POLITICAL: USA response to IRAN unrest?


Tsvi Gal Y aren’t we marching in front of the UN 2 demand the security council calls iran 2 stop slautering its own? Y all the thousands who r willing 2 come 2 the streets any time a palestinian is killed by israel, terrorist or not (2 clarify: israel also has no right 2 kill innocent people just the right 2 protect itself) show so much understanding 2 Iranian “internal” affairs?


(1) The UN is an ineffective gang of thugs (i.e., Cuba on the Human Rights committee); (2) we need to be more circumspect about what we beleive versus propaganda. Who REALLY knows what is going on in Iran. (3) Appealing to the UN is asking for trouble. They don’t settle stuff. “Peacekeepers” are trouble. (4) The US has a history of screwing “… Read Morefreedon fighters” (e.g., Hungary). So let’s not kid the people in Iran that we will help. (5) Their country, their freedom. Sad to say. All power does come fromt eh barrel of a gun. They’re most effective weapon is Ghandi. (6) We have our own set of problems here. We’re broke. Drunken sailors in Congress and the White House don’t know it.

Government is the meme that kills and enslaves us.


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