ECONOMICS: Elizabeth Warren cheers AOC’s Green New Deal as she launches 2020 run | Daily Mail Online

The 69-year-old Democrat officially launched her campaign at a rally on Saturday in Lawrence, Massachusetts, one of New England’s poorest and most heavily Latino communities.

Source: Elizabeth Warren cheers AOC’s Green New Deal as she launches 2020 run | Daily Mail Online

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These SOCIALISTS are going to ruin the USA.

First, IMMORALITY “the rich” pay most of the taxes already.  How much more do they think they can pay?  If we think that tithing to God at 10% is holy, then what percentage doe the “god” of Gooferment demand.  IMHO, any tax is an immoral taking.

Second, INVESTMENT “the rich”, unlike Scrooge McDuck, don’t have a basement full of gold goins that they swim in.  They invest their wealth in productive higher order goods that improve productivity.  if the Gooferment takes that wealth, then where is the investment going to come from.

Third, WASTE the Gooferment already wastes so much.  It’s estimated, that for every dollar taken by Gooferment, more than half is wasted.  Over and above that, since the Gooferment produces little if anything of value for real people, why would anyone want to give them more wealth.

The SOCIALISTS want us to ignore the real world examples of East and West Germany, North and South Korea, Venezuela, the Stalin’s Russia, Mao’s China, Pol Pot’s Cambodia, Hitler’s Germany, and on and on through out history.  Countries that have been seduced by Socialism’s sirens song of “free stuff” have paid the price of death, poverty, starvation, and disease.  Capitalism may not be the “best system”, but it’s better than all the others that have been tried.


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POLITICAL: MYOB as a foreign policy

Who Commissioned Us to Remake the World?
by Patrick J. Buchanan

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We believe in freedom of speech and the press.

Yet, in France, if you deny the Turks committed genocide against the Armenians in 1915, you are guilty of a crime, while in Turkey if you affirm that the Turks committed genocide, you have committed a crime. Should U.S. diplomats battle for repeal of both laws? Or mind our own business?

If America wishes to lead the world, let us do it by example, as we once did, not by hectoring every nation on earth to adopt the American way, which as of now, does not seem to be working all that well for Americans.

McFaul should stick to his diplomatic duties.

Jefferson had it right, “We wish not to meddle with the internal affairs of any country.”

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Seems pretty simple?

As Ron Paul said in the debates that “we” do to others what “we” wouldn’t like done to us.

No humility in our dealings with other countries.

When “we” get all our problems fixed here, “we” should still refrain from commenting on policies in other countries.

If they want to handicap themselves, that’s their business.


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RANT: Obama-care for the old = suicide or murder

Government Health Care Trade-Offs: Death or Treatment?
Posted by Doug Bandow

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Uwe Reinhardt has made the argument that health care rationing is health care rationing. It’s inevitable, so there’s no big deal about the government exerting more control. I argued earlier that this ignores the question 0f who is doing the rationing, us or the government? Since resources are finite but desires are infinite, we all engage in “rationing” in most every aspect of our lives. But we do so based on our needs, wants, wishes, and dreams, not those of politicians or bureaucrats.

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… all for the common good!

Why do I think that the politicians will get a different “health care plan”?

And, could this be a way to quicken the collection of death taxes?


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WRITING: Riding The Rails (An Index Card Novel)

“everyone must give voluntary service to the community. its mandatory.”


The Homeland Service Corps was a measure designed to give “work” to disadvantaged “yutes”. It was formulate as a para-military organization. It had fatigue pants, heavy dark blue shirts, a blue web belt, and combat boots. Pants were bloused; on formal occasions, it was topped off with a red beret.

It reminded the thinning fat old white man of what he’d red about the red shirts, the brown shirts, and the black shirts. Now we had the blue shirts.


He was swept up in one of the night time street sweeps. There was a curfew, but it was mostly ignored. Like the myriad of laws, regulations, rules, and diktats, there wasn’t much respect for anything administrative. Everyone was poor. Everyone was hungry. Everyone was subsistence. He was one of the lucky ones; he had a niche. He was a licensed web designer. Couldn’t just allow anything to be put on the web. He’d fooled them; pretended to believe all their drivel. Had to; he and his family needed to eat. He was the support of what had been three families in the old days. He wondered what they’d do now without him. While he still had his passport, he now be missing critical attendance stamps. That verified that you had overnighted on your “block”. Without those stamps, he’d be arrested when he came or went from his block. Anne Frank’s attic came to mind. But would this ever end. But those were future problems, he was here and now. He smiled at all the web sites that would display different content when he wasn’t there to reset their timers.

