WRITING: Ready, Aim, Fire! (An Index Card Novel)

Ready, Aim, Fire! (An Index Card Novel)

Obeying a direct order to fire on fellow Americans has not been seen since the 1860s. So, this dynamic is a wild card. How many law enforcement and military personnel will obey such an order?


He was a young high school graduate. The local high school was average at best. The teacher’s union ran the State. Education was a secondary consideration. That didn’t matter to his Mom. She was a naturalized citizen. Engrish was not her first language. But everyone knew the sacrifices she made to get to the land of opportunity. And, having made it here, every opportunity would be her child’s. She badgered his teachers, her minister, their neighbors, and even her postman. She had reading lists galore. She would sit with all the children as they did their lessons. She was a hard taskmistress. There was no goofing off; no “breaks”. She’d ask questions. Hard ones. As someone who just didn’t understand, he had to explain everything. It helped him learn.


He had a nice entry level job. A part-time job. And he joined the State Guard as another adder. Within a year he was a squad leader. It wasn’t hard, but he was busy. He was saving money. Part-time at the local community college had him on his trek to “education”. He was amazed how “stupid” his class mates and workmates. They were just oblivious to everything they could have if they just tried.


A flood led to the call. The Guard was called out. His squad was detailed to “looter suppression”. The Captain looked him straight in the eye and said: “Curfew violations: shoot them!” Then, later he was told: “Seize any weapons. Before they can be used against us.” Finally, he heard: “Round up anyone left and put them on the trucks to the camp. For everyone’s own good.”


His squad was in the center of the line. Citizens were outraged at the restrictions. The deportations. The attempted weapons collection. They were marching on the Military Government’s HQ. They were mad as hell. The Captain ordered: “Fix bayonets. Fire when you see the flare.” He looked at the people. Eyeballs. Big and small. A mix of races, sexes, and ages. The flare went up.

He thought of his Mom. And, all the lessons. And, gave the order!

“Safe your weapons!”

He’d joined the Revolution.

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GOVEROTRAGEOUS: The USA is broke; deal with reality!


Submitted by Carolyn Baker on Mon, 06/22/2009 – 5:54pm.

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The current mass delusion that will go down in history as the “green shoots fugue” can’t possibly bring the credit freak show back because the credit — i.e. money borrowed from the American future — was swindled away. Something like $14 trillion worth of nominal dollars is being sucked into a cosmic vortex never to be seen again. It was last seen in the spectral forms of so many collateralized debt obligations, credit default swaps, so-called structured investment vehicles and other now-obvious frauds. That giant sucking sound we hear means the process is still underway, and the “money” disappearing into yawning oblivion will out-pace any effort orchestrated by the Federal Reserve and the US Treasury to replace it with new “money” (or credit). Therefore there is no chance between heaven and hell that the pre-2008 suburban homesteading and shopping fiesta can ever come back. The American polity is tapped out in all sectors, personal, corporate, and public.

Notice the two words largely absent from whatever public discussion exists around these matters — “swindle” and “fraud.” The reason they’re missing is because if they happened to enter the conversation, something would have to be done about them, namely investigations and prosecutions. The president is the person in the best position to set the terms of this public discussion, and by avoiding these two words he’s blowing the chance to begin the process of correcting the tragic course we’re on.

These swindles and frauds range from malfeasance at the highest levels to indecency in the lowliest cubicles — i.e. the collusion of a revolving cast of cabinet-level officials with Wall Street executives to loot the US Treasury, the probable criminal dereliction at the mid-level of agencies like the Federal Reserve’s oversight office and the SEC, to certain and outright street grifting in the traffic of securities known to be worthless at their creation. The current fiction that the public seems to be swallowing (for the moment) is along the lines of the old “mistakes were made” locution, which is an easy way to avoid holding individuals responsible for misdeeds.

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At least this fellow has the honesty to call it for what it is … fraud!

A fraud on the Sheeple and the future generations.

How do we avoid this fiscal disaster?

Hard choices. Very hard choices.

On a national level, we have to begin to reestablish our moral compass.

Pay as we go. Not this “barbara streisand” that they use in Congress. But real pay as we go.

First thing that has to happen is we have to have honest money. No more FED funny fiat paper. We’re all adults. We know the situation is bad; we just have no idea how bad.

Audit the FED; strip the monopoly of its power. Redefine and dollar as some amount of gold.

(If I had to guess, FDR paid 20$ per ounce and immediately redefined it as $32. That was in the Thirties. We know that from 1970 to 2000, the dollar lost 97% of its purchasing power. Let’s guess the dollar was inflated let’s peg the dollar to gold. Let’s say the Treasure will exchange 1500 dollars for an ounce of gold and an ounce of gold will buy 500 dollars. No one will be lining up at that window to transact. But we will have fixed the number of dollars.)

(An easier idea is to repeal the legal tender laws and see what happens.)

Second, we need to “Save Social Security”. Hire that guy form Cato who did it in Chile and do something similar here. (Yup, some rich old folks may well get screwed. Sorry about that. It was a wlefare program anyway.)

Third, we need to FIX medicare, medicaid, and all the socialized medical programs (e.g., VA).

Forth, we need to prune government. (Bye bye Amtrak, post office, Education Department, and the countless bureaucrats.)

It will be painful, But what choice do we have?

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MONEY: A dollar is worth a dollar, except when the dollar is a gold coin


June 16, 2009
Are Gold American Eagles Worth What Congress Has Said They Are Worth? Or: The IRS v. Robert Kahre

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[Editor’s note: I am not a tax protester. Until researching the issue that is subject to this blog post, I thought all of the arguments raised by the tax protester crowd were frivolous. On this issue, I am not so confident.]

Take a look at this gold coin. It’s a Gold American Eagle. Look at the image on the right. Do you see what the coin says on the bottom half, underneath the nesting baby eagle?Gold American Eagle 50 Dollars

It says $50, right?

Indeed, it is (as I will explain below) $50. It’s worth as much as an Ulysses S. Grant. Well, if you believe it’s really only worth $50, send all of your Gold Eagles to me. I will sell them on eBay for about $1,000 each.

And now you can see the problem of Robert Kahre. Mr. Kahre is facing federal prison because he claimed that Gold Eagles are worth what Congress has said that Gold Eagles are worth.

Is Mr. Kahre’s position frivolous? I don’t think so. Please indulge me.

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I blogged about this one.

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(4) There are some interesting nuances in holding American Gold Eagle, which are produced by the gooferment (i.e., the Treasury Department’s Mint), and are asserted to be dominated in dollars. The one ounce gold American Eagle is stamped 50 “dollars”. AND, it is really worth ~940 “dollars” in Federal Reserve Notes. (There’s a recent tax case where the employer declared his employees earnings in “dollars” as represented on the Eagles he gave them. Everyone paid less taxes.)

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This is an interesting quirk that can be exploited.

Of course, at your own risk.

Sigh, what is a dollar anyway!

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