Just thought of something that they could do to improve my experience. So I contacted their support.

*** begin quote ***

I’m a Mac noob.

Is there a set of automator script to run drive slim periodically?

So, for example, cache clear, monthly on the first monday and big files on the second monday. TO prompt those of us with old memories.

From time to time, the various tech site have stuff like this. For example, recently, there was one to delete the IPHOTO automatic copies.

Thanks for good product. No complaints. Just could use some help.

*** end quote ***

Let’s see if I get a response or is it a “pump and dump”?

# – # – # – # – #



Your ticket number regarding this issue is 07-97528.
Please refer to this ticket number in any future correspondence.

Product: DriveSlim
Mac OS: Mac OS 10.6.8

Question: I\’m a Mac noob. \r\n\r\nIs there a set of automator script to run drive slim periodically?\r\n\r\nSo, for example, cache clear, monthly on the first monday and big files on the second monday. TO prompt those of us with old memories. \r\n\r\nFrom time to time, the various tech site have stuff like this. For example, recently, there was one to delete the IPHOTO automatic copies. \r\n\r\nThanks for good product. No complaints. Just could use some help.\r\n

Your question has been forwarded to a Customer Support Specialist who will be contacting you about this issue.  Be sure and check out our Online FAQs, found in our Support Website, for answers to common support questions.



# – # – # – # – #  2012-Apr-05 @ 02:38


Your ticket number regarding this issue is 07-97528.
Please refer to this ticket number in any future correspondence.

Hi Ferdinand,

There is no script to automate DriveSlim.

Contact us if you have any further questions.


Prosoft Engineering Customer Support

# – # – # – # – #  2012-Apr-05 @ 13:00

“Go away, you Customer, you. Stop bothering us.” YMMV.

# – # – # – # – #  2012-Apr-05 @ 13:00


*** begin quote ***

Hello, welcome to a little thing called 750 Words

I’ve long been inspired by an idea I first learned about in The Artist’s Way called morning pages. Morning pages are three pages of writing done every day, typically encouraged to be in “long hand”, typically done in the morning, that can be about anything and everything that comes into your head. It’s about getting it all out of your head, and is not supposed to be edited or censored in any way. The idea is that if you can get in the habit of writing three pages a day, that it will help clear your mind and get the ideas flowing for the rest of the day. Unlike many of the other exercises in that book, I found that this one actually worked and was really really useful.

*** end quote ***

Amusing little site that has a way of getting under your skin.

I’m using it to write my course and my next book.

It sort of fits my early morning persona.

Maybe like Sudoku, it too will ward of the dreaded Alzheimer’s?

No one can see what you write but you can share the automated analysis of that writing.

See me at:

ROFL, yeah, I’m that nuts!

Now all I need is a tshirt declaring that I’m an ITSJ and a fat old white guy injineer. (But then I repeat myself.)


# # # # #

# # # # #


Rock-Solid Security

   * Web Content Filtering

   Cloud-based, award-winning Web content filtering from OpenDNS with more than 50 categories of content. No appliance necessary. Effective against proxies, P2P, Web 2.0, adult and more.

   * PhishTank Anti-Phishing

   Industry-leading anti-phishing powered by PhishTank, the most authoritative source of phishing data on the Internet. Protects your network, organization and its employees from fraudulent phishing scams.

   * Malware Site Protection / Botnet Protection

   DNS layer security protects the most vulnerable level of your network against the latest threats, including viruses, worms and zero-day vulnerabilities.

   * Whitelist / Blacklist

   Lets you decide where your users can navigate on your customized Internet. Whitelist-only functionality available.

# # # # #

INTERESTING: Just had a windshield star repaired; easy, cheap, and effective

Had some time to kill. (Lots of that from time to time.) Did the Safelite Auto Glass thing on my “star”. Worked well. THe insurance company waived my deductible and paid the 138$. (Why I don’t know? I had high deductible so they would never get bill for the windshield. So why did they pay? A process failure? Maybe they need a BPR consultant? You know “bothering people relentlessly”.)