They were herded into trucks one afternoon. World War Something Deuce and a half. A dozen. Since he was out of the compound, he was looking for a chance. It might kill him. But he had no illusions. He was white as were all the other “campers”; Homeland Service was all “ethnic”. He’d talked to WW2 Death Camp survivors. Never stop looking for a crack. As was his custom, he was wearing his thin blanket as a “roll” under his shirt. Losing weight meant he had space under and ever too big shirt. They were all dirty and smelly. The ride went on for an hour. THey were allowed to dismount. THey weren’t really “guarded”. As a matter of fact the guards were all grouped together getting instructions. He saw his chance. He slipped under the frame. He’d read about GIs rigging hammocks under their trucks to get shade in the dessert. His blanket made a U for his hips. His hands and feet had loops to hold. He was expecting a rough ride. If no one saw him!

They rode for another hour. It was dirty dusty and at times excruciating. A few times he almost lost it. But the blanket held. So did he! For dear life. The convoy stopped and the cargo was herded off to the side. He waited until it was quiet. Then he slipped off the other side. He could not free the blanket; the knots were tugged tight. Taking a chance he peeked in the truck cab. It smelled of something. He couldn’t place it. On the seat was wicked looking fixed blade knife; he stole it. He moved as quickly way from the convoy as he could. There was no real cover so he had to improvise. He mentally outlined a grave and with the knife sliced the brush and turf. Using the knife like a spatula, he peeled back the “cover”. He laid down and pulled it over him. Had no idea what it looked like but it was the best he could do. It was getting dark. He had to hope it covered. Then he heard thunder.

It wasn’t thunder but automatic weapons. Massacre? He thought of the “Great Escape”. It didn’t last long. He tried not to think about it. He heard voices coming in his direction. He heard water pouring. The voices departed.

It had been a while now. It was dark. He “arose from the dead”. The trucks were still there. At the back of the convoy, he could see a large fire. The Homeland Service goons were there. Most were sitting silently. A smell was reeking form their direction. A sweet smell. He moved away from them. He slipped up in the dark to the lead truck. He was hoping to score anything from the cab. There was a guard asleep. In his best commando movie style, he crawled up. Got a hand over the mouth and slit a throat.

He was up into the cab. Found a pack. And was off running. It was dark. It was rough. It was dangerous. He wanted to put a mile between them and him. It was exhausting. No water. No direction. No idea but to flee.

At the false dawn, he could see lights ahead. The city. A city. His city? No likely. He rested and examined his prize. Passports. Money. Watches. Rings. Ears!? And, packs of green oregano with the sweet smell.

He’d bury this a the next milestone. Maybe it was evidence.


The bag with its contents was presented to the Grand Jury. There was DNA reports from the human tissue. A few of the passports aligned with the DNA. Most did not. There were 800 or so documents. As the Great Leader stood in the dock, these murders were charged to him. They were specific.

The gaunt drawn old man testified to the terror. To the camps. To the result. To the authenticity of the bag.

The Great Leader was hung.

The nation was never the same. And, not surprisingly, the nation never returned to its former greatness. It dissolved into little warlord states. Constantly fighting and bickering. Along clan lines.

The old sickly white man, thin and frail, died in his sleep. He’d taken down the Great Leader. Avenged his fellow campers. But never did find his family. Sad to the end, he just passed quietly.

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GUNS: Pelosi doesn’t like “guns”

Pelosi Calls For Gun Registration, Opposes D.C. Gun Reform Legislation

In February, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) rightly rejected Attorney General Eric Holder’s call for renewing the so-called “assault weapons” ban, which expired in 2004 after Congress refused to renew it.   

However, on Tuesday, on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” Pelosi said, “we [members of Congress] have to find some level of compromise” on guns. She noted that the Supreme Court, in District of Columbia v. Heller, ruled that the Second Amendment protects an individual right to guns. But, she said, “We want them registered.”

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Guess that the 3rd in line for the Presidency doesn’t understand the difference between a RIGHT and a privilege!

After “gun control” comes genocide.

… from my cold dead hands!

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GUNS: It’s a case of WHEN not IF; it’s about our WILL

State Imperative – Confiscation of Privately Owned Weapons by Tim Case

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Far too often the concern regarding gun ownership has revolved around the question: “Will the government seek to take our firearms?” This has consistently been the wrong inquiry; it should never have been “will,” but rather “when will.” The former is implicit with the addition of the Second Amendment to the Constitution while the latter is subject to a number of real or imagined threats to the state.

*** end quote ***

The RIGHT to Keep and Bear Arms (RKBA) is recognized in the Second Amendment to the Constitution. It flows from the basic RIGHT to life. Everyone has that RIGHT, but the have to fight for it.

As mental experiment, be a Jew in Germany when the thugs come to take you to the death camps. If each man had a gun and the courage to use it on the first thug through his door, the Nazis would have soon run out of thugs. One at a time. I can see the conversation: “No, Heinz, you go first. I insist.”

It’s not funny.

We have had the Japanese Internment. Waco, Ruby Ridge.

And, it took 50 years for FDR’s involvement in Pearl Harbor to become public.

