Suit accuses TSA of unreasonable airport detention
By JIM SALTER – 2 days ago

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ST. LOUIS (AP) — A lawsuit filed Thursday against the Transportation Security Administration alleges a Ron Paul supporter was unreasonably detained at the St. Louis airport because he was carrying about $4,700 in cash.

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The whole concept of the TSA is unconstitutional!

Let’s review how we got here and why we are here.

9/11. OK!

(But does anyone think that the tactic of commandeering a plane with box cutters and flying it into a building will work again? I don’t think so!)

The President, a big government Republican, can only think of “screen everyone”. The Democrats in Congress see a gold mine: patronage jobs, more “Democratic” voters, contracts, and new pool for Unions! THe airlines went along because they were absolved of liability in the courts and it nicely wiped out private resale of their “non refundable” tickets.

So eons later, we are stuck with an intrusive set of goons that we can’t get rid of.


As my way of protesting, I don’t fly any more VOLUNTARILY. Part political; part who needs the hassle. (BUT, sometimes you have no choice.)


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