# # # # #

SERVICE: 750 WORDS site; make everyone a writer.

Blog | eHub | Stream | Tags | Photos Projects | About | News | Contact

750 Words
By Kim Lau
— May 12, 2010 at 10:02 am

*** begin quote ***

Motivate your writing by committing to 750 words a day. Log in with Facebook Connect, Google or Yahoo, and earn points and badges the more you write.

*** end quote ***

We’ll see if it helps.


# # # # #

SERVICE: Back up your FACEBOOK data (FREE)

Give Me My Data helps you reclaim and reuse your Facebook data.

*** begin quote ***

Give Me My Data is a Facebook application designed to give users the ability to export their data out of Facebook for any purpose they see fit. This could include making artwork, archiving and deleting your account, or circumventing the interface Facebook provides. Data can be exported in CSV, XML, and other common formats. Give Me My Data is currently in public-beta.

*** end quote ***


# # # # #

RECOMMENDED: “The Invention of Lying”; just to true


The first lie ever told: “$800”!

Theology on two pizza boxes?

Stephanie March demanding sex. (Every boy’s dream?) “When he tests his discovery of lying by telling a woman that the world will end unless she has sex with him at that very moment but backs out at the last minute by claiming to have a phone call from NASA telling him the world is not going to end now.” ROFL!

“Let me know if you’ve lowered your standards.” (Too hot for me?)

“Man In The Sky forbid!”

Unfortunately, it’s a law of Nature that “hot” girls look down on fat old white guys with or without a “snub nose”. Sigh!

Hey, for a $1 from redbox and two hours of my life, recommended.

# # # # #

RECOMMENDED: “Love Happens” An Aniston chick flick



Sweet and the bird steals the show.

Seriously, was it debunking self-help gurus (i.e.: the guru’s realization that he practices none of the principles he teaches)? Tony Robbins came to mind.

Hey for a dollar from redbox. How bad could it be?

I found it funny.

And, took a good message away. “A-OK”?

# # # # #

NOTRECOMMENDED: O’Reilly and Beck Bold and Fresh; not live!


OK, maybe I’m a sucker. I went to the movies last night. Yes, it was a (poor quality) movie. Not the live remote performance that I was expecting. I felt suckered. The previous night, I went to the Senior Showcase, EB Vo Tech, where aspiring high school seniors displayed their talent. One of their presentations was a better quality than the “professional” one I watched last night.

Now, I understand that weather in Norfolk prevented the live performance. But I felt cheated. It was supposed to be “live”!

The film was obviously edited. I paid for the full performance and I think some of the good stuff was left on the cutting room floor. And, if it was edited, why is there a twenty minute “intermission”. Sorry, that could have been cut. Maybe it was for the old folks to tap a kidney. But, I suspect it was to allow the theater to push some over-priced “refreshments”.

On to the content, I was again disappointed:

* Beck spent to much time mocking Nancy Pelosi’s physical characteristics. At first it was funny, but after a while it got boring.

* O’Reilly was “abbreviated”. He got in some great points about was NOT in Obama’s SOTU, but it seemed like, in his head, the TV timing bell went off and he’d truncate his thought.

The audience was obnoxious. It addition to being mostly old and lilly white. The guy next to us was a fidgeter; guy behind us dropped a big tub of popcorn; and the old lady behind us kept commenting to her party about what the guys were saying. Argh! A chorus of cellphone conversations would have been less distracting.

(18 seats per row, 50 rows, pretty much sold out, 900, time 25$, 225 * 100, 22500$ per theater, times 200 theaters, !!!4,500,0 00!!!, over a million a piece for two hours of work? Hmmm!)

As far as the content was concerned, I had the following observations:

* Beck is NOT a libertarian. No self-respecting libertarian would have a demonstration planned for 8/8/10 in from of the LINCOLN memorial.

* O’Reilly is an interesting amalgam of professed small government but pro-war guy. Interesting, but dangerous. He did correctly identify that OBH44 ignored the Iran threat in the SOTU and has potentially by ignoring them made the world a more dangerous place. If israel has to take Iran on, we are in a world of hurt.

