twenty six scrabble tiles. He sit while he was watching TV and during the commercials he’d draw a letter, transcribe it, return the tile to the bag, and shake. Could do as many as five letters per commercials. He watched a lot of TV and the commercials were very long.

Soon he self-published “My First Code Book”. With instructions. Write your message out, copy the one time pad key, “add” the letters, mod 26 if needed, and shazam you had your secret message. He wrote some blog posts about it. One was picked up by USA today. Instant hit. He was soon hard at work picking tiles for his subsequent volumes.


In China, a student found an odd message of a web site.

PAGE 120





So did the secret police.

But the student went to University, and heard about a funny fellow in the USA making a fortune selling “code books”. While he couldn’t buy the book, he could download a copy on to a Bit Torrent site.

The secret police did NOT hear about that wrinkle!

Sure enough he found the “code book”, and looked up Page 120.

It started:

bbiwy owytl xgwgc soshw hbxsu

ikfbt ubqzg shtlw nfofv vuorh

gudfr guyuu xwjzm amcjv nghzd

pfgql fobxm nloii vqimn hstdx

jscjo xvhsu ibvdv wxfkd pmyrg

He didn’t have a lot of instructions, but he had lots of time.


About a week later, he’d figured it out. He had to subtract to decrypt.

thepe oplew hopro fitfr omago

vernm entpr ogram aremo remot

ivate dtosu pport ittha nyoua

retoo ppose it

He was entranced.

He began writing his true feelings about liberty and posting them from internet cafes. He’d share his pages with his friends. Then he began to see others doing the same.


The secret police were at a loss as to how to stop this “virus”. Comments on blog posts were inciting people to think. Communications was unfettered. They even found stenography in a picture of the Chairman. Nothing like an obscenity in a picture.


“My First Code Book” made the New York Times bestseller list.

Governments around the world were banning it.

Chairman Mao’s “Little Red Book” became a global best seller.

People realized that any book can be a code book.

Privacy was liberating.

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NJ: Pepuls Republik of Nu Jerzee


Is Illinois the most corrupt state?
44 ARRESTS? | Based on FBI resources, late-night TV, Illinois has no rivals
July 27, 2009
BY NATASHA KORECKI Federal Courts Reporter nkorecki@suntimes.com

*** begin quote ***

Hey, back off, New Jersey.

Just as Illinois basks in the shameful glow of its most-corrupt reputation, the Garden State wants to one-up us.

Sure, we’ve had two consecutive governors, an army of alderman and a posse of political fund-raisers under indictment — not to mention two current members of Congress facing ethics inquiries.

But in New Jersey last week, 44 people, including three mayors, two state lawmakers and a slew of rabbis were rounded up in a corruption scheme replete with allegations of organ sales, $97,000 stuffed into a cereal box and plenty of good, old-fashioned bribes.

There were so many arrestees, the FBI had to herd them onto a bus.

Well, New Jersey may be trying to outshine us, but if the sleaze factor is gauged by FBI resources, Chicago isn’t slipping.

{Extraneous Deleted}

*** end quote ***

Let’s go NJ we can be number one at something.


Pepuls Republik of Nu Jerzee

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MONEY: A global central bank would be a disaster


Daily Bell Archive
Issue 360 • Sunday, July 26, 2009
“The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.” – Ayn Rand
Peter Schiff explains why he was right about free-markets, why Art Laffer was wrong and whether he will run for Senate

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Daily Bell: Where do you think this central banking approach to economic development is headed? Do you think it will eventually succeed as a global force – generating a global central bank, etc?

Peter Schiff: I think that in the end, central bankers controlling fiat money will prove to be an unworkable and inherently flawed system. Despite the apparent distinction, central bankers are politicians who are more concerned about rosy economic statistics than they are about sound currency. This can only lead to devalued currencies, which sooner or later becomes a major issue. A global central bank would be a disaster.

*** end quote ***

It would truly signal the end of the American Empire.

Without the status of the world’s reserve currency, an awful lot of dollar would start looking for a home! They’d come to our shores looking for something to buy. Price inflation would be inevitable. Anything that could be boxed up and shipped home would be bid up. One can see whole productive factories being packed up and shipped lock, stock, and barrel. Labor is cheaper elsewhere. The USA wages would drop like a rock.

We’d suddenly know what it is like to be the tail on someone else’s dog.

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GUNS: The ultimate tool for varmints


82-year-old shoots, kills robber; 3 women charged
July 23, 2009 12:01:00 AM
By JON MILTIMORE / News Herald Writer

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BRISTOL — Octavious Barnes died Sunday still clutching the $1,100 he took from an 82-year-old bar owner before he was shot.

Now, three Blountstown women accused of helping Barnes, 24, face murder charges in connection to his death.

*** end quote ***

That’s a ZERO recidivism rate!

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INITIALISMS: TANSTAARTHC — There ain’t no such thing as a right to health care


There ain’t no such thing as a right to health care

by F. Paul Wilson

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On a desert island, you still have the right to free speech. And freedom of religion. And freedom of sexual expression. You also have the freedom to smoke or inject whatever available substances you care to.

You do not have the right to three squares a day because there are no farmers to provide them; you do, however, have a right to grow or forage whatever you can. You don’t have a right to a roof over your head because no carpenters live on the island, but you do have a right to erect one.

And you don’t have a right to health care because doctors and nurses and drugstores don’t exist on the island.

No point in belaboring this. Genuine human rights do not require the participation of anyone outside the individual. Anything that does require the aid or intervention of another party is something else. I’m not sure what it is, but it’s not a human right.

*** end quote ***

The author correctly ids the corruption in our language and our thinking.

If you have a positive right, who pays for it?

That is the crux of the issue!

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RANT: Who pays the 800$ next year?


Stimulus Funds Give Texas Teachers a Raise Texas teachers will get $800 raises thanks to stimulus funds
Updated 11:30 AM CDT, Sat, Jul 25, 2009

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Teachers across the state of Texas will soon get raises, thanks to $2 billion in stimulus funds approved by the Department of Education.

Texas teachers are expected to receive a minimum raise of $800.

*** end quote ***

Stimulus my ass!

I wuz, we wuz, robbed!

Bet those teachers are all members of the teacher’s union!

This is a payoff to Democratic voters.

And in case the dumb shumck politicians, skipped economics, what will they do next year. All these raises will have to be paid for next year by who? Give yourself a gold star if you answered “the taxpayers of Texas”!

It’s an unfunded mandate.

Just like the minimum wage increase is an increase for government workers and union members.


How stupid can you be?

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