POLITICAL: Rangal highlights the idiocy of the draft


Can Charles Rangel Be Saved?
Saturday, July 24th, 2010 – by Jazz Shaw
Rangel’s ethical woes have cast doubt on the 40-year veteran’s future in the House.

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Don’t count on any significant backlash from the voters. Rangel’s various ethical problems have been well known for a long time now, but he continues to win reelection with astronomical margins. Take a look at the map of New York’s 15th District some time. Unlike many vast, rural districts around the nation, the 15th is one of the most compact you will find. It runs along a roughly seven mile stretch of the Hudson River, taking in Fort George, Harlem, and Marcus Garvey, as well as grabbing a few plots of land out near LaGuardia Airport.

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As a little L libertarian have no use for any politicians and bureaucrats of the Empire, but, like a stopped clock, Old Charlie is right every year when he submits his “military service draft” bill. The All Volunteer Army allows the Gooferment to wage wars without the ugliness of the Vietnam era draftees upsetting the serfs. A draft does have the value of making sure that everyone, except the elite who always wiggle out, has a stake in any undeclared war. And, it continues to highlight that the Gooferment has not ended the draft. It still keeps all the infrastructure and the political no show jobs with lucrative pensions around. SO Rangal highlights the idiocy of the whole situation. Year after year. Reminds me of the Spanish American War Telephone Tax!

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POLITICAL: Worrying about reelection as opposed to the country


July 11, 2010
Governors Voice Grave Concerns on Immigration

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BOSTON — In a private meeting with White House officials this weekend, Democratic governors voiced deep anxiety about the Obama administration’s suit against Arizona’s new immigration law, worrying that it could cost a vulnerable Democratic Party in the fall elections.

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Interesting that there is very little worry about the massive problems that face the country. That’s of little concern. It’s all about getting reelected. And, what issues reflect upon that goal. Never a concern that if they had real solutions they’d be whisked into power.

At the root of the Gooferment’s problem is their starting point — force. It immediately makes what they do: immoral, ineffective, and inefficient. They have a tremendous unavoidable and imho unrecoverable burden.

It seems so apparent to me: adopt honest money by repealing the “legal tender” diktats, end the income tax returning to funding the Gooferment by tariffs and excise taxes; repeal the mandatory school attendance diktats; reduce the size and scope of the Gooferment by shutting down whole sections of Gooferment; stop the various wars; end the “war” on (some) drugs; pardon non-violent drug offenders; repeal the 17th for the direct election of Senators; and institute a single 18 year term for Supreme Court justices.

Seems so obvious to me!

Then stand back and watch the economy take off.

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GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Too many wars and things like wars


January 15, 2010
Talking Points: 1/14

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Another $100 million of American tax money heading to Haiti

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BO’R brings up a good point: American aid will be stolen by a corrupt “government”.

He argues for intervention. Sorry, but it’s not our place to “give” freedom to the people of Haiti.

We have too many “wars”: “OCO — Overseas Contingency Operation aka Terrorism”Afpak, Iraq, “Some Drugs”, Poverty, yada, yada, yada.

Sorry, we have way too many wars!

Time to condense. Like Campbell’s soup, DoD: brings ALL the boys and girls home, condense all the intelligence into DOD, and let’s cut the foolishness. Save some bucks too!

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POLITICAL: BHO44 put us here; dumb


Detroit bomber ‘singing like a canary’ before arrest
By Philip Sherwell in New York
Published: 6:27PM GMT 09 Jan 2010

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President Barack Obama is under fire over claims that the Christmas Day underwear bomber was “singing like a canary” until he was treated as an ordinary criminal and advised of his right to silence.

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Elections have consequences and this is one of them.

BHO44 didn’t lie (I don’t think; not like the Obamacare dealings will be on CSpan!) and conceal that this would be his position. But, respectfully, he’s DUMB. Maybe a Harvard lawyer, but this self-inflicted inability to get military intelligence — about this self-evidenced terrorists, his compadres, the higher up, future plans, and collateral information — is dangerous.

