FUN: Last fifteen minutes of the movie GREASE

Just had the happenstance to watch the last fifteen minutes of the movie Grease. There’s a certain elemental joy in it. Carefully constructed, of course. ONJ is beautiful; we know about her health problems coming. JT is virile; we know about his personal sadnesses in the future. And, the countless actors and actresses in the cast; we don’t know what happened to them. There’s a line in the song “We’ll always be together”. Unfortunately, that is NOT true. We only have the briefest of times for joy and lifetimes of separation. Still it’s nice to suspend belief and pretend.

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FUN: Three point O versus chick no name school guard

July 05, 2009
Sarah Palin — All In
By Jay Valentine

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What an irony if the only American President who can make a 3 point shot were taken out by a point guard who came up to his shoulder. And if the guard was a chick — who went to a no name school?

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ROFL! What a hoot. And, I think she’s just the gal that could do it.

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