RANT: Obama-care for the old = suicide or murder


Government Health Care Trade-Offs: Death or Treatment?
Posted by Doug Bandow

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Uwe Reinhardt has made the argument that health care rationing is health care rationing. It’s inevitable, so there’s no big deal about the government exerting more control. I argued earlier that this ignores the question 0f who is doing the rationing, us or the government? Since resources are finite but desires are infinite, we all engage in “rationing” in most every aspect of our lives. But we do so based on our needs, wants, wishes, and dreams, not those of politicians or bureaucrats.

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… all for the common good!

Why do I think that the politicians will get a different “health care plan”?

And, could this be a way to quicken the collection of death taxes?


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One Response to RANT: Obama-care for the old = suicide or murder

  1. brendabowers says:

    Death under Obamacare is not just planned for the elderly. I have found a couple bloggers who have taken the time to break the entire behemoth bill down article by article. It is a weapon against every one of us regardless of age if the government feels we are not of any value to it or just might be a threat. In fact population control is part of destroying a nation and initiating socialism as a smaller popular is much easier to control. A smaller nation that is a terrified nation is even easier. There have been all kinds of red flags regarding this so called pandemic of Swine Flu. The health care bill calls for forced inoculations at the governments instigation. it even allows for teams coming into ones home to see that a family is inoculated. Any guesses as to why this is? BB

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