* O’Reilly pointed out that in the SOTU address OBH44 avoided the whole “War” topic. (And, neither mentioned OBH44’s failure to praise the troops. I can’t imagine any President missing that point.)

* Beck makes a good case that the Progressives are the problem.

* O’Reilly was funny in his description of how the folks will wake up and right the ship. Hope he’s right. I’m not so sure.

* Beck portrayed OBH44 as evil; O’Reilly characterized him as an inexperienced unprepared Chicago corrupt politician. (O’Reilly was especially on point with his: comparison of Chicago’s South Side with Haiti; Reverend Wright’s 2M$ mansion in a all-white suburb, AND the KSM terror trial in NYC. He reminded me of Judge Judy when she says “If it doesn’t make sense, it’s not true”, when O’Reilly says that the “folks” can feel when the politician isn’t telling the truth. (Like when their lips move!)

Sorry, but I can’t recommend this.

I shoulda went to see Avatar; it’d been cheaper.

Yeah I know, violating my own dictum, “Shouldas, wouldas, and couldas” will kill you.

It was: Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, Desi and Lucy, and probably more physically accurate Abbot and Costello or Laurel and Hardy.

But not as timeless, or not as funny.

# # # # #

“15 minute intermission” live in Tampa

Why was ours 20 minutes?

# # # # #

JOBSEARCH: Allan Hoving “GameChanging” podcast

*** begin quote ***

Change the Game

As fresh faced little kids we were all told … “It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game.” Then we went out there and found out it really did matter.

More than that, we found out that life wasn’t always fair. You didn’t always get the breaks. Sometimes the game didn’t go your way.

There’s a lot of things in life you can’t change. You can always change the game.

We’re fascinated by people, ideas and events that do just that – change the game.

Join us every Monday night at 5 pm Pacific/8 pm Eastern and prepare to look at business, collaboration and the real time internet in a totally new way.

*** end quote ***

Know Allan Hoving from my “love affair” with Execunet. (Not their fault that no one wants “old dogs”.) If Allan has something to say I’m sure it’s informative and interesting.

# # # # #

RECOMMENDED: Donate to the crazies trying to roll back the MA sales tax; tax revolt now!

Carla Howell and Michael Cloud
Alliance to Roll Back Taxes
Small Government News
Wednesday, October 7, 2009

*** begin quote ***

Just Do the Signature Drive With Volunteers?”

Virtually every statewide political campaign in Massachusetts hires petitioners to collect signatures.

Senator Kennedy, Senator Kerry, Governor Deval Patrick, former Governor Romney, former Governor Cellucci, and the rest paid for signatures. For at least the last 40 years.


Because the petitioning requirements have been made so hard, the time for petitioning so short, the ability of opponents to block petitioning, and the ease of removing valid voters signatures from the ballot.

But it gets worse. Massachusetts requires 6-1/2 times as many signatures for Ballot Initiatives as they do for U.S. Senate and Governor candidates – and they give us 1/3 less time to collect them.

We have to collect over 96,000 signatures in 49 days. In the fall, when rainstorms or snowstorms can and do prevent petitioning for 1 day or 3 or 7 days — or more. Cutting petition time by 10% or 20%.

We have to print 351 DIFFERENT petitions for our initiative — one for each town and city in Massachusetts.

Our petitioners have to carry dozens of DIFFERENT petitions at each petitioning location – a mall, a store, etc – to make sure that we have the right petition for that voter.

If a voter mistakenly signs the Natick petition, while living in Framingham, his signature is disqualified.

If a signer or petitioner accidentally makes a “stray mark on a petition”, every one of the valid 12 or 15 voter signatures on that petition are disqualified.

Then we need to sort and separate the petitions into the 351 towns and cities, pre-validate 10% to 20% of the signatures, deliver them to 351 different town clerks all across Massachusetts – many town clerks offices are only open part time; if you can’t show up them…too bad for you. The town clerks physically check each petition signature against the each voter’s signature. Many are conscientious. Some are sloppy and disqualify valid signatures.

