POLITICAL: Rush points out that Powell is an “inside the beltway” person


Rush Responds to General Powell

December 15, 2008

*** begin quote ***

The Democrats and the liberals always have, and I guess McCain and Colin Powell are showing their true colors. Here is Colin Powell telling the Republican Party what to do after he voted for Obama! I know what really has Colin Powell upset, it’s because I said his endorsement of Obama was about race, and I’m not supposed to say those things. These things are supposed to go unsaid. The Republican Party nominated Powell’s perfect candidate. The guy’s going after moderates, independents, Democrats, a guy who is not conservative at all, McCain, didn’t stand up for much conservative, and he’s out there now saying he won’t support Palin if she seeks the presidency again, or he might not.

*** and ***

What’s going on here with this Colin Powell thing is that the Washington establishment — Powell’s not a Republican. McCain’s not a Republican. These guys are not even mavericks. They are Washingtonians. Washingtonians have their own culture and their own desires, and it is to matter. They don’t care who’s in power, they just want to be closely associated with whoever is. That’s the name of the game and they want press adulation. They want to be loved and adored by the media, they want fawning treatment, they want to be thought of as something special, unique, dignified and so forth, and that’s the Washington establishment. These guys are Washingtonians. And what is a Washingtonian? Who are these people? Ladies and gentlemen, they have driven this economy into the toilet. Washingtonians are tone deaf in terms of how you and I actually live and the things that matter and are important to us. Washingtonians are grabbing as much power for themselves right now as possible. Washington does not live in the rest of the country, does not live in the same world we do. What they’re doing now is looking for ways to silence opposition. They don’t care about the timid ineffective opposition. They like Republicans and conservatives who are ashamed of their views and their fellow citizens. What they want to do is silence people like me because they can’t abide debate or opposition or challenges to their status and their authority.

*** end quote ***

I only listen to Rush from time to time. I’ve heard him urge Bush to stand tall and be the fiscal conservative. Bush spent like there was no tomorrow.

Bush’s legacy is the TSA. An army of gooferment employees and voter for the Democratic party. When does the TSA go away? NEVER! We should be taking a lesson from El Al. The airlines should be COMPLETELY responsible for security. As they should have been all along.

Arm the pilots. A cheap and easy solution. Arm the people. The policy of “victim disarmament” kills us.

Simple direct “solutions”.

Drug gangs fighting over turf like during Prohibition? End the drug war.

Prison overcrowding? Pardon all non-violent drug offenders.

Drug addiction? It’s a medical problem, treat it that way.

Bailouts? Chapter 11! Or, 7!!

Immigration? End welfare. (We want to take the plastic bag off the Statue of Liberty. Bring us all the refuse of the world willing to work hard in America. The land of OPPORTUNITY; not welfare. We have fat poor people to quote one bright observant fellow.

Runaway federal spending? Cut the federal budget 10% every year.

Lifetime politicians? Stop paying them. Stop pensions for them. Stop free healthcare for them.

On and on, there are simple solutions that increase our liberty.

The Washington politicians haven’t been listening to ANYONE. Let alone Rush.

A plague on all their houses!

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POLITICAL: Is this the end of “public financing”?


Obama Spent Four Times as Much as McCain at Race End
By Jonathan D. Salant and Kristin Jensen

*** begin quote ***

Dec. 5 (Bloomberg) — Barack Obama’s record-breaking fundraising gave him four times as much cash to spend as rival John McCain in the final months of the presidential campaign.

*** end quote ***

So much for his “public financing” pledge. Now can we finally bury the McCain – Feingold Unconstitutional attack on Free Speech?

Funny that McCain was knifed by his own law.

And, maybe he would not have made a good President since he was deceived by Obama’s renege.

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POLITICAL: Who’s to blame for the election?

Well. clearly, the McCain campaign was a disaster, but is it all his fault.

(1) The liberal media certainly was Obama’s chief cheerleader.

