TECHNOLOGY: You have to expect failure

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Your session ID for this incident is 29038665.

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07/22/2009 11:35:33AM System: “Thanks for choosing chat for your technical support needs. A chat agent will be with you shortly. Just so you know, you can also visit our website at to get technical help.”

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07/22/2009 12:44:21PM Agent (Sup_Karanpreet_116303): “That is fine. In case you get any issues again you can call at 1-800-624-9896 and can leave a voice mail on my extension 5880012 and we will get back to you in maximum 24 hours.”

If you require further assistance, please visit us at

Like, in what universe does that make sense? What makes it a good idea to let me, an unqualified 20 year old girl, take apart my computer and replace the hard drive?? wtf. No.

I lost my summer log too :( everything that had happened, all my reactions and thoughts and feelings…gone. I’m pretty distraught. Luckily, I saved my story because I sent it to Shannon!! Thank heavens for small favors…

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Support, warranties, extended warranties, and implied promises … all worthless!

Hopefully, my fellow alum will muddle through.

Carbonite, Apple Time Machine, usb drives.

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Hello fellow alum:

Sorry to hear of your problems. It’s happened to me; then I got “religion” about backups. If you’re like me, the budget for “fixing” is zero. (There are expensive recovery services. I actually used one for a corporate desktop. Cost 650$ and took 3 days — door to door.)

I have some suggestions.

Regardless of your technical expertise, and your location, I think you might be able to do your own investigation and possibly recovery.

Before you wig out. My other suggestion is to find some personal help from your local nerd herd. Geeks always love to help beautiful women. :-)

If you can get your hands on a Linux “Live CD” (I can certainly send you one), you can try to boot from it. If it boots, you have a window of opportunity to save your data. The Live CD will allow you to actually copy the files to a USB thumb drive.

If the hard disk is truly crashed, there will be nothing you can do. But, it is worth taking a look.

Going forward, now that you’ve been inducted into the “Church of Always Backing Up”, you need to have some backup. Worst thing is to have it happen again.

Carbonite, (Not Mozy), will give you a small free online backup without anythought. Apple’s Time Machine is the gold standard for unattended unthinking backup. Many of the USB drives for Windoze have the same capability.

Hope this helps,

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