POLITICAL: Palin, Tea Party, and how to put the pig on a diet

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Palin Drives Libertarians out of Tea Party
By: Jane Hamsher
Monday February 8, 2010 8:00 am

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There was a lot of pushback because of the price of the Palin tickets, and many of the rank-and-file tea party activists see her as a symbol of the establishment GOP’s attempt to co-opt their nascent movement.

Palin evidently thought she could endorse Rand Paul and they’d all throw flowers at her feet. Instead they’re having a melt down over her speech, trying to figure out how to keep the neocons out of future conventions.

Rather than navigating the gulf between the tea party activists and the GOP, Palin drove a wedge between them.

Well, at least she had the good sense not to mention her Bridge to Nowhere. But you have to wonder why they invited her there in the first place.

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I correctly called Palin as McCain’s VP 3 months before the decision.

I liked Palin when she made “her” speech/

I thought that she was improperly prepared for the Katie’s ambush.

I do know that the neocons are not libertarians.

I KNOW that the Tea Party people are the “new kids” on the block.

BUT, if they succumb to EITHER party then they will just put BHO44 back in the White House. They need to pick and chose who to endorse base of track records. They need to align with some of the folks that have been fighting these battles for years! They need to back those initiatives that will cut the problems down to size (i.e., Read The Bills Act; One Subject At Time; Audit the FED; Free Competition in Currency Act)/

You have to start cutting this “pig” down to size; not putting lipstick on it.

How about a law DECREASING the debt ceiling a 100M$ every year until it’s ZERO?

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FUN: Three point O versus chick no name school guard

Thursday, July 9, 2009


July 05, 2009
Sarah Palin — All In
By Jay Valentine

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What an irony if the only American President who can make a 3 point shot were taken out by a point guard who came up to his shoulder. And if the guard was a chick — who went to a no name school?

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ROFL! What a hoot. And, I think she’s just the gal that could do it.

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POLITICS: Go, Sarah, go!

Saturday, July 4, 2009


FJohn Reinke can’t wait to see everyone with “milk coming out of their noses” over their Cheerios tomorrow morning when they see Sarah Palin announce for President in 2012. (Give a buck to see Hilary’s face.) No one is ever as good as the seem (i.e., O) or as bad as the seem (i.e., B41). This should be fun. I love seeing the liberal media with their collective shorts in a knot. (BTW FWIW, I called Palin for VP long before it was!

>What? you really think she will announce that she’s running for pres three years from now?

No, I think she’s running NOW! To soon to “announce”. She’s got “star power”. She needs to raise lots of money. Now she can without the restrictions on a guv. I think she has a real shot at doing it. She HAS to harness the inet but she’s shown no facility with that yet. As far as the R’s, she’s the darling of the Taft Republican wing. If she starts raising big bux for the 2010 congresscritters, she’s a leading candidate for the nodd. Who else? She’s pro-life, pro-gun, and an unabashed pro-American. We could do a lot worse.

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As a little L libertarian, I’ll be closely watching her for “big government” tendencies. But, she seems to have been “interesting” in the things she spoke about. Maybe I should set up a PALIN category.

And, anyone who has dabbled in the Alaskan Secession Party, may actually have a lot of “libertarian” in them?

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POLITICAL: Remembering some of the slurs

Saturday, March 28, 2009


DisHonors Awards Held Thursday

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And the winner is:

# “I’m not that convinced that that’s her baby….The daughter — who we know is fertile because she’s knocked up again, or maybe for the first time…she did like take a five-month leave from high school because she had [uses fingers to indicate quote marks] ‘mononucleosis’ right around the time the baby was being born. And the mother, the so-called, you know, okay, maybe it is the mother, but, you know, she was back to work three days later. You don’t smell something?…It’s not like they’re not willing to lie about everything else.” — HBO’s Bill Maher on Real Time, September 5, 2008 promoting the left-wing conspiracy theory that Sarah Palin’s infant son is actually her daughter Bristol’s baby.

*** end quote ***

The public has no memory. But, you have to. If you want to survive.

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POLITICAL: Rush points out that Powell is an “inside the beltway” person

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Rush Responds to General Powell

December 15, 2008

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The Democrats and the liberals always have, and I guess McCain and Colin Powell are showing their true colors. Here is Colin Powell telling the Republican Party what to do after he voted for Obama! I know what really has Colin Powell upset, it’s because I said his endorsement of Obama was about race, and I’m not supposed to say those things. These things are supposed to go unsaid. The Republican Party nominated Powell’s perfect candidate. The guy’s going after moderates, independents, Democrats, a guy who is not conservative at all, McCain, didn’t stand up for much conservative, and he’s out there now saying he won’t support Palin if she seeks the presidency again, or he might not.