A wise man understands the logical extension of his proposals. In this case, we have two choices: (1) he didn’t anticipate where his policies would place us; OR (2) he did and didn’t realize the dangers. Either way, it’s dumb.

We have to quickly convince people to reverse course — before we get hit again with something bigger and badder.

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POLITICAL: Grading politicians


Grading on a Curve
Liberty’s Life Line
Dec 15, 2009

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Such a disconnect between Obama’s opinion of himself and the American people’s opinion is a serious problem. It drives him to continue to pursue policies that Americans adamantly oppose (e.g., 61% oppose the Senate health care bill). Most reasonable people would take such feedback and reassess their actions. But if an employee is blind to his shortcomings, the only thing to do is show them the door. The sooner, the better, folks because it’s not going to get any better.

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Well said! For a fellow with no experience, he has “accomplished” zero so far. And, like I remember Regan saying something like a President only gets to do 2 or 3 things and pick a few people, his choices for action (i.e., health care something, cap ‘n’ tax, stimulus) have been bad for us (me?) and his personel picks are terrible (i.e., Timmy the tax cheat and Rahm the fish).

I’d say he’s closer to an F than a B+. How low can grades go?

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CORRUPTION: The SEC is “captured”


SEC Favors Special Interests in New Corporate Elections Rule
Posted by Mark A. Calabria

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Yesterday, the SEC repealed a long-standing rule which allowed brokers to vote shares on behalf of their investors, unless they obtained written directions from each individual investors. While investors have long been able to direct the voting of their shares, many do not take the time to. In these cases, the brokers vote those shares, after all they are the agents of the investors and are hired to act on their behalf.

The direct effect of the rule will be to reduce the voting weight of retail investors, as represented by their brokers. In voting against the rule, SEC Commissioner Kathy Casey raised the point that the rule would skew voting toward large institutional investors and away from little retail investors.

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Then one should not be too surprised to see pension funds be allowed to cast their “uninstructed” votes while brokers cannot. The largest pension funds manage the retirement of unionized state and local employees, often with the fund management itself representing the interests of the unions. We witnessed this same favoring of union interests over the common good in the auto bailouts.

The rule once again illustrates that the new bosses in Washington are busy rewarding their allies at the expense of everyone else.

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I’m shocked — “I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!” Captain Renault in Casablanca — that there is politics going on in regulation. Ever heard of “regulatory capture” or as a normal human being would call it: “The inmates are running the asylum”!

The SEC did so well in the Made-Off scandal. Never did reimpose the uptick rule. Never did figure out the “ratings agency” problem.

But they can sure pay off contributors fast!

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POLITICAL: USA response to IRAN unrest?


Tsvi Gal Y aren’t we marching in front of the UN 2 demand the security council calls iran 2 stop slautering its own? Y all the thousands who r willing 2 come 2 the streets any time a palestinian is killed by israel, terrorist or not (2 clarify: israel also has no right 2 kill innocent people just the right 2 protect itself) show so much understanding 2 Iranian “internal” affairs?


(1) The UN is an ineffective gang of thugs (i.e., Cuba on the Human Rights committee); (2) we need to be more circumspect about what we beleive versus propaganda. Who REALLY knows what is going on in Iran. (3) Appealing to the UN is asking for trouble. They don’t settle stuff. “Peacekeepers” are trouble. (4) The US has a history of screwing “… Read Morefreedon fighters” (e.g., Hungary). So let’s not kid the people in Iran that we will help. (5) Their country, their freedom. Sad to say. All power does come fromt eh barrel of a gun. They’re most effective weapon is Ghandi. (6) We have our own set of problems here. We’re broke. Drunken sailors in Congress and the White House don’t know it.

Government is the meme that kills and enslaves us.


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