Next, we have a 7-day window to collect 351 petitions from the 351 towns — when clerks’ offices are open.

Then, if the town clerks have validated enough signatures to move us toward the ballot, we have to deliver the signatures to the Secretary of State’s Office — where the signatures are tallied.

While this is going on, the Teachers Unions and Government Employees Unions can challenge any or all of the validated signatures for any of a dozen different legal reasons.

This is why virtually all statewide political campaigns and ballot initiatives hire paid petitioners. So they can get on the ballot.

*** end quote ***

In the Pepuls Republik of Taxachusetts, there is a band of crazies that are trying to repeal the tax law.

(Regardless of where you live, if they succeed, it will help everyone. You may want to consider sending them a few bucks. Would you have sent money for munitions to the Militiamen at Lexington or Concord? Repealing the sales tax in MA would be modern day equivalent of “the shot heard round the world”!

It interesting to see how the political elite have insulated them selves from the peons. Why bother have petitions at all? You can’t practically impact the politicians.


# # # # #

RECOMMENDED: Julie & Julia

Julie & Julia

*** begin quote ***

Julia Child (Meryl Streep) and Julie Powell (Amy Adams) are featured in writer-director Nora Ephron’s adaptation of two bestselling memoirs: Powell’s Julie & Julia and My Life in France, by Julia Child with Alex Prud’homme. Based on two true stories, Julie & Julia intertwines the lives of two women who, though separated by time and space, are both at loose ends…until they discover that with the right combination of passion, fearlessness and butter, anything is possible. Written by Columbia Pictures

*** end quote ***

It was “funny peculiar”; not “funny haha”.

Maybe it resonated so well for the mid-life crisis aspect.

Not a chick flick, it had a poignant tone to it. Sadly funny.

I liked it; Frau didn’t. YMMV

p.s., especially funny; who would ever write a 700 page book? rofl!

# # # # #

SERVICE: Warranty Elephant; sounds like a good idea

Welcome to Warranty Elephant .com, a unique website designed to organize your warranty information on all purchased goods. Your warranty information will be stored for free on our secure server and will be listed by date of warranty expiration. An easy click on the item will allow you to obtain all valid warranty information on that product, including handy telephone numbers and your product’s serial number.

In addition, you can even upload a copy of your warranty itself and your invoice, so that you don’t have to search through stacks of paper to try and find the documents needed to exercise your warranty rights.

We will send you reminder emails at 3 months, 1 month and 1 week before your warranty expires. This will remind you to check your item and ensure it is in good working order. If it is not, you will have all the information needed, right in front you, to arrange for warranty service. You will never again spend money to purchase a warranty on an item only to have it break down and not be able to remember whether the warranty has expired or if you had even purchased the warranty in the first place.

# – # – #

Seems like a good idea to me.
Warranties, especially extended ones, seem worthless.
Maybe an organized approach would change that opinion.
I view stuff I buy as a “used car”. Caveat emptor.
Maybe saving this information might make it easier to return stuff.
# # # # #

TECHNOLOGY: My book “CHURCH 10●19●62” gets put on Amazon automagically


A few interesting points:

  1. The name gets screwed up; the dots don’t translate.
  2. There is an out of print entry created.
  3. The Amazon mark up; why not just buy it from Lulu?
  4. There’s no vanity URL; finding it is a chore.

If you are interested in buying it, save yourself the 30% markup going to Amazon and go buy it directly from Lulu.

Easiest way to get to the book on Amazon is by searching for “church 10?19?62”.

Cheapest way to get the book is on Lulu directly:

p.s., On Lulu, the download version is only a few dollars. Unless you need a big bug killer, I’d go for the download.

# # # # #  

RECOMMENDATION: Angels ‘n’ Demons

Worth the price.

Not a classic.

Certain “science” was weak.

Last action stunt unbelievable; I’ve had the parasail jump training. Landings on water hurt; slamming into a building, you ain’t walking around.

Hanks only “name”; second string actors gave very credible performances.

Biometrics can tell a “dead” eye.

BUT, (there is always a big butt), a fun viewing.

Certainly not as good as the original.

# # # # #