INITIALISMS: TANSTAARTHC — There ain’t no such thing as a right to health care

There ain’t no such thing as a right to health care

by F. Paul Wilson

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On a desert island, you still have the right to free speech. And freedom of religion. And freedom of sexual expression. You also have the freedom to smoke or inject whatever available substances you care to.

You do not have the right to three squares a day because there are no farmers to provide them; you do, however, have a right to grow or forage whatever you can. You don’t have a right to a roof over your head because no carpenters live on the island, but you do have a right to erect one.

And you don’t have a right to health care because doctors and nurses and drugstores don’t exist on the island.

No point in belaboring this. Genuine human rights do not require the participation of anyone outside the individual. Anything that does require the aid or intervention of another party is something else. I’m not sure what it is, but it’s not a human right.

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The author correctly ids the corruption in our language and our thinking.

If you have a positive right, who pays for it?

That is the crux of the issue!

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RANT: Who pays the 800$ next year?

Stimulus Funds Give Texas Teachers a Raise Texas teachers will get $800 raises thanks to stimulus funds
Updated 11:30 AM CDT, Sat, Jul 25, 2009

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Teachers across the state of Texas will soon get raises, thanks to $2 billion in stimulus funds approved by the Department of Education.

Texas teachers are expected to receive a minimum raise of $800.

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Stimulus my ass!

I wuz, we wuz, robbed!

Bet those teachers are all members of the teacher’s union!

This is a payoff to Democratic voters.

And in case the dumb shumck politicians, skipped economics, what will they do next year. All these raises will have to be paid for next year by who? Give yourself a gold star if you answered “the taxpayers of Texas”!

It’s an unfunded mandate.

Just like the minimum wage increase is an increase for government workers and union members.


How stupid can you be?

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