MONEY: In Gold We Trust

  by Gabriel Fink

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The merits of placing references to deity on currency is another debate. What should not be debatable to any of the three Abrahamic religions, is placing the name of God on something that is worthless, has no value, represents debt, usury, and facilitates war. The only type of currency that the phrase “In God We Trust” could be placed upon without taking the Holy name of the Lord in vain, is gold or silver coinage. After all, God indeed himself created these materials of intrinsic value, a feat the anointed Fed chairman can only feign doing in spite of his lofty seat in the marble temple in DC.

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Without a question, the American motto should be:

In GOLD, we trust!

Clearly anything less is fraud.

And, let’s just go with ounces. No need for the word “dollars” anywhere.

It’s even OK with me if we want to be international friendly!

KILOGRAMS of gold!

See ounces have flavors; even grams do to.

We need a crystal clear measure.

A stone. (The old New England measure for potatoes!)

Heck we can call it a nano-STONE.

Let’s just be honest in our vocabulary. And our money!

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POLITICS: LBJ as a paragon?

Saturday, August 22, 2009

LBJ lead the way

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Lyndon Johnson had his faults — arrogance, for instance — and he misread Vietnam. But he committed himself to the war on poverty and civil rights and got a slew of legislation passed that seemed unlikely before he began his push.

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You’re not kidding?

The man who expanded the welfare warfare state. The man who was so bad that even his own party walked away from him about reelection. The man who could mke Chicago politics look honest.

Sorry, but if Obama is looking for inspiration, I wouldn’t urge him to look there. At least Carter was honest. Incompetent, but honest.

We need a true “peace” president. Let’s start closing bases and bringing the boys and girls home. Use the savings to pay down the debt.

We need an entrepreneurial president. Eliminate the capital gains tax; free up capital. Eliminate the corporate income tax; corporations will rush to HQ here in the USA. Besides, corporations don’t pay taxes; people do. Eliminate price supports and payments NOT to grow stuff. Let’s feed the world!

We need a “simple” president. Simplify everything. We need people to focus on “producing”; not “loophole finding”. Tort reform. End the psuedo drug war. Shut down the FDA. Shut down the TSA. Shut down the Department of Education.

We have a lot of work to do.

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