(2) George Bush made his first mistake when there was no viable VP to take over for him.

(3) George Bush was a closet liberal. He didn’t govern as a “conservative”; compassionate or otherwise.

(4) The failure to regulate the mortgage market with a simple effective “damping” of the sub-prime mortgage market was a critical gooferment failure. NINJA loans were a well known scandal. The Fed could have put in a minimum percentage down payment rule; akin to its margin requirement rule. Congress — being paid off by Fannie and Freddie — could have passed restraining legislation; at least to divide Fannie and Freddie into small regional competitors. The Judiciary could have found that loan agreements that had negative amortization, adjustable into the sky, or other terms as unenforceable as “fraudulent” or “unsuitable”. So there’s enough blame to go around.

(5) The sheeple are easily led. A victory for the dis-education system of Horace Mann. It’s created uncritical voters who are easily swung by emotional media.

The question becomes what will the Republican / December duopoly? Does Liberty have a doorway to slip through with the demolition of the Republican Party and will the Democrats be destroyed by success?

Out of the rubble can Liberty activists forge a new path to a voluntary society?

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POLITICAL: Are elections important where there is no choice?



>You’re also participating in that great movement called democracy. The opposite of democratic
>is not republican; the opposite of democratic is aristocratic. “Democratic” means rule of the
> people, the “demos” in Greek, while “aristocratic” means rule of the best, the “aristos”.

You have got to be kidding. This is a joke. Right? You can’t be serious. This is what the Founding Fathers feared most; the inflamed passions of the mob.

Sorry, given today’s education system, which is right out of the Socialist Horace Mann’s playbook, we have functionally illiterate people picking based on TV. I’ve got more respect for “Dancing with the Stars” election process than I do “the gooferment’s one”. (Have you seen the mechanics of voting?) Mann wanted an education system to create good factory workers and soldiers for the army. People who were easily lead by the elite.

See any elite in this election?

I sure do!

Sarah is the only wild card in the deck. And, at least she has some demonstrated executive ability. She is probably the most qualified of all of them. At least she hasn’t been in Washington DC at all.

No, this isn’t about an Athenian democracy. Or Plato’s “Republic”. This is about “manipulation”. Yes, you did see raw intelligent passion as folks came out for Ron Paul. There was a TRUE choice. A completely different path! Hopeless; throwing themselves against the entrenched elites of the Republican Party. Mao said “All power comes from the end of a gun”. He was dead on.

We have an American because some Dead Old White Guys stood up to the entrached power elite and said “hell, no!” and were willing to die for their liberty. We’ve seen from time to time that fighting spirit come out — the Second American Revolution aka the War of Norther Aggression aka the Civil War (there’s a misnomer).

The elite allows “elections” on the hope that the sheeple will carry on the illusion of “their government”. In fact, it is a fraud. Your friend was absolutely right there’s no difference between the two “parties”. In the election that you abhor the Supreme Court deciding, there was only two choices the Harvard guy with the blue tie and the Harvard guy with the red tie. They are so much alike I can even remember who wore what!

No, the whole thing is a farce! Except at the end of it, the gooferment kills. It kills with its diversion of our attention to REAL problems. To the real loss of liberty here at home and abroad. Eventually, the chickens do come home to roost.

At some point in time, the oppressed decide that they are tired of “the shit end of the stick”. They look at their lot in life and make a decision to say “enuf”! If we are lucky, it’s relatively peaceful like Ghandi, the Polish Soladarity, or the Russian Communism collapse. If we are not, it’s bloody like the French Revolution, Mao taking China Communicst, North Korea, Nazi Germany.

I fear we are merely traveling the road that ends in disaster. Election, or not. When you have Socialism, whether it be from a Democrat or a Republican, that takes an ever increasing percentage of wealth and earnings, while one’s accumulated wealth is inflated away, you have the focus point of revolution. At some point, even American’s will say “enuf”?

