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The Shumer hit. It was the long expected pandemic. Not swine. Anthrax.

Some zealot aimed at the Jews and hit the world. It doesn’t take long for a pandemic to circle the globe. And, they say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Besides, who in their right mind would open Pandora’s Box. A box provided by the combined weapons labs of the US and the USSR.


In his county, they were hit hard. The die off was close to 80%. Strangers were no longer welcome. Travelers were shot on sight. They were lucky to have so many Mormons and Amish in the county. Between the two, they’d have a functioning nucleus of society. IF they could keep from being infected.

That’s where he came in. Fat old white guy with an odd ball hobby and a tin foil hat. The tin foil hat had him prepared for any one of a number of scenarios. Most had him, and his extended family, retiring to their basement 1950’s fall out shelter for some number of days. He’d taught himself how to can from Backwoods Home magazine. Survival foods for years. It wasn’t a spacious retreat. But when the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse are out for a ride, anything is bearable.


The Sheriff, the new one, not the dead old one, looked him up when it became obvious there was activity at his place. The Sheriff had a posse. But trying to cover the county was a hopeless task. Despite that they didn’t have a lot of access roads (they were a poor farming county), and despite the Golden Horde never really materialized (thanks to a quick death), the posse was stretched too thin. Wouldn’t be long until there was an oversight.

As the Sheriff rode up to the gate, he was met by the fat old white guy. “You stand out here all day and night?”, the Sheriff asked. “No! Spotted you coming.” “How?” “My birds.” “Birds?” “Sure, wanna see?” “Yes I do.” With that the fat old white guy picked up a box and did something. The Sheriff heard the buzz as a high speed thing whizzed over his head. “It’s not a Predator. But it’s close. It has eyes and fangs.” “How would you like to be a deputy?”


The County Air Force was in full operation. There were 3 operators on duty at any one time. One operator could keep 15 birds in the air. It took 15 minutes to land one, take off a replacement, and have it set to circle its patrol area. One operator kept watching the bank of 15 monitors. One operator was in charge of refueling. They’d change every hour. Work a six hour shift and be relieved. It was the posse.

A rapid response team was ready to back them up. But weren’t often needed. If trouble was spotted, an strafing run would usually discourage the intruders.


One side benefit was that the community’s hunters didn’t waste a lot of time tracking deer. A drone could lead them directly to their prey. Most of the hunters really didn’t appreciate the “help” if they missed the shot. A quick pass from the sky would fix their aim. It wasn’t even sporting. Like fish in a barrel.

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RANT: Mayo Clinic doesn’t like Obama-care aka Clinton-care


Mayo Clinic calls House plan bad medicine

Obama loses support on reform

By Christina Bellantoni (Contact) and Jennifer Haberkorn (Contact)

Originally published 04:45 a.m., July 21, 2009, updated 01:39 p.m., July 21, 2009

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A world-renowned clinic that President Obama held up as an example of good medicine said Monday that the American people would be “losers” under the House’s health care proposal, joining the growing chorus of critics the Obama administration is trying to fend off as the debate intensifies from Capitol Hill to Main Street.

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How many people need to tell the American People that this is a disaster for them to wake up and call their congress critters on the carpet. And it’s not a “red” one they should be on.

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