*** and ***

What’s going on here with this Colin Powell thing is that the Washington establishment — Powell’s not a Republican. McCain’s not a Republican. These guys are not even mavericks. They are Washingtonians. Washingtonians have their own culture and their own desires, and it is to matter. They don’t care who’s in power, they just want to be closely associated with whoever is. That’s the name of the game and they want press adulation. They want to be loved and adored by the media, they want fawning treatment, they want to be thought of as something special, unique, dignified and so forth, and that’s the Washington establishment. These guys are Washingtonians. And what is a Washingtonian? Who are these people? Ladies and gentlemen, they have driven this economy into the toilet. Washingtonians are tone deaf in terms of how you and I actually live and the things that matter and are important to us. Washingtonians are grabbing as much power for themselves right now as possible. Washington does not live in the rest of the country, does not live in the same world we do. What they’re doing now is looking for ways to silence opposition. They don’t care about the timid ineffective opposition. They like Republicans and conservatives who are ashamed of their views and their fellow citizens. What they want to do is silence people like me because they can’t abide debate or opposition or challenges to their status and their authority.

*** end quote ***

I only listen to Rush from time to time. I’ve heard him urge Bush to stand tall and be the fiscal conservative. Bush spent like there was no tomorrow.

Bush’s legacy is the TSA. An army of gooferment employees and voter for the Democratic party. When does the TSA go away? NEVER! We should be taking a lesson from El Al. The airlines should be COMPLETELY responsible for security. As they should have been all along.

Arm the pilots. A cheap and easy solution. Arm the people. The policy of “victim disarmament” kills us.

Simple direct “solutions”.

Drug gangs fighting over turf like during Prohibition? End the drug war.

Prison overcrowding? Pardon all non-violent drug offenders.

Drug addiction? It’s a medical problem, treat it that way.

Bailouts? Chapter 11! Or, 7!!

Immigration? End welfare. (We want to take the plastic bag off the Statue of Liberty. Bring us all the refuse of the world willing to work hard in America. The land of OPPORTUNITY; not welfare. We have fat poor people to quote one bright observant fellow.

Runaway federal spending? Cut the federal budget 10% every year.

Lifetime politicians? Stop paying them. Stop pensions for them. Stop free healthcare for them.

On and on, there are simple solutions that increase our liberty.

The Washington politicians haven’t been listening to ANYONE. Let alone Rush.

A plague on all their houses!

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RANT: Why Sarah Palin is vilified!

Thursday, November 27, 2008


The Crimes of Sarah Palin
by L. Neil Smith
Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

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Unless you happen to have been jerked out from under a cabbage leaf during the last decade or so, you’ll remember a time when anyone who criticized Hillary Clinton was customarily accused by her admirers of resenting—or even being afraid of—a woman with political power.

*** and ***

Perhaps as important, Palin isn’t some pallid East-coast hotel dweller, accustomed to room service, but a real human being, a real live female who can do all of the things listed in the song “I’m A Woman”—she can handle a rifle, hunt, fish, clean and cut up wild game, make something edible out of it, keep house, raise five kids, keep her husband interested since they were in high school together, plus run a city and run a state—and most of the things any human being should be able to do, according to The Notebooks of Lazarus Long.

In short, she’s a Heinlein woman.

That, I submit, is why she’s hated by those females who are not Heinlein women, and by those Milquetoast males who are desperately afraid of the kind of real woman she is. That’s why she was betrayed by her own party—Mit Romney’s faction—which was the source, as it develops, of many of the most vicious falsehoods that were spread about her. That’s why she’s being blamed for McCain’s pathetic failures, in an attempt to make sure she won’t have a political future.

And that the peasants won’t revolt.

The 2008 election is behind us now, a part of history, and the collectivists who triumphed are going to enjoy it while they can. The observations I’ve made here might be unimportant, except that, owing to the ascension of their god-king, we’re going to be living with these animals for a while. In the end, it may be that the best thing Sarah Palin’s candidacy accomplished is exposing them for what they are.

*** end quote ***

Yup, no secret I like Sarah. She was a refreshing change from the “template” D’s and R’s.

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FUN: McCain QVC Open

Sunday, November 2, 2008


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You really have to be able to laugh at yourself.

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