Can’t tell you at what point exactly that is. When the taxes so much, that survival is in doubt? When a life’s savings are stolen? When the insame gooferment diktats about drugs have half the people in prison? When the unemployment is 50%? When the dollar ceases to be the reserve currency and we have a Zimbabwe inflation? When Hispanics become the dominent race here in America? If Obama loses and half the people think the other half are racists? If McCain loses and half the people think the other half are Marxist Communist Socialists?

Eventually, all gooferments get around to killing their citizens. Like the JPFO says: “Frist comes disarmament; then genocide.” We will have a “vote” then. I pray it’s Ghandi-like. But, I’m not so sure of that. I do know that “cold dead hands” will decide the issue eventually. Not ballots.


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FUN: McCain QVC Open


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You really have to be able to laugh at yourself.

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POTUS08: O IS really a Marxist!

Obama Bombshell Redistribution of Wealth Audio Uncovered

Wow! Here’s a bombshell. It exposes that the man is a Marxist Socialist. Hearing his words, he, in Clintonesque stype, parses around it. Never letting anyone know what his codewords mean. Hold on to your wallet if he gets elected!

# # # # #

POLITICAL: Last night’s “debate”

We are in for a rough road!

Anyone remember Clinton’s promise to lower taxes? Who’s more likely to lower taxes? Certainly not O.

Anyone remember that corporations do NOT pay taxes? They just pass them along.

O, flat out, lied about Infantacide! Reminded me of Clinton parsing the word ‘is’!

McC will give us nuke power; just like France and the Navy. That’ll take us a long way to energy independence.

Doesn’t anyone else feel that O is an empty suit. The guy doesn’t have ANY qualifications. Zero! Of all them, only Palin has ever actually run anything!

Didn’t anyone find it humorous that O refers to Biden’s foreign policy experience? Is the ticket upside down?

Finally, it all boils dow to who do you trust. O with his Chicago corruption machine, some strange bedfellows, and the usual democratic special interests (i.e., tort lawyers, teacher’s union, assorted left wing loons). Or the cranky old guy from the last generation.

Both are socialists. Both won’t be able to do much. But, whose ‘much’ do you want.

Batten down your “financial hatches”. I think we are going to have another Carter.


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POLITICAL: Sorry, I’m not laughing! (Too much playing with the turth.)


*** begin quote ***

Barack Obama says:

Simple-minded John McCain cannot use a computer.

John McCain’s question is:

Has Barack Obama ever landed a jet plane on an aircraft carrier at night?

*** end quote ***

Many a true word is said in jest.
A quick google search on: obama+mccain+”computer use” pops:
*** begin quote ***


“1982. John McCain goes to Washington. Things have changed in the last 26 years, but McCain hasn’t,” says a voice-over in the ad against shots of a Rubik’s Cube, a disco ball, a massive cell phone and an old computer. “He admits he still doesn’t know how to use a computer, can’t send an e-mail, still doesn’t understand the economy, and favors $200 billion in new tax cuts for corporations, but almost nothing for the middle class. After one president who’s out of the touch, we just can’t afford more of the same.

*** end quote ***

The main stream media may be able to dupe some folks with this drivel.
But, I personally took note of their derision of how he waves (i.e., due to his war injuries), his age exploited in the photos of Obama shoveling dirt into the sandbags (i.e., Regan’s line about taking advantage of my opponent’s youth and inexperience comes to mind), and most of all Obama’s / McCain’s respective records in the Senate (or lack there of).
Like when they called Bush an idiot, I’d suggest that go up to any fighter pilot today and call them and idiot. Then they can report to the ER for a broken nose.
No, this election has crossed over the boundaries of ‘fair play’ several times. More from the left, than the right! Unfortunately, the main stream media has it’s own opinions it is propagandizing. It would be interesting if there was a fair score being kept.
Hopefully, the Great Scorekeeper is going to even out the game in the end? If so, a lot of people are going to be roasty toasty!
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