Sorry, maybe I’m a tin foil hat? I am a “birther”.

Each man and woman will have to decide when they are the Jew in the apartment. The “Jap” in San Francisco. The Branch Davidian. The mother at Ruby Ridge.

When do you resist? Each one us will have to decide for ourselves. What is your line in the sand? When they are loading you and your family on the train to the “work camp”?

Genocide can only be done by a gooferment on an unarmed population.

Gooferment is the meme that kills!

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RANT: Another Hollywood expert. Argh!

Former West Wing Actress Allison Janney Cheers Obama, Stumps for Abortion
by Steven Ertelt Editor
March 13, 2009

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Washington, DC ( — Actress Allison Janney, best known for her role in the television drama “West Wing,” is stumping for the pro-abortion group Emily’s List. In a fundraising email for the political group, Janney applauds the pro-abortion record of President Barack Obama and asks for donations to support his efforts.

“During the dark days of the last administration, millions of Americans watched Martin Sheen play an intelligent, compassionate president on The West Wing,” Janney says in the email received. “Isn’t it exciting to have the real thing in Barack Obama?”

Despite his decisions to force taxpayers to pay for promoting and performing abortions in other nations and embryonic stem cell research, Janney claims, “President Obama has set us on a course to move our country in a more hopeful, positive direction.”

*** end quote ***

It’s a real shame. “Liberal” Hollywood types confuse play acting for the real thing.

I’m saddened. She’s a good actress. And, she certainly has the right to speak freely. I just wish she had the same degree of understanding of a very complex issue.

(1) I object to paying for that which I find morally reprehensible. I’m force to fund Obama’s abortion plans.

(2) It’s genocide! Death by government. We’re strangling the life out of the future. I’ve made the argument before what if we have aborted the cure for cancer, the next Steven Hawking, or the future Obama?

(3) Hollywood success doesn’t translate into policy expertise or even common sense. In this case, she equates “West Wing” with the new tyranny in the White House.

(4) Abortion is a policy, social, and personal DISASTER on so many levels. Be best if the gooferment just got out of the debate. And, let the people involved sort it out. Legislating it as a right is just morally wrong!


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POLITICAL: Abortion is genocide

The George Bailey Effect
Posted: January 31, 2009
1:00 am Eastern
By Larry Burkett

Editor’s note: The late Larry Burkett, popular Christian financial counselor and author, penned this article in 1998. It is a compelling “response” to Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s recent statement that the economy benefits from “family planning.” Joseph Slife contributed to this column.

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As the preceding evidence demonstrates, abortion is not simply a matter of private conscience, but of public concern. Abortion-on-demand has effects that are rippling throughout our society and could even threaten our future liberties.

This is why abortion, even if all moral arguments are totally discounted, cannot be ignored in framing public policy. Simply writing off abortion as a “moral” or a “religious” issue is a short-sighted approach that fails to reckon its economic and demographic consequences.

We can’t undo the past, of course. We can’t undo the fact that we have had 35 million George Baileys, people never born, people whose lives were never allowed to touch other lives. Indeed they have left an “awful hole.” But for the sake of our nation’s economic future and national security, as well as its moral character, we must resolve to promote from this time forward an ethic that is pro-family and pro-children. Only then can America continue to have a wonderful life.

*** end quote ***

When Pelosi and the Obama Democrat “liberals” advnace the pro-abortion agenda, everyone has to think of the “George Bailey” effect.

Have we aborted the future of America?

Like a self-imposed genocide.

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GUNS: ‘Defiance’ — “Without a rifle, you are nothing”

Tuesday, December 30, 2008
Vanderboegh: ‘Defiance’ — “Without a rifle, you are nothing”


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Though the movie may insert inappropriate comic relief and its versions of the Bielski brothers are at times so incompetent that they would not have survived for a week, let alone for years, it does what Holocaust movies all too often avoid doing, it focuses on the survival. The Germans, when they arrive, are soldiers in gray moving in and out. The locals collaborate or don’t, for their own reasons. There is no moral to be learned, except that if you want to live and want others to live, you must be prepared to do what it takes.

That is the first and foremost lesson of the Holocaust to be learned. For all the unanswered moral, philosophical and theological questions– the bottom line is that millions of Jews were killed, because they could be. The only true defense against a Holocaust is the ability to resist and to survive one.

Before the State of Israel was officially declared, the Bielskis made their own Jewish state in a forest, to live as free men and women mere kilometers from their would be killers, and though like the real state and its real leaders, they may have been flawed, their triumph is not some uplifting moral, but a matter of accomplishment, the 1200 they hid in the forest against all odds, and through determination and hard work, they did not become victims or fatalities, they survived. And through their guidance and efforts so did 1200 others.

No higher praise is needed.

*** end quote ***

Makes me want to see it even more.

Hopefully, this isn’t a portend of things to come in America.

Disarming the people is the first step on a short road to genocide!

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