POLITICS: Go, Sarah, go!


FJohn Reinke can’t wait to see everyone with “milk coming out of their noses” over their Cheerios tomorrow morning when they see Sarah Palin announce for President in 2012. (Give a buck to see Hilary’s face.) No one is ever as good as the seem (i.e., O) or as bad as the seem (i.e., B41). This should be fun. I love seeing the liberal media with their collective shorts in a knot. (BTW FWIW, I called Palin for VP long before it was!

>What? you really think she will announce that she’s running for pres three years from now?

No, I think she’s running NOW! To soon to “announce”. She’s got “star power”. She needs to raise lots of money. Now she can without the restrictions on a guv. I think she has a real shot at doing it. She HAS to harness the inet but she’s shown no facility with that yet. As far as the R’s, she’s the darling of the Taft Republican wing. If she starts raising big bux for the 2010 congresscritters, she’s a leading candidate for the nodd. Who else? She’s pro-life, pro-gun, and an unabashed pro-American. We could do a lot worse.

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As a little L libertarian, I’ll be closely watching her for “big government” tendencies. But, she seems to have been “interesting” in the things she spoke about. Maybe I should set up a PALIN category.

And, anyone who has dabbled in the Alaskan Secession Party, may actually have a lot of “libertarian” in them?

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MONEY: Cash; one defense against gooferment


To Fight Deflation, Abolish Cash
Could Japan Make Reality of ‘Science Fiction’?
by Leo Lewis

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With recovery elusive, a population doddering into old age and perhaps a decade of deflation in prospect, Japan may start mulling the most radical monetary policy of all – the abolition of cash.

Unorthodox, untried and, said one Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi strategist, “in the realms of economic science fiction”, the recommendation has nevertheless begun floating around Tokyo’s corridors of power and economists have described Japan as particularly suitable as a testing ground.

The search for more outré economic policies continues, despite the recent surge in the Nikkei 225 index. The market may be reflecting soaring Chinese investment, rising consumer confidence and other cheerful data but economists see few long-term beacons of hope for Japan.

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There’s no doubt that the gooferment would love to eliminate cash.

It could really track and control the People then.

How can we think that we are “independent”?

The gooferment manipulates us into thinking we’re in charge. Just try and change anything. They don’t even follow